Tips to Renting a Party Bus for a Birthday Party

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Are you considering having a bus party but not knowing where to start with the planning? Well, there are so many things you need to consider when renting a party bus. Fortunately, the following tips will help you rent a bus for a birthday party or other event.

Organize and Research

During this festive season, party buses can be in high demand. Therefore, you need to plan at least two weeks before for better availability. Planning will give you enough time to select with ease a party bus that has the amenities that you want.

Also, you will be able to find a party bus within your budget that offers the best deals and services. However, if you want to save, do not choose low rates over your safety. Ensure that you visit the Party Bus Rent marketplace to select the perfect party bus. They have a wide range of party buses and limos to choose from. You also get an instant quotation for hiring a bus to help you budget.

Choose the Right Vehicle

Having the right bus to accommodate your guests is an excellent key to having a good time during your party. It will be disappointing to book a bus that is too large or too small for your group. Furthermore, every party bus is different, and every event is different. Therefore, depending on your event, choose a vehicle that suits it perfectly.

Plan Your Destination Map

Though this may seem obvious since you are renting a bus to get somewhere, you should not overlook it. Your rental party bus may have multiple stops before you reach your destination. For example, do you have to go for dinner before the party? If that is the case, your driver needs to know where. Letting your driver know the route helps them prepare and ensure you arrive at your destination faster and safer.

Know the Charges

If you are having a party as a large group, renting a party bus is cost-effective – most people like renting a party bus as a group then sharing the cost. If everyone is contributing, ensure you know the total cost to split the cost fairly to members.

In case you are paying for all the expenses, ensure you know the hourly rates, or any other additional taxes, or overtime fees. When you plan and know the cost, it will prevent misunderstandings or arguments with the bus renting company.


If the event is for adults, there will probably be alcoholic beverages on the bus. So, hire a bus party from a licensed company that operates and complies with the law. The party bus should have commercial liability insurance that permits your guests to consume alcohol on board legally.

Take snacks

If getting to your destination takes more than 8 hours, people will get hungry. Regardless of whether you have planned for lunch or dinner, snacks make the journey less boring. You can buy the snacks before the trip or while on the way to one of your stopovers.

Respect the Driver

Your rental party bus driver has safely transported many people to their destination, and he or she is glad to do the same for your group. Therefore, be respectful and avoid doing things that may be illegal or may damage the party bus. Ensure that you read all the rules and follow them to the end.

While on the party bus, avoid smoking or consuming messy foods that can leave a nasty smell on the bus. If you have children on board, avoid giving them alcohol since the state law does not allow minors to take these beverages. Hard drugs are not allowed on party buses, and if found during the trip, the law allows the company bus to terminate the journey. So be cautious!

Ensure the Party Bus Is Insured

Accidents happen. Therefore, it is important to ensure the party bus leasing company has insurance details in order. If you notice that the company is reluctant to provide you with insurance details, run! Chances are they do not have insurance. Lack of insurance is dangerous and unlawful.

Look At the Sound System

Music is a major component of a great party. Therefore, a party without music is hard to imagine. Therefore, ensure you check out the sounding system of a bus party. They should have a quality sounding system and allow you to use your music.

Following these tips will help you rent a party bus to have a stress-free party. So, hire a bus party and focus on having fun!




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