What makes cold brew unique 

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Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coffee beans in cold water for a period of time to extract its rich taste and caffeine. Types of coffee for cold brew differ. You should choose one based on the type of bean, the altitude at which it is grown, and the processing procedure for grinding the coffee. Cold-brew is unique in many ways.

Here is what makes cold brew unique.

1.   Extra caffeine

 Though the amount of caffeine in coffee differs depending on the type of coffee beans you grind, steeping period, and amount of cream added, cold brew has more caffeine with the ratios of coffee to water being at least 1:60. Normal hot coffee has a ratio of 1:20. You may dilute caffeine concentration to the desired levels depending on your physical and mental needs using milk or cream. 

  1.   More effective in weight loss

 Caffeine is effective in speeding up the weight loss process. Since cold brew has higher caffeine content, it has the unique benefits of helping one to lose weight fast. One must regularly exercise to lose weight. Caffeine will help your body to burn calories even after a workout which speeds up the weight loss process.

  1.   Higher brain boost

 Compounds available in high content in coffee can improve motor and cognitive abilities. Studies also show that regular intake of cold brew coffee can help to slow down the aging process and improve memory. The way it works is that the high caffeine content stimulates blood flow into the brain which consequently leads to improved cognitive function.

  1.   Easy and low maintenance

Unlike other types of coffee brew, cold brew is easy to make. You also do not need a lot of equipment and you can cold brew coffee to last even for a week. You only require the coffee grounds, a mason jar, and the filtration method. You may use a cheesecloth, regular paper filter, or the French press. Unlike other types of coffee where you may require various types of utensils and a coffee maker, the cold brew is easy to make.

  1.   Ideal for sensitive tummies

Heating coffee produces a bitter taste that may affect the final product. But steeping it produces rich coffee that is less acidic hence people with sensitive tummies can enjoy it without suffering any stomach upsets. Robusta coffee is good for cold brewing. You will enjoy the rich flavor. Most people would not brew hot robust coffee as the result would be a rich and bitter taste.

  1.   Powerful antioxidants

 Though regular coffee is also an antioxidant, cold brew coffee has more antioxidants. The main benefits of antioxidants are to fight free radicals that may cause serious health complications, and also enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of your body. Antioxidants also help in the anti-aging process. Caffeine is excellent in ensuring that the skin remains supple, youthful, and moisturized because of the high levels of antioxidants. Taking a cup or two of coffee is good for your overall health. But one should choose the cold brew coffee because it has a richer flavor, and has several unique benefits.




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