Why Lip Fillers Are More than Just About Plumping the Lips?

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Why Lip Fillers Are More than Just About Plumping the Lips?

Fillers for the skin became one of the most popular procedures in the aesthetic medicine world. Because of the easy procedure with minimal side effects, natural-looking results, and prolonged effect, the number of patients is increasing every day.

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However, most people still believe that lip filler is the only type that exists. But that is not true at all! We’ll show you all the possibilities and aesthetic goals you can reach with the help of filler injections in this article.

Basic Characteristics of Dermal Fillers

Skin fillers are injectables that help to get back lost volume and such aging signs like wrinkles, folds, and deeper skin creases. It is also possible to have lip enhancement and cheeks treatment, as well as correct the face shape slightly.

Injectable solutions are mainly based on hyaluronic acid and are perfect for improving appearance. Not only can they help with imperfections, but they can also stimulate natural collagen production. That is why the results stay for a long time and look very fresh until the injected filler gets absorbed by the body.

Depending on the used products, the person’s body peculiarities, and target areas, the effect remains from six months and up to two years. Slight bruising and swelling are possible after the treatment, but they should be gone within a week.

Filler Target Areas

As we have already mentioned, the hyaluronic filler treatments have a wide range of possible target areas. With the help of a medical practitioner, it is possible to work on the patient’s looks without the surgery.

Let’s discuss what cosmetic procedures are possible with the help of this remedy.

Lip Augmentation

Lip injections are considered to be among the most popular beauty treatments. Sometimes, the patient chooses to enhance only the upper lip or only the lower lip. Others prefer to work on the lip contour and define the lip border. And, of course, lip fillers for correcting the shape and improving fullness are loved by the clients.

Cheek Plumping

Most people have the problem of losing cheeks volume due to age-related changes. For making them plumper without plastic surgeries that take a lot of recovery time, filler injecting is an amazing alternative for those with a problem of volume loss.

Get Rid of Forehead Lines

Unlike Botox that just paralyzes the muscles on the forehead, the hyaluronic acid-based filler may fill in the fine lines, reduce visible flaws and stimulate the production of beneficial components that are necessary for permanent, prolonged results.

Non-Surgical Face Reshaping

The target areas for this treatment are usually the chin, nose, and jawline. With the help of a special technique, people may improve the side profile, solve the problem of sagging neck skin and make facial features more thin and subtle. The medical practitioner can also reshape the chin and nose slightly. All of that – without surgeries and complications.

Eliminate Marionette Lines and Nasolabial Folds

For those who do not know the terms, we will explain. Marionette lines are the tiny wrinkles in the corners of the mouth that can go down to the chin; nasolabial folds are the lines from the nose sides to the mouth corners (they are also known as “smile lines”). These flaws affect everybody’s appearance, but thanks to the skin fillers, now it is real to smooth out wrinkles, restore lost volume and get back youthful looks.

Reduce Scars

Some people sometimes suffer from post-acne scars, pigmentation spots, or even dark circles under the eyes. All of these skin imperfections affect self-esteem and confidence, so thankfully hyaluronic filler treatments are able to help with those troubles. They fill in the hollow areas, get rid of uneven texture and give back a natural skin look. Everyone may boost the confidence with the help of this simple procedure.

The Most Popular Hyaluronic Fillers

Nowadays, the area of cosmetic beauty procedures develops surprisingly fast. New products appear very often because different people need various formulas for solving exactly their skin problems.

However, the specialists highlight the following derma filler brands: Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra, Radiesse. The medical practitioner chooses the solution depending on the patient’s needs, desired results, and overall health condition. Moreover, various treated areas demand multiple types of procedures, so the doctor also needs to consider that.

All the fillers vary in their durability, density, and formulas. The patient can’t choose the remedy by themselves, it can be done only by the professional specialist. Moreover, the treatment itself can be performed only by the licensed, experienced, and well-trained medical practitioner. A pre-appointment is needed in order to define the targeted areas, the amount of solution required, and also to discuss details and answer questions the client may have.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve probably understood, dermal fillers are much more than just improving lip fullness border. Their effectiveness and easy application made filer treatment one of the most popular cosmetic procedures all around the world. If there is a desire to improve the appearance and overall looks – you should fulfill them. Do not be worry and try new things. Good luck and stay safe!




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