Things About Menopause That Might Interest You

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Menopause is a part of all women’s lives and can hit women at different ages with different levels of severity. The menopause officially starts after one year of being period free and can produce frustrating symptoms such as mood swings, hot flushes, and weight gains. Many women say that they are scared and underprepared at facing the menopause however with a little bit of preparation the changes you are going to face needn’t be as daunting as they first appear. Here we will take a look at some interesting facts about the menopause that will allow you to be better prepared and empowered to face up to the challenges it brings.

It Could Be With You a While

Sorry to start you off with bad news ladies, but it needs to be said that menopause is not a quick process. In fact, studies have shown that it can last for anything up to 7 years from the point that symptoms appear before your last period, up until the moment that they disappear completely. Thankfully though it is not a sudden halt, your body will undergo the process slowly giving you time to adapt. You will go through an array of symptoms from the classical hot flushes and mood swings to problems with sleeping and a lack of sex drive, but if you know what to expect then you can better manage this period allowing you to come out of the other side in a positive frame of mind.

You Can Still Enjoy Sex

Many women who go through menopause feel that it is the end of their sex lives when in fact this is completely not true. Sure, the nature of having sex may change but only for the better as making love can often become even more intimate. Of course, your body will be losing estrogen and you might experience symptoms such as dryness, but there are plenty of products to alleviate that these days! Many women refuse to seek help out of embarrassment, but if you want to have a fulfilling sex life with your partner well into old age, then it is worth speaking to your GP or gynecologist who can prescribe you the appropriate remedies, or at least search for the answers online.

You Can Still Get Pregnant

The perceived wisdom is that once you start to undergo the menopause you cannot get pregnant but actually this is not true. Sure, your body is losing estrogen fast and your periods will have slowed, but you are still fertile, just a little less fertile. Actually, continuing to take birth control can help to control the menopause and ease symptoms, so visit the site that professionals use and you can find alternative supplements to take, and advice on how to control your fertility. There is no point battling the menopause alone so use the help that is out there to ease your journey.

Your Mental Health May Be Affected

Given the huge change that your body is going through it is no surprise that many women struggle mentally with menopause. Your fertility and associated periods will have been with you since you were young women so to suddenly find that these are ebbing away can make you feel inadequate and worthless, when in fact this could not be further from the truth. The end of your fertility should be celebrated rather than bemoaned. Of course, this period of your life will be difficult and full of stress so rally around your friends of a similar age who are going through the same process and you will all pull through the other side together in much better shape.

You May Gain Weight

Unfortunately, a very common side effect of menopause is unintended weight gain, but it is important to realize that all women will be suffering from this and that you aren’t alone. The main reasons behind this are comfort eating and a lack of exercise and these are both things that are in your control. But, there are things you can do. Join a fitness class for similar-aged women or start a walking group and you will find that quickly the weight will fall off, especially if coupled with a sensible healthy diet. 

As we have discovered there are many surprising facts about menopause, but the most important thing to know is that no woman is alone whilst going through the journey. Form friendship groups to help your mental health and understand that you can still lead a healthy active sex life with your partner. There are supplements available if your symptoms are too much and make sure to keep active to keep your weight down. The better prepared you are to go through the process, the better you will come out of it, so hopefully, this guide will give you peace of mind that it is not all bad!




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