What is the Secret to Healthy White Teeth – Teach your Kids the Basics

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When it comes to kids, oral health means brushing twice a day with a dinosaur brush, but there’s more singing, spitting around the toothpaste, and swallowing than actual brushing. Add to it mountains of sugary treats, and what you get are toothache and cavities. Can we stop our kids from eating sweets? No. Can we make them brush properly? Yes. We can make them clean their mouth properly by making brush times fun and sticking to basics. Remember the old jingle, ‘up and down, round and round,’ well, it works.

Keeping your child’s mouth cavity-free is more straightforward than we assume. Here are some simple things that you can do to ensure that every time you visit your child’s dentists, they get full marks.

Up and Down, Round and Round – Twice a Day

The first rule to set with your children is that they have to brush twice a day. Once that is agreed upon, you should show them how to brush their teeth by letting them watch you brush. Sit down to their level, take a small amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush your teeth following the famous jingle. You have to receive only a tiny amount of toothpaste because that will produce less foam, and your child will be able to see your movement (and you won’t accidentally sprinkle spit on your child). Make brushing fun even every time you have to do it.

Convert brush times into a ritual, play some happy music, sing the ‘up and down song’ and get the job done. You can also help your child by showing them fun brushing videos on YouTube. You will find a video with their favorite character, brushing.

Flossing once a Day

Chocolates love getting stuck to teeth. It will go into all the corners and will stay there till your child does not start complaining about a toothache. So, flossing is essential. Yes, it might feel like the most complicated thing to teach your child, but it is essential. Let your child/children watch you as you floss. Teach them the importance of flossing and, if necessary, show them a video of their favorite cartoon character flossing. Make them do it once, every day, at night. Please don’t be too hard on them initially. They do not have to be perfect from day one. They will take time but will get there eventually and will establish an excellent oral routine for their whole life.

Dental Visits – Twice a Year

Be serious about your and your children’s dental appointment. Do not miss a meeting even if there or no oral issues. Set a good example by being punctual about your dentist visits. Take them every year to the same pediatric dentist if possible, and help them understand that dentists’ visits do not always have to be about tooth extraction or any other painful process. So, these dental visits early in their life will take care of little anomalies with their teeth but will also set a health habit which they will follow as adults.

Take Your Kids to Dental Treatments

Do not just take your kids to simple checkup appointments. Drag them to your cleanup and even extractions, if you have to go through one. Watching dental procedures will help them understand that some procedures are imperative, and you can always have a positive attitude about it. They will learn about pain killers, anesthetics, and more and will develop a fearless attitude towards and dentist appointments. To achieve success through this step, you will have to ensure that you showcase a bold approach. If you are going to have a panic attack the moment you are called, you better leave your children at home. If you think you can be brave through your appointment you will create an excellent opportunity to instill some good oral hygiene practices.

Find a Great Dentist

Last but not least, find a great dentist for your family. Every dentist has a different demeanor and mood. While you cannot control how your dentist talks to you and goes about the procedures, you can always choose which dentist takes care of your pearly whites. A doctor with a natural approach and truckloads of patience can be great for the children. If you look around, you will find a pediatric dentistry & orthodontics center where doctors have a goofy attitude. Find one that has cartoon characters on the wall, and the nurses do not mind singing ‘Let it Go,’ with a nervous young lady. Duluth Pediatric Dentistry is one such place.

The secret to healthy white teeth is simple: take care of them. Teach your children the basics of tooth care and help them grow up to be adults who understand the importance of tooth care and do not faint at the thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair. Cavities may still happen even after all the attention (for some people cavity problem is genetic), so it is essential to have the right approach towards oral care and no hesitance in visiting the tooth doctor.




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