The Pros and Cons of Fitness Supplements in Men Wellness

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To make it easier for you to understand the pros and cons of fitness supplements, it is important to first define them.

What really are fitness supplements?

Well, the answer is simple and straightforward. Fitness supplements are dietary supplements. They supplement micro and macronutrients such as amino acids, proteins, vitamins, carbs, and so on.

They are especially important for male (and female) recreational exercisers, gym-goers, and athletes. This is because they provide the nutrients needed to boost the benefits of exercise. For example, bulk supplements help gym-goers to add muscle mass rapidly.

Fitness supplements specifically help to boost performance, to increase strength, to boost muscle size, to prevent muscle wasting, and to accelerate recovery.

However, the fact that they have many benefits does not mean that they are without controversy.

Nevertheless, by the end of this post, you will clearly see that the pros of fitness supplements outweigh the cons. And you will probably be eager to purchase one to start reaping the benefits.

The Pros of Using Fitness Supplements

They increase muscle mass

If you have been struggling to gain muscle mass, you should get yourself protein supplements. This is because they are known to supply the body with the protein needed to stimulate muscle synthesis and to grow rapidly.

For instance, whey protein supplements are known to stimulate muscle synthesis after intense workouts.

Using a quality protein product will help you to gain mass. This is because the protein you get from food alone is probably not enough for normal body functions and for muscle growth. So getting extra protein means your body has enough for both functions and growth.

They boost muscle strength

Whether young or old, we all need muscle strength. We need it for daily functions including walking upstairs. Plenty of research studies show that some fitness supplements increase strength.

Creatine, BCAA, and protein supplements are particularly known to increase strength. This is especially true when they are combined with resistance training.

They help with fat burning

Being overweight can be dangerous to your health. It can cause heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, or it could make it difficult for you to do normal functions. Walking alone can be difficult.

However, with the help of the right supplements and exercises, one can lose weight rapidly. For example, supplements with BCAAs and glutamine have been known to help incinerate fat long after users have left the gym.

They improve oxygen supply

For your major body tissues and organs to function optimally they need oxygen. For reasons such as poor diet and lifestyles, many people usually end up with poor blood flow by the time they hit 30. This restricts oxygen supply.

Nevertheless, there are fitness supplements that can enhance blood flow. For example, supplements containing amino acids such as arginine have been proven to do this. They do it by boosting nitric oxide production. This results in better blood flow and better delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

They boost athletic performance

Do you to be stronger, to run faster, to be more agile, to have more power, or simply to handle physically demanding activities better? If yes, then you are the prime candidate for fitness supplements.

This is because most supplements are built to improve athletic/ physical performance. You simply have to take them right and they will supercharge your body to perform better.  

They increase appetite

Sometimes training too hard can result in poor appetite. Sometimes we don’t feel just like eating.

Some supplements such as protein shakes and others are known to increase appetite naturally. They create that urge to eat. This can be especially helpful for skinny people and people who generally want to gain weight.

They help with recovery

Don’t want to feel tired too fast or to have sore muscles long after leaving the gym? Get yourself pre-workout and post-workout fitness supplements.

Many pre-workout supplements are known to have energy-giving and exhaustion-delaying ingredients. Most post-workout supplements help with accelerating recovery.

So take both pre-workout and post-workout supplements can help you to train more and suffer less from the effects of intense training.

They are convenient

So we normally get nutrients from food. However, most of the time, food has to be cooked to be eaten. This is in contrast to most protein supplements that simply need to be mixed with water for consumption. So supplements are usually convenient.

Protein foods such as steak, eggs, milk, pork, and fish are also typically expensive. This is especially true when compared to purchasing one jar of good protein.

The Cons of Using Fitness Supplements

Some cause stomach discomfort

It is important to read a supplement’s label before buying it. This is because some contain ingredients that may cause discomfort in your gastrointestinal area.

For example, Creatine can cause discomfort for some people. Lactose, which is found in some protein supplements, can also cause nausea, bloating, and cramps. So avoid such ingredients if they can cause you problems.

Some can cause sleeplessness

Some supplements contain natural stimulants such as caffeine to provide a boost of energy. When such supplements are taken in the evening or before bed, they can cause sleeplessness.

Some may make your body lazy

When you take some supplements too frequently, you may make your body too lazy to make protein naturally. This is bad because you always need the natural process for the best protein synthesis.

They are not food replacements

Some of us take protein as if they are food replacements. But the fact is that they are not. This is because most of them are not nutritionally balanced; they are just supplements. So taking them alone may affect your wellbeing if you are not also taking a balanced diet.

Final Word

Fitness supplements have many physical and health benefits, especially for men. For instance, decent bulking supplements can help you add mass, while other supplements can increase your power, strength, and endurance.

The drawbacks of using fitness supplements are typically linked to the misuse of the supplements. If you buy the right supplements for you and use them correctly, you are unlikely to experience them.

Therefore, as you can see, the pros of using fitness supplements clearly outweigh the cons.




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