What To Eat Before And After Your COVID Vaccine

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COVID is a disease that can harm a person significantly. Apart from making a person feel sick, it can also damage the lungs, causing respiratory issues, which can be extremely dangerous. To lessen your risk of catching COVID, it’s important to let professionals administer a COVID vaccine to you. 

Some people might not be too comfortable getting a vaccine as they fear catching SIRVA symptoms. While they can really be awful, there are plenty of ways you can prevent them from happening. Apart from following safety precautions, eating the right food would help to strengthen your immunity.

To help you out, below are some foods you should eat before and after your COVID vaccine: 

Never Go On An Empty Stomach

No matter how much you’re in a rush so you wouldn’t miss your vaccine appointment, you should ensure that you have enough food in your stomach by munching in some biscuits or fruits just right before you get your COVID vaccine. While some might think you need to do some fasting, there’s no need to skip any meals before your vaccination. Ideally, you should grab something to eat so you can refuel your stomach.

While it might be tempting to grab something from a drive-thru restaurant, it’ll be better if you could get something that’s healthy and free from preservatives. You could eat some eggs, yogurt, or fresh fruits, which you can cook quickly at home or purchase at your nearest market. Remember, the fresher the food, the better for your body.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Whether you’re getting your COVID vaccine or not, hydration is highly important. However, as you’re getting your vaccine, you must keep yourself extra hydrated by drinking the right amount of water daily. Ideally, you should maintain a proper hydration level at least one week before your vaccination date. With the right amount of water, you can allow your body to work at its best, and you can absorb all of the vaccine’s benefits. 

Apart from empowering your body, staying fully hydrated helps minimize fainting, especially for those who have needle phobia. Also, you can bring a bottled water to keep yourself hydrated during your vaccination day.

Anti-inflammatory Foods

When focusing on specific food nutrition, your number one priority should be consuming as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible. Those type of foods helps reduce the side effects of vaccines such as swelling, inflammation on the shoulder (which is where the needle will be inserted), fever, pain, and headaches.

With anti-inflammatory foods in your system, you can help reduce your COVID vaccine symptoms and allow your day to function as normal. This can prevent you from experiencing type of pain, causing you to stay in bed for the whole day. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of anti-inflammatory foods you can consume before and after getting your COVID vaccination. You can choose between the following foods: 

  • Tomatoes
  • Fatty Fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel)
  • Almonds and Walnuts
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Berries
  • Broccoli
  • Avocado
  • Mushrooms

With the variation of anti-inflammatory foods that you can choose from, you can whip the perfect dish that you can consume before and after your vaccine. This will allow you to enjoy great foods while also ensuring that your body can fight off any possible symptoms due to the vaccine. 

Plenty Of Fruits And Greens

In addition to consuming plenty of anti-inflammatory foods so you can help reduce the vaccine’s symptoms, strengthening your immune system can also help make your body healthier. This way, you can help reduce the symptoms and support your body fight COVID and possibly prevent yourself from getting one.

Ideally, you should consume as many green leafy vegetables as possible. For various flavors and nutrients, you can toss your own salad with a homemade dressing. Along with this, adding fruit to your diet would also help keep your body healthy. You can consume one fruit as your dessert after every meal to ensure that your body’s getting the right nutrients that it needs.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Generally speaking, too much alcohol consumption is never good for your health. But if you’re getting your COVID vaccine, it’ll be extremely helpful if you could eliminate them completely from your system before and after you get your shot. This will help keep your body free from alcohol, which could affect how the vaccine could react to your body. 

Furthermore, alcohol can cause an inflammatory response in your body, which can help make your symptoms worse. While having a few cocktails wouldn’t harm you before your vaccination, going completely alcohol-free wouldn’t hurt.

Ideally, you shouldn’t consume one before and after your vaccination day. As an alternative, replace alcohol with water or natural fruit juices instead.

Prepare Anti-Nausea Foods

The COVID vaccine can provide various side effects to different people. While some might feel normal, some people might experience nausea, making them uncomfortable for the entire week. To help yourself prevent any unbearable events, you should prepare anti-nausea foods. Early preparation would allow you to combat any severe symptoms quickly, putting yourself back on your feet the very next day. 

Apart from taking anti-nausea medicines, you should always pair your diet with anti-nausea foods. You can choose between ginger tea, broth, banana, soda crackers, and apple sauce. Don’t worry as you don’t necessarily need to consume them right after your COVID vaccine. But preparing them on your cupboard would allow for quick access in case you get nauseous, preventing yourself from taking a trip to your nearest grocery store. Remember, driving while nauseated is extremely dangerous.

The Verdict

Before you get your COVID vaccine, ensure that you fill your body with the right nutrients that it needs to combat any side effects. The healthier you’ll allow your body to be, the stronger it’ll be to help fight illnesses, allowing yourself to function as normal as you should.

While it might require you to make some dietary changes, think about the benefits it’ll bring to your body, which you might want to adapt to your everyday lifestyle. More importantly, since you’re now vaccinated, you’ll significantly lessen your chances of getting COVID.




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