Three Uses of Avocado

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I love avocados, I eat them far more than I probably should and use them for face masks and even cook with avocado oil from time to time. You could say I’m somewhat of an addict.

But what exactly is Avocado? It’s the fruit of a tree that grows primarily in the south-central area of Mexico. Mattias Lopez of REVIEWBOX Mexico  commented on its many health benefits to us. “Not only does avocado taste great (especially guac), it’s been proven to help with many ailments and improve our overall health. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more can all be combatted by including healthy fats in your diet like those found in avocados”.

With that in mind, we’ve put together three quick uses of avocado that you can easily implement into your life right now. 

Avocado Oil

A little while back, we put together a bit of a mega-post on avocado oil and all its benefits. In short, it’s great at lowering cholesterol, can assist in weight-loss and is even good for your eyes. It’s even used in some people’s beauty regimes to prevent wrinkles and fine lines and locks in the moisture of your skin. Check out the article to see heaps of other ways avocado oil could change your life.


Sliced avocado, smashed avocado, guacamole, and even sushi. These are just a few ways to add some avo to your diet. They all taste great and can easily be implemented into your mealtimes. For breakfast, team your avo with some toast and a poached egg. If you want to include it in your lunches and dinners, why not create your own burrito bowl at home? They’re really quick to throw together and provide you with a healthy, balanced meal, especially if it’s DIY and not from Chipotle. Alternatively, you can use avocado for a vegetarian sushi roll, or, if you eat fish, it’s teamed great with salmon and even ceviche.

When doing something simple like smashing my avocado up, I find just adding a splash of oil, salt, and pepper is really all you need to help it taste great. 

What do you think of these three great uses of avocado? Is there something a little cool and quirky in your life you use avocado for? Let us know in the comments below!

Avocado Face Mask

I love finding natural alternatives to store-bought skincare; I make my own sugar scrubs, use coconut oil to remove my makeup and I even tried making my own toothpaste once – it didn’t turn out that bad! So, if my face is in need of brightening up, especially during the fall and winter months, I use an avocado face mask.  Simply mash it up and add some honey too and you’ll get your skin’s natural glow back in no time at all. If you have some leftovers, you can even use it on your hands as a post manicure moisturizer you’ll be the envy of all your friends.




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