10 Benefits of Burpees

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Are you confused about what this fuss is all about regarding burpees?

This is one of the most brutal bodyweight exercises that consider helpful in fat burning and muscle building. Although there’s no fun way to do burpees, you can take a slow start and hit a certain rep count. You’ll be amazed to see the results.

Yes, these burpees work your back, arms, chest, glutes, core, and legs. Not this, but burpees help spike your heart rate, and for that reason, these are among the most intensive interval training exercises.

It has been added to many WOD’s for The CrossFit Workouts, and circuit trainings too, as one of the top fat burning and cardio exercises, and also a good one if you’re looking to boost your Athletic performance.

Are you interested in knowing the other 10 benefits of burpees? If so, then let’s get started!

The Top Benefits of Burpees You Need to Know

These amazing benefits are as follow:

Burpees Help Burning Calories

As they are known for, Reda Elmardi says that doing burpees help burn calories and make you a calorie-burning machine. Burpees are an intense full-body workout, and so they help in burning a ton of calories. These are famous for burning up to 50% more fat than other exercises—also, these help in speeding up metabolism throughout the day. So if you really want to shed some pounds, then ditch the elliptical machine, and do some real stuff.

Burpees Boost Strength

Another amazing benefit of doing burpees is these are best to boost strength.

Yes, these not only help you meet your freaky fitness goals, losing weight but boost your overall strength to perform daily physical activities. Other than this, if you want to build core muscles, chest, arms, and even hamstrings, then you must have a stronger body and core. So go for burpees to level up a better performance at home and work.

Burpees Improve Sports Performance

These burpees work great to improve your overall performance by improving your cardiovascular fitness and strengthening your muscles. With improved sports performance, you would be able to win the games with more spirit. Yes, you’d be able to throw better, kick harder, run faster, and so jump higher. Not this, but burpees help in boosting stamina, balance, and endurance. However, all these play an important role in your overall performance, especially in sports—also, this helps minimize the risk of injuries during playing.

So, if you’re looking to boost your athletic performance, long sets of burpees can do wonders!

Burpees Improved Lungs Performance

These burpees not only helpful in improving cardiovascular health but improve overall lung performance. Yes, according to the owner, Mind Solkin, “An endured respiratory system can improve running.”

Addition to the Workout Routine

Is your daily workout routine getting boring?

Not problems, try including high-intensity workouts, like burpees. It will give a kick to your workout. These are even now among the HITT and circuit training, as this is a good substitute for moderate exercises, like jogging.

You can also, try to use a weighted vests to put more weight a pressure if you’re looking to boost the power, especially when doing martial arts such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, grappling or MMA:

Burpees Promote Fat Loss

Are you wondering which the best exercise to lose excess body fat is?

Well, here come burpees. Research shows that individuals who’re keen on HIIT exercise, like burpees, are likely to burn calories than those who opt for jogging and running.

Doing long sets of burpees is also a good choice if you’re looking to burn more calories

 These are dynamic exercises, so it’s time to shift from jogging to burpees.

Quick Results

Looking for an exercise, which can give quick results? Why not go for the burpees?

This is a high-intensity exercise that helps you in burning a lot of calories. An hour of workout is roughly equivalent to the 20 minutes of doing burpees, so that you can estimate the results accordingly.

If you can go for more, 30mins of doing burpees, you’ll get better results than before.

If you want to lose weight quickly, then go for burpees. This is one of the best benefits of burpees.

Burpees Can Be Done Anywhere

Another Burpees benefit is, it don’t require special equipment and a place to perform. You can do them anywhere, at home, garden, street or even at work, and anytime without any problem. You don’t require to have access to the gym. All you need the spirit to perform them well without getting tired to ripe good results.

Burpees Improved Anaerobic Capacity

These work on your upper and lower-body muscles. Burpees are the best to improve your heart and lungs’ health. Burpees are the form of anaerobic training, a high-intensity exercise of short duration, where body requires to product energy without oxygen assistance.

So, if you’re looking to improve the anaerobic capacity, burpees do the job!

Burpees Improved Brain Functioning

Burpees are known to improve brain functioning. When you perform burpees, your whole body works and does intense movements. You use your brain to coordinate with those abruptly changing movements, which improves your overall brain functioning.

And every exercise can do this as long as it boosts the endorphin hormone.

Bottom Line

So these are some amazing benefits of doing burpees you could enjoy! Though these are boring and look difficult at first, but trust me, you can easily achieve your fitness goals over time with training and little efforts. All you need is to give them a try and see how these could make a big difference in your overall lifestyle.

Just try to start doing burpees for 5mins in the first week, 10minutes for the second and third week, and switch to 20mins in the fourth week, and you’ll notice an amazing change regarding your shape and also your athletic performance.

Is there something you feel we’ve missed?

Do let us know about that in the comment section, we hope to hear from you!




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