Tips for Using Shrooms to Alleviate Mental Health Conditions

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Statistically, mental health conditions like anxiety and depression are quite common, with the WHO estimating that one in every four people suffers from these conditions at one point in their lives. There are mood stabilizers, antidepressants, and antipsychotics that you can use to treat mental health conditions. However, they come with server-side effects that can undo the progress you are yearning for. That’s why using other forms of medication, like shrooms, is advisable. However, you must be cautious because it contains psilocybin, which causes psychoactive effects. Here are the tips for using the shrooms.

Consult a qualified mental health professional

First, consult a qualified mental health professional before using the shrooms to alleviate your condition. Doing so is essential because mental health is complex and, in most cases, requires an individual treatment plan. Depending on your state, the professional will determine if the natural alternative is suitable. In addition, the mental health professional will guide you on using a shroom grow kit because of legal and safety considerations. You can check online directories like the MAPS Therapy directory or the Psychedelic Support Network to find these professionals. Alternatively, you can ask for referrals from your circle. 

Choose a safe and comfortable setting

Choosing a safe and comfortable setting is also essential because shrooms are similar to LSD as they are psychedelics with therapeutic effects that can alter your perception and elicit strong emotions. That’s why you must be comfortable reducing the risk of harm. These psychedelics also cause relaxation, hence the need for comfort to help you feel less anxious. For that reason, you should choose a quiet and comfortable place that is familiar to you. It will also help to disconnect from technology and prepare a grounding tool, like a book, to keep you calm. However, in the shrooms vs LSD comparison, magic mushrooms have the upper hand, hence most recommended for alleviating mental health conditions.

Start with a low dose

It is best to start with a low dose when using shrooms like any other medication. For starters, the experience varies among users, and starting with a low dose will help you to acclimate, giving you a comfortable experience as you gradually get used to it. Ideally, as a beginner, take 1-2 grams of the dried magic mushrooms. Starting with the low dose will also help you experiment with different settings until you find the perfect setting for using the psychedelics. Controlling the dose initially also promotes personal growth, since you will explore the transformative experience as you increase the dose. This can help you overcome the mental health conditions you are suffering from.

Practice mindfulness

Magic mushrooms work best if you practice mindfulness to reduce anxiety. To do so, you will focus on your breath, take deep, slow ones, and focus on how it creates physical attention. It will also help to observe your thoughts while on psychedelics instead of fighting them, making you calmer. And to avoid guilt arising from your thoughts, you should be compassionate and avoid self-criticism. By doing the mentioned, you will stay present and focused during the intense effects caused by the shrooms. 

Stay hydrated when before taking the psychedelic

You will sometimes feel thirsty or have a dry mouth after taking the shrooms. This psychedelic can also cause sweating, which can cause dehydration if not kept in check. That’s why you should drink plenty of water before the shroom, during the experience, and after. Coconut water and herbal tea are the other viable options. Note that failure to dehydrate may cause fatigue, dizziness, and headache. Being hydrated also helps with improving your mood and cognitive function. The amount of water you will take depends on factors like your body weight, activity level, and the intensity of your experiences. 

Have the company of a friend or family member present

Ensure you have a trusted family member or friend present when taking the magic mushrooms. Doing so is essential because psilocybin mushrooms can cause unpredictable reactions that could lead to self-harm. You may need medical attention to help with the side effects in the worst cases. The personal experience can also be intense, calling for emotional support when you are under the shrooms. Some people develop paranoia, confusion, and disorientation. Having someone around will help you ground yourself in reality and avoid wandering off or operating a machine that could put you at risk. 

Take breaks

It will also help you to take breaks, especially when you feel overwhelmed during your shroom experience. During the breaks, step outside for other activities. The breaks will help you reduce the risk of developing a tolerance that can push you to take larger quantities than necessary. Additionally, taking breaks helps you to integrate the lessons you have gained while under the influence without being overwhelmed. Due to safety concerns, you should take breaks to reduce the risk of developing adverse side effects. Note that your break duration will depend on your needs, dosage, and health condition. 

Use it as part of your natural holistic treatment

You should use the magic mushrooms as part of your holistic treatment and integrate other evidence-based options like therapy. Doing so is essential because psychedelics aren’t clinically proven and might not work perfectly for you. For accessibility, sustainability, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, it’s best to use a shroom grow kit. This pre-packed kit contains the necessary material and instructions to grow your shrooms. In doing so, you will have a long-lasting treatment approach, and other holistic therapies like yoga will help you develop coping skills.

Shrooms are arguably among the best natural remedies for mental health conditions like depression. However, you must use it carefully because of its chemical composition, which can cause adverse effects if misused. Among the safety precautions is avoiding using alcohol and shrooms. In addition, being illegal in many countries, it’s essential to understand the laws when searching for shrooms in the UK for legal implications. Ensure that you use the tips you have read here for shrooms’ safety and legal use to alleviate your mental health conditions.




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