Wild Jalap benefits

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Wild Jalap Quick Facts
Name: Wild Jalap
Scientific Name: Convolvulus jalapa
Mechameck belongs to the United States of America. This is a climbing perennial herb of the Morning glory family. The root is very large and tapering from which arise several long, round, slender, purplish stems, 4–8 ft. high. The leaves are cordate at the base, alternate and acuminate and about 2–3 in. long, The large white flower opens in the forenoon; flowering from June to August, followed by a two-celled fruit capsule. Thrives in light, sandy soil, seldom found in the northern latitudes. The roots can be dug when young shoots appear but it is best to wait until autumn, after aerial stems have decayed, then wash, peel and dry (if necessary over fire).

Facts About Wild Jalap

Name Wild Jalap
Scientific Name Convolvulus jalapa
Common/English Name Mechameck, Wild Potato, Man of the Earth, Man Root, Man in the Ground
Medicinal part The root


The influence seems to be especially useful for lungs, liver and kidney. Equal parts of root and Skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus) made into a syrup is very effective in consumption, cough and asthma. An infusion, taken in wineglassful doses every hour, is useful in dropsy and calculous affections. The milky juice of the root is said to be a protection against the bite of the rattlesnake.


Of the infusion, wineglassful or less every 3 hr. Of the tincture, 2 teaspoonfuls.





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