The Right Values and Beliefs Will Make You a Better Employee

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Great leaders do not happen by accident. They come from a combination of the right circumstances meeting the right people, and the right qualities being fostered by their environments. However, there are things that you can do to foster your own leadership abilities. It all starts with understanding who you are and what you want. These values and beliefs can make you a great leader when you choose a workplace that supports them.

Finding a Match Between Your Values and Your Workplace

Picking where to work can be the ultimate result of so many job applications and resume postings, but it can also be much, much more. The greatest fulfillment in life comes from matching your surroundings with your personality and values. People tend to be happier when these areas of their lives mesh well together.

Understanding Values

Let’s start by explaining what values are in this context. At their most basic, values are the things you prioritize. They drive you toward beliefs that one course of action is correct over another. When you work for a company, your values impact the way they do business and their values influence whether you are successful in that role. Sometimes, an organization will serve your values. You just “get” each other and, as a result, you excel. However, if there is a disconnect, it is just the opposite. Everything feels wrong. You try to do what you think is right and get ignored or in trouble for it.


One value is accountability. Some people have a core belief that every task should have a single person who can be held accountable for the success or failure of that action. They expect to be held accountable for their projects and they want others to do the same. However, some companies do not prioritize accountability. They focus on the collective effort and hold teams of people responsible instead of individuals.


Collaboration is another issue. Some people prefer to work with other people on projects while others prefer to work alone. Between those two extremes, there are many possibilities. You might like to brainstorm with others but prefer to work alone. In contrast, you may enjoy brainstorming by yourself then bringing ideas to the table for discussion after the fact.


Similarly, you might value a certain level of communication. Some people like to touch base with their co-workers and managers on every action while other people would rather send periodic updates or operate autonomously.


Passion is another value. Some people can sell products and services that don’t get them excited, but many others need to believe in what they are selling to succeed. You need to decide for yourself whether you need a passion for a company to generate the type of excitement that makes it easy to close deals and meet sales goals.

The Importance of Identifying Your Values

There are no wrong answers, but everyone has a preference. Working with a company like Amway gives you the chance to let your beliefs make you a better employee because you can work in a way that meshes with your values. By being your own boss, you can plan to make money with Amway by controlling your own schedule and sales. You set the pace you prefer while the company gives you the tools you need to succeed as an independent salesperson.


Your values can help you be a better employee when you choose a company that complements those beliefs. Understanding your values will make you happier professionally and enable you to be the leader you were meant to become.




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