Where to eat in Catania well and cheaply

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Сatania is one of the cities where we have had the best gastronomic experiences because of its great variety of fresh and quality products in its trattorias. If you are going to travel to Sicily and are looking for some of the places where to eat in Catania good and cheap we are going to leave you some interesting recommendations where we went to enjoy a delicious Sicilian dinner.

In Sicily there are very rich products and dishes with specialties such as pasta a la norma (with tomatoes, eggplant and basil), arancini or cannoli. However, the most desired of its gastronomy are the fish and seafood. La Pescheria, the most traditional market with fresh products of all kinds located behind Piazza del Duomo, will take you to the most traditional Sicily to convince you of the great freshness of the fish. Its dishes enjoy many fresh ingredients so success is assured in any trattoria or restaurant you decide to eat.

Whether you have traveled to Sicily to visit the best places to see in Palermo or places to see in Catania, you will surely be trying to locate for your itinerary some of the interesting options both in quality and price where to eat in Catania well and cheaply. For example, cheap accommodation can be found at Karta. One of the biggest booking websites.

7 restaurants where to eat in Catania

If there is one thing that Sicily is known for, it is the fresh pasta dishes, the arancinis and the high quality fish of the island, so you can’t miss trying some of the restaurants where to eat in Catania good and cheap on your trip to Sicily.

La Cantina Della Colleggiata

A restaurant located in Piazza dell’Università with delicious typical Sicilian dishes. You will eat great and they have good value menus (9-10€) with two courses with all kinds of pastas and pizzas.

The service was very good and you will probably be ‘hunted’ by one of the restaurant’s commercials while walking through the Piazza. If you want to eat cheaply and try good pasta dishes in the city center, this is your place.

Scirocco Sicilian Fish Lab

Just behind the Fontana dell’Amenano you will find a very tasty fried fish stall that will offer you fried fish cartridges at a very good price. Each cartridge costs 6€-7€ depending on which cartridge you order. We chose one with fried octopus, prawns, anchovies and squid.

Once you order the fried fish cartridge you can sit at the tables with high stools on the terrace, a very youthful place to have a good time with a beer. Essential stop where to eat in Catania cheap and good.

Ambasciata – Sicilian Trattoria

In this case we bring you a restaurant a little more expensive than the previous ones but ideal to enjoy an evening with your partner listening to the music of the local next door while enjoying a dinner on the terrace of Ambasciata.

This trattoria has very large and quite tasty pizzas, so we recommend you try them. However, the Spaghetti alla Siciliana is impressive. The price of each dish is around 10-12 € but you can treat yourself with a good wine from time to time.

Trattoria U Fucularu

Another good option where to eat in Catania well and cheaply in one of the most famous trattorias in the city is Trattoria U Fucularu. Although they have good value menus, we recommend you try some of their fresh pasta dishes.

In this trattoria the menu is very extensive, although we recommend the pasta dishes or the involtini (stuffed veal).

Il Gambero Pazzo

This restaurant is located a little further away from the historic center of Catania, near the Ursino Castle and is a restaurant specializing in fish and seafood at a fairly affordable price and high quality. In the restaurant, reservation is essential, but you can call or walk by. The personal there is fluent in English and the food is incredibly delicious and the portions are very large.

Normally the prices are a bit higher than the previous restaurants, with first courses at 6 and 11€, and second courses costing about 10€. However, the most interesting of its menu is the menu with different highly recommended dishes that you can try such as mussels, clams, octopus salad, as well as including drink and coffee.

Nuova Trattoria del Forestiero

Located just 5 minutes from the University of Catania, you can find another option where to eat in Catania good and cheap. This restaurant specializes in Pasta alla Norma. It is undoubtedly a charming restaurant with food where the Italian touch is noticeable. The lady who cooks will surely convince you of the great tradition that is in their dishes and that you can enjoy at a very affordable price. Great and homecooked vibe – you have to try the Pasta la norma!

Restaurant with delicious food that tastes like home – Italian home of course. Lovely atmosphere accompanied by great food. Dishes are affordable and really tasty, house wine is inexpensive yet quality, service is great – what else do you need? If you are in Catania this is the place to go to taste Italy.

If you decide to dine with other dishes, they are quite affordable and very tasty, in that case do not miss the horse steak. We recommend that you try the house wine, which is not expensive and is quite good.

Pizzeria Sicilia Bedda-Bella Napoli

Finally, if you are just looking for a good slice of pizza at a good price and quality, we recommend you to visit this ‘take away’ pizzeria, a small business of pizzas made in a wood-fired oven that are delicious and tasty.

If you want to take some pizza to your accommodation that will leave you speechless this is your place, they are very well priced. They range from 4,50€ to 13€ depending on the size, but you will probably have enough with a normal pizza (33cm) that you choose for about 7 or 8€. The calzones also looked very good, think about it.




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