10 Benefits of Foot Massagers

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A short foot massage at the end of the day can help you relax, especially if your job entails walking around or standing up for a long time.

Most people enjoy a relaxing foot massage, but does it offer any health benefits besides making you feel more relaxed?

Well, according to Pain Relief Network, there are many different massage techniques, and each one promises certain health benefits.

Acupressure aims to improve your general health by working on specific pressure points.

On the other hand, aromatherapy uses relaxing music and scented oils to work on multiple senses.

Foot massage not only feels great, but can also help to enhance your overall health.

Read on and learn some of the many health benefits you can get from foot massagers.

  1. Lowers blood pressure

Our modern lifestyle makes us vulnerable to high blood pressure and this has become a relatively common in society.

While stress or an unhealthy nutrition regimen may cause it, research now shows that it can be a result of genetics and environmental factors. Since most people have stressful jobs that have a negative toll on both their physical and mental health, regular foot massage can help lower blood pressure.

  1. Helps with migraines and headaches

If you have regular migraines or suffer from headaches, you may want to try foot massage. According to recent studies, regular foot massage can help in relieving the pain you get from these headaches. By getting regular foot massages, you will benefit from a better quality of life. However, if you want to have better health and overall general wellness, you need to have regular foot massages.

  1. Prevents ankle and foot injuries

Massaging your feet daily can help reduce joint pain and reduce muscle soreness after an injury.

When you combine massage with ankle and foot strengthening exercises and stretching, it can help you recover from an existing injury, as well as preventing future injuries.

A short massage session twice a week can reduce your risk of foot injury. While we are all prone to clumsiness, a flexible and strengthened foot and ankle helps you avoid unpleasant injuries in the future

  1. Helps lessen symptoms of menopause and PMS

 Some of the common symptoms’ women show when suffering from PMS include fatigue, tension, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, and feelings of unhappiness and sadness.

Getting regular foot massages can help alleviate these symptoms. Additionally, daily foot massages can also minimize symptoms such as depression and hot flashes during menopause.

  1. Alleviates edema in pregnant women

Edema or swelling of the feet is quite common among pregnant women.

You can reduce the symptoms of edema by massaging your feet regularly, coupled with the right nutrition and plenty of rest. This shows you that foot massage is useful to both mental and physical health.

While you may find professional massages a bit expensive, there are many resources online that can teach you a few things about foot massage.

A short massage of about 10-15 minutes weekly can help you reap tremendous benefits.6. Cats can help alleviate your child’s resistance to allergies.

  1. Encourages Better Sleep

A short session of foot massage just before you sleep can help you get a good night sleep. A relaxing and soothing foot massage will help your body unwind, relax the nerves and improve blood circulation. This in turn will help you get restful sleep.

  1. Helps improve blood circulation

By living sedentary lifestyles, most people often fail to use the muscles on their feet properly. Additionally, tight shoes can affect proper blood circulation in your feet.

A daily foot massage can help improve your blood circulation, which is essential for your overall health. It is also vital to have comfortable footwear.

  1. Makes your feet healthier

A daily foot massage can help improve the overall health of your feet. It lessens stiffness, stimulates the muscles in your feet and alleviates pain in the heels or ankles.

A short 10-minute foot massage daily will strengthen your ankles, thereby preventing unpleasant foot and ankle injuries.

Also, massaging your feet regularly with coconut oil or olive oil can offer instant relief from the inflammation and pain caused by foot tendonitis.

  1. Alleviates symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Some of the common symptoms people suffering from multiple sclerosis might experience include muscle weakness, double vision, crippling fatigue and trouble with sensation.

A daily foot massage can help in lessening the motor and urinary symptoms in patients who have multiple sclerosis.

Additionally, foot massage can also help offer relief from the fatigue that is commonly associated with MS patients.

  1. Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety

Besides providing many physical benefits, daily massage has been shown to help reduce depression in cancer patients.

Frequent sessions can serve as a great way of dealing with anxiety and depression and will improve your overall health and gives you a great opportunity to enjoy your hobbies.

If you have understood the many potential health benefits of foot massage, you are probably wondering how to go about it.

Get a quality foot massager and massaging your feet today to get these benefits shown above.




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