The Best Full-Body Exercises That Will Keep You in Shape

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To exercise, it doesn’t mean that you would have to pack your bags and run to the nearest gym. It is possible to exercise indoors and still keep your body in shape. This thought process had gathered substantial grounds after the pandemic outbreak when all gymnasiums were closed, and people were forced to stay at their houses. Even today, when the lockdown has been partially lifted, the fitness buffs’ entire workout schedule, developed during the last six months, has not switched loyalties.

Accepted that if you were to build huge muscles, it is imperative that you lift heavy. However, to keep yourself in shape with a proper full-body exercise, it can be done from home as well. A proper diet combined with adequate training can always keep you in shape. Full-body exercises make you functionally more fit, and you are capable of performing more regular activities. It also works on your muscles and burns calories while you are still on it.

Let us discuss the best full-body exercises that will help in keeping our body in shape.


This exercise gives you a strong and powerful lower body. It also works on your core, strengthens your back, and works on your shoulders as well. You can do squats on your own body weight anywhere. If you intend to make the exercise more challenging, add some weights. The various forms of squats are jump squats and one-legged squats. 

Method – Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Now bend your knees and push your hips behind so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your core occupied so that the back remains straight. Stand up on your feet again by squeezing your glutes and return to the original position. This makes one rep. Keep doing this for thirty seconds.


While performing burpees, you require nothing but your own body weight. This exercise is an excellent overall body exercise and strengthens your body like no other exercise. Tazafit says that it works on your cardio and body endurance as well. This exercise is the favourite of many and is the best option to get in shape quickly.

Method – First, stand on your feet and then get into the squat position with your palms positioned on the floor in front of you. Now push your feet back into a push-up position and lower your body so that your chest touches the ground. Next, jump immediately and return to the original squat position with hands on the floor. While jumping, clap your hands for that extra energy. Repeat this exercise for thirty seconds.

Step Ups:

Step Ups are another excellent exercise for strengthening your legs and core muscles. Like climbing stairs, place an elevated box or stand on a staircase landing and perform the workout. This exercise also helps in building endurance and elevating your heart rate. Add weights to your feet to make the activity more challenging.

Method – Pull your shoulder behind and keep your abs straight while standing in front of a stair or elevated box. Now lift your left leg on the box and step on it. Remember to keep your feet flat. Now step down and follow the process with your right leg. This exercise should be continued for a minute with both the legs performing.

Pull Up:

This is the best upper body exercise, and it not only works for your shoulders, arms, and back but also strengthens your core. Initially, it isn’t easy to perform a pull up exercise, but with practice, everybody can do it. It requires immense strength and, in the process, makes you stronger.

Method – Initially, you can just hang on to a pull up bar with your hands facing upwards and your shoulders back. Your chest should be upright. Slowly you can squeeze your glutes and, placing your legs crossed, pull yourself up so that your chin touches the bar. Do not give up if you face failure during the first few times. With practice, you would be able to perform this workout.

Push Ups:

As a workout, push ups are very challenging. It works for your core, back, chest, shoulders, glutes, and even leg muscles. The best part of push ups is you can do it anywhere without having the need for a proper space.

Method – Lie down in a plank position, with your shoulders over your hands. Now tighten your shoulders, forearms, and glutes and lower yourself down till your chest touches the ground. Keep your elbows in close proximity to your body while performing this exercise. Push yourself up to the plank position and repeat the exercise. Initially, start doing this exercise for a minute. Increase the time as you become used to it.


If you need to work on your shoulders, triceps, chest, and abs all at once, dips are the best exercise. Like in all complete body exercises, initially, it would be a little difficult to perform, but you generally get the hang of it very soon.

Method – Stand in between two parallel bars. Hold the bars with your hands straight, and try to lift yourself above the ground putting full pressure on your shoulder and forearms. Keep your shoulders back and chest up while performing the act. Also, remember to keep your legs in a crossed posture. Now bring yourself back to the initial position and repeat.

Jump Lunges:

This exercise not only makes your legs burn badly but also elevates the heart rate. Jump lunges challenge your body balancing skills and are a full-body exercise.

Method – Start with your knees touching the floor in a lunge position with one leg stretched behind, and the other leg bent in the front. Now jump, and while jumping, change the leg positions. Perform this exercise with as much speed as you can and remember to keep your back straight.

Box jumps:

Jumping is always fun, and if you are box jumping, it is excellent for body conditioning, strength, and preparing you for any sports where jumping is a requirement. Box jumps also help in burning calories and increase your heart rate temporarily.

Method – Stand in front of an elevated surface and jump on it with both your feet and then straighten your legs. Now jump back to the ground and immediately jump back. Repeat this exercise for a minute.

The bottom line:

If you are really looking forward to keeping your body in shape, then nothing better than the workouts mentioned above. There could be a couple of other exercises that you would want to perform apart from the ones listed, but that is fine as long as you are into workouts and have the willingness to run that extra mile for the kill. Remember staying fit invites fewer diseases.




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