Transcribing in the medical industry

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What is Medical Transcription in the Medical Industry

It is well-known that surgeons, doctors, and nurses have significant but very stressful jobs in comparison to other professions. Besides taking responsibility for patients’ lives, they are expected to keep studying all the time. The specialists stop being competitive if they have no idea about the technology and the latest knowledge. This is when transcription of a large scope of digital notes is very efficient. Transcription is the process of transcribing medical data from audio or video files. Some providers decide to approach transcription service and hire dedicated specialists to transcribe these materials to a HIPAA-compliant format; others try to cope with the task and properly transcribe the note on their own. If you can’t decide what solution to choose, then keep reading and clarify everything at once.

Why is Transcription So Important?

Reasons for considering verbatim transcription are numerous. Let’s see why this component is crucial for having a smooth working process.

Accuracy of the information

Having checked, reliable and accurate documentation is a must for all health providers. The specialists treat patients with different conditions. Hence they need medical records to be always close at hand. Therefore, they can quickly access it, consult, and decide on the treatment course. Also, it would help them to compare current and former measures to ensure the patient is going better.

Collaborative nature of healthcare

Even a small clinic has a few specialists that are dealing with the patient. Hence, there is a necessity to share the information to be sure all specialists have quick access to it whenever it is required. That’s when the best transcribers come in. They transcribe speech to text, ensuring that all participants of the medical process are on the same page. As a result, the next doctor has a tight connection with a previous one, and both diagnostic and treatment options are of high quality.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) is a key component of current healthcare. It provides standards of written communications. As a result, the records help make sure that patient care is proper. Also, they may be used as the basis for legal arguments in case some lawsuit is raised upon the doctor.

Communication throughout the facility

Nurses and other support staff are responsible for patient’s care when the doctors are not working with them. Every person in the treatment facility will have accurate medical records thanks to audio transcription, hence obtain accurate data to make sure that the patient is healthy, avoiding any possible complications.

Organization of insurance purposes

The importance of medical records is difficult to overestimate. They aim to protect all medical staff from legal battles. Hence, the transcriptionist plays a significant role. It is highly recommended to choose a reliable transcription company as accurate HIPAA-compliant documentation is significant for caring healthcare facilities and proper organization of insurance documents. Medical records also are decisive for bills that are brought by health insurance.

In-House Transcriptionist: Enough or Not

The accuracy of medical records transcription is significant despite the size of a certain medical facility. Let’s imagine that you have a few in-house transcriptionists for converting the audio material to text. Here you should realize that not 100% accuracy of the final document may cause serious legal problems around the treatment. At least the smallest issues can grow to big threats to the whole medical establishment and the medical licenses to the health providers.

Your team must have corresponding skills and be trained similarly to professional medical transcriptionists. Only in this case, the employees can present top-quality medical transcription records, insurance invoices, etc. It is hard to find great certified transcriptionists and even more difficult to train. Here every detail is significant, and even a small mistake can be a real disaster for the entire medical establishment.

This is not likely to happen in the case of cooperating with trained transcriptionists as they have a relevant college degree, go through constant transcription training courses, have certificates, and incredible experience of working with audio and video transcription. Luckily, at present, finding a skilled specialist who can strictly follow HIPAA standards is easier than earlier. With prices lower than hiring a part or full-time employee, it seems to be quite reasonable to deal with a third-party transcription provider.

How to Choose a Reliable Transcription Service?

The variety of organizations is just endless these days; that’s why choosing the best transcription company may be quite challenging, especially for those teams that have never cooperated with suchlike organizations before. If you have no idea what to start with and what details to pay attention to, then consider the following list:

  1. HITECH and HIPPA compliant
  2. Government registration and, if appropriate, certificates
  3. Advanced guarantees of accuracy
  4. Incredible experience in delivering medical transcription services
  5. Accepts all formats of audio files
  6. Relevant insurance policies

Of course, you should entrust the reputation of your medical establishment only to the American-based companies that have an address, license, and a bank account.

Summing – up

All in all, medical transcription is gaining more popularity, making organizations looking for experienced specialists to assist with transferring video or audio into the text. Of course, a transcription program may be of great help to cope with catching difficult words and hence receiving a good quality text. Still, only a skilled expert can take care of the smallest details and ensure that all records are organized well to avoid possible complications in the future.

Along with high-quality, you will be able to enjoy these advantages:

  • Guaranteed delivery times
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Management workload relief
  • A highly cost-effective long-term solution
  • Well-presented medical notes

Even if a price may seem to be quite high for you at first, mind that mistakes in medical records may cost more in the long run. Hence, it is recommended to cooperate with professional transcriptionists and choose them carefully.




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