Why Wearing the Right Workout Outfit is Important

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Keeping fit is incredibly important to our overall health and never more so than during the lockdown period caused by Coronavirus. It is a well-known fact that exercise not only keeps us physically fit but also aids our mental health which is paramount when we are confined to our homes. As many more people take up exercise it has become evident that the majority are not wearing the right clothing for their chosen activity and this can have a big impact on their enjoyment of the activity and also on their performance.

So to give the newbies a helping hand and the experts some new ideas, we are now going to take a look at why wearing the right outfit is important during your workout.


If you are undertaking an outdoor sport it is important that you wear the right clothing to ensure you are well-protected. In summer it is important that you are wearing loose-fitting clothing to allow you to sweat properly, otherwise, you run the risk of overheating, and if you live in a particularly sunny place then you want to wear light clothing so that the sun’s heat is reflected and not absorbed. In winter you have the opposite problem as you want to wear layers to protect you from the cold, but at the same time, you will sweat so you need to make sure your layers are breathable so that your body can regulate its temperature correctly.


There is nothing worse than settling down to a yoga class or going out for a run and finding that your clothes are too tight that they restrict you from moving properly. This is especially salient for women when it comes to sports bras, as they need something that is functional but also attractive. In recent years a whole new market has sprung up for supportive bras for yoga or running, so there is no excuse not to be wearing something that actually fits you and supports your bosom while you’re exercising. Go to a specialist sports store and get fitted out properly because getting your clothing right means that you are best prepared to get the most benefit out of your work out.


If you are planning to take up a new exercise or sport for the long term then you don’t want to be shelling out hundreds of dollars on the latest trendy garb if it is going to fall to pieces and not be fit for purpose after a month. Unfortunately, this is often the case with new brands so it pays off to do your research and actually check out reviews of the product first before buying. Gear manufactured for your specific activity will likely be extra durable, whereas multi-discipline clothing often doesn’t stand up to the rigors of one particular exercise. So, do your homework, forget about the latest trends, and buy something that is designed for the purpose, you will then have a much more enjoyable time and will not need to spend a fortune on a new kit quite as often.

To Prevent Injuries

No one wants to take up a new activity only to find that two weeks later the kit that they are wearing is wrong and they’ve picked up an injury. This is especially important when it comes to impact sports such as football or rugby or even running. Let’s take the runner’s shoe as an example, if it is too large or too small your feet will simply not enjoy the experience and at the very least you will pick up bad blisters, and at the worst, you may damage your ankles or ligaments. Wear a trainer that is designed for running rather than one that is designed to be trendy and get measured up in a specialist shop so you have a pair that fits you well.

These rules can apply to any sports; you should always wear the right equipment and if possible you should not compromise on price. Your bank balance may not thank you, but your body most certainly will, and it is also very likely that you will come out the other side with greatly enhanced performance. You will be protected from all seasonal weather variations and be more empowered and motivated to head out for a run in the driving rain if you are feeling comfortable and not cold and wet. So invest some time, do your research and you will be able to benefit from all the joys that exercise can bring, without having negative thoughts in your head. That’s a win-win really!




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