What Sets Holistic Dentistry Apart From Other Tooth Care

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Natural dentistry also referred to as holistic dentistry, is a philosophical concept based on how various dental techniques and practices are carried out. Ideally, most of the holistic dental professionals believe in educating patients on how dental care influences the health of their body. It is vital as human beings to ensure that you take good care of dental health. Always remember that oral health is some way connected to your general health. Therefore, there are many health benefits that one can get if he or she considers holistic dentistry.

1)            The Holistic Dentistry

The Holistic Dental Association was formed in the year 1978. It has expanded due to its quality services and the benefits that it provides to many patients. If you are in the US and you want to learn more concerning holistic dentistry, you can check out Holistic Dentistry USA and find all the information you want. There are many details that you will get, and some might help you to make the right decision when it comes to holistic dentistry. Below are some of the dental procedures that set holistic dentistry apart from other tooth care.

2)            Performing a Root Canal Procedure

It is essential to note that holistic dentistry does not support the practice of conducting root canals. When comparing it with conventional dentistry, you will note that there is a vast difference. The typical dentists recommend a root canal technique since they believe that a tooth can be saved regardless of extreme decay. On the other hand, holistic dentistry does not support this procedure because the chemicals that are used for sterilization in root canals are toxic.

3)            Mercury Amalgam Fillings

The dental professionals who practice holistic dentistry do not consider putting toxic chemicals on a patient’s mouth. That is why you will realize that holistic dentistry is a little bit different from other tooth care procedures. Most dental professionals use mercury amalgam in the placement of fillings. However, for those who practice holistic dentistry, they do not use it on their patients. Consider such dentists because they exceed and meet the safety guidelines when it comes to removing mercury fillings.

4)            Testing the Biocompatibility of Dental Material

When you compare other tooth care procedures done by conventional dentists, you will realize that there is a vast difference. Traditional dentistry puts some stock in biocompatibility testing. Also, they do not provide tests for their patients to see if the materials used can cause any reaction in the body or mouth. On the other hand, a holistic dentist takes time to view what is going on the patient’s mouth. In simpler terms, they take time to explain various composite filling materials to their patients.

5)            Fluoride

The holistic dentistry does not support the use of fluoride. We have other tooth care procedures done by different types of dentists that supports fluoride as an ingestible and topical type of tooth decay prevention. The dentists in holistic dentistry do not recommend this technique because the ingestible fluoride has a link to cancer.




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