Top 5 Mobile Apps for Hospital and Healthcare Systems

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Since the technology worked wonders in the everyday life, we have become more health conscious due to widespread diseases all around the globe. Mobile apps have been introduced to make communication effective with the patients.

As you can catch up with emergency at the night hour, you need someone expert to contact to or any platform where you can inform about your health or your loved ones.

We cannot deny the importance of apps as it has become our necessity to have a contact between providers and patients.

There are many apps for hospital and healthcare systems, yet some are the most-effective and user-friendly in their nature. You can read about the apps here.

Without any further delay let’s discuss the top5 apps that you must know about.

1. Patient keeper

It’s one of the renowned and widely used app that is helping the people to report about their sickness or any emergency related to health. With its help, providers can order medications, radiology and labs in all departments of the hospitals. Computerize patient order entry (CPOE) is done and the record of the patients is saved for the long time. If any repeated patient comes, the hospital administration already know about the details of the patients that is saved in the CPOE.

  • It is quite time saving procedure.
  • You can use that application anywhere with no time restriction at all.
  • You’ll be notified with the all procedure under which you’ll have to get yourself checked.
  • It works an alternative to telephone where you cannot receive more than one call at one time.
  • Test results, and all track record as per health is kept to safe and purely confidential.

2. Spok, spok mobile

Considering the today’s emergencies, spok plays its vital role in maintaining the communication between providers and patients. It offers no time restriction and you’re free to contact 24/7 whenever you feel like contacting.

It’s an extra perk to give the user-friendly experience by communication in professional way. Unlike phone calls, spok delivers all the messages to the providers even if they are countless. When you contact for a checkup, the message is saved in the data base and then delivered to the administration, which will then contact you and let you know the further procedure.

It’s in providers control whether or not to take messages in sequence or as per emergency situations. But the fact is, the process is so fast that everyone gets notified in no time unlike the conventional way to wait for the line and to make your call. Often it takes too long that patient conditions stats getting even worse. But the spok resolves this issue, the moment you contact, you’ll be landed with official reply. This is how the spok mobile app for healthcare and hospitals works.

3. Better help-online counseling

If you’re looking for the best app to get counseling from, there is no better than the Better help. It’s so effective that it costs you very low money and in exchange of that, you will be getting consultation from the trained and specialized staff available.

You can get access to licensed and verified professionals that are available seven days a week and 24 hours a day. What else can you expect? There are thousands of five star reviews from the customers who have taken the mentorship one-to-one found this app useful.

Online video chats and messaging are the sources you use to get counseling from the respective physicians. On top of that, Better help online is very useful to those who are introvert in nature and feel reluctant in physical, this provides a great opportunity by sitting at their own house. They find a space to have one-to-one online sessions and this speaks volumes of the credibility of this app via review people have left once they end up their sessions.

The businessman or people who cannot manage time to come for physical counseling, can have the one-to-one live session with the experts of the field. This is how it’s working wonders to facilitate the audience and get their health problems solved.

4. MySugr- Diabetes Tracker Log

Since every 2nd person have diabetes this is due to unhealthy food they consume and irregular patterns of sleep they adopt. The sugar level in the blood keep changing until you proper take care of it with proper diet and healthy activities.

Daily exercise keeps the sugar level in check and you prevent from getting diabetes. With the digital revolution, people have become stuck to their daily routine that they cannot manage time to pay attention to their health. This is where, MySugr educates the people of how they can improve their living style.

Once you starts getting treatment from the MySugr, you’ll be asked to putting the data in it on daily basis and this is not the end. Doctors check the data on regular basis and give recommendation until the session ends.

This app is super-easy to use and user-friendly. You need to just need to leave a short message and you’ll get instant reply from the team of professionals and this is how you get an appointment from the doctors at the due time.

5. EyeCare-Live

When you have Eye-problem or your eyes start itching, it’s time to contact with the eye-doctor by EyeCre-Live. it allows to have consultation from the expert eye-specialist and you’ll treated as per the severity of the issue.

It’s best if you use this app when you’re having early eye-diseases symptoms for example red eyes, allergy eyes and dry eyes. Once you contact the specialist with the app, he/she will guide you how to care for your eyes and what or what not to use for improvement.

Doctors will analyze your eyes with high-resolution videos and recommend the dose as per the severity of the disease. However, if you’re experiencing serious conditions, better not to use this app.

To Sum Up

There are different app available that you can use to get online session about your health without wasting time at physical session. You’ll get consultation from the qualified professionals in your busy-schedule. You can read about the mobile apps that you can use for your health.




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