Why Do We Need Health Insurance

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For many people, health insurance seems like an unnecessary additional expense. You’re already paying steep taxes for the public healthcare system, why do you need it? Well there are several reasons why you should consider getting health insurance:

To Save Money

The public healthcare system is in place, so everyone receives some level of healthcare, especially when emergencies strike. Public hospitals will never turn you away when you may have a ruptured appendix or are in early labor. However, public hospitals don’t cover everything, which can often leave you out of pocket. For example, most states in Australia make you pay for the ambulance ride. If you become ill or injured abroad, the flight home is typically your responsibility too. In most cases, public health coverage won’t pay for any medical care abroad. Private health coverage will help keep these medical nightmares away.

To Get Timely Care

Private health insurance will pay for private healthcare, allowing you to skip the lines that have become a problem in the public healthcare system. This means you won’t need to wait weeks to see a primary care doctor and then wait that much longer to see a specialist to deal with a particular problem.

To Encourage You to Take Care of Yourself

The modern obesity epidemic and many other “lifestyle” diseases are due to choices we make day after day. Health insurance can incentivise you to take care of yourself mentally and physically. It may take the form of lower health insurance premiums, or it may be the goodies they give you like free fitness monitors. You will get incentives like free wellness checkups or cash back if you quit smoking. These “carrots” or incentives may motivate you to take better care of yourself. Research your options regarding the best health insurance in Australia and find one that suits your lifestyle (with some bonus incentives).




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