10 Best Nutritionists and Dietitians from India (Fat-Loss Experts)

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Nutritionists and Dieticians are probably the most essential tools in our society. I say this because these are the people who educate us about what to eat and what not to eat. This in turn makes or breaks our holistic well-being. Think of nutritionists as an insurance for your health so that you never have to visit a hospital. 

What do Nutritionists and Dieticians do?

  1. Sports and Exercise Nutrition. Sports and Exercise Nutritionists create, actualize and assess nourishing systems to improve execution in-game and exercise. They decide the energy, liquid and supplement requests of game and practice and give customised dietary guidance to people, going from recreational competitors, excited novices to tip-top competitors. They may likewise work for and in the games nourishment industry.
  2. Public Health Nutrition. General Health Nutritionists create, execute and assess sustenance approaches and projects, applying logical information to guarantee comprehension of the effect of food and diet on wellbeing and prosperity of individuals. They aim to improve the eating regimen, nourishment and strength of individuals and networks. 
  3. Nutrition Science. A Nutrition Scientist explores the metabolic and physiological reactions of the body to nourishments and supplements. The nourishment researcher may utilize mastery from the fields of atomic science, natural chemistry, physiology and hereditary qualities or other supporting logical information. They plan to comprehend the components that decide prerequisites for energy and explicit supplements, the succession of steps through which ingested substances are processed and change starting with one structure then onto the next in the body. They research how food-related synthetics can cause or forestall ailment or may influence hazard factors. 
  4. Animal Nutrition. An Animal Nutritionist is a researcher who applies their fundamental information on the life structures, physiology, digestion and nourishment of an animal. They comprehend the particular attributes of the named species and apply this information to the animal’s assistance, dietary needs and healthful problems.

What Results To Expect?

Imagine a situation where you are feeling extremely lethargic and notice a sudden weight gain on the scale. You visit a doctor, just to make sure that everything is alright and the doctor diagnosis you with having hypothyroid. S/he then prescribes you a pill for the same, saying that you will need to continue the pill forever.

One of the key reasons for hypothyroid is lack of iodine in your diet. Iodine is found in iodised salt (not pink or Himalayan salt). Your recent switch to pink salt in the name of it being ‘healthy’ could alcually be the underlying cause of your thyroid, and simply switching back to iodised salt could mean your thyroid levels will come back to normal. 

But a doctor rarely has the time to ask you if you recently switched your diet or calculate your iodine intake per day. This is where a nutritionist steps in. A nutritionist works towards understanding your daily nutritional requirements and making a plan to help you reach your daily needs.

You should expect a customised meal plan and grocery list catered to your particular goals. 

Here are the top 10 Nutritionists/ Dietitian’s  from India-

1. Roshni Sanghvi

“Fit is not a destination. It is a way of life..” Roshni is one of the top vegan nutritionists in the nation. Her high-carb plant-based methodology is famous among people looking to heal the body while also getting in shape. Having her masters in Clinical Psychology, Roshni was working in mental health before diving into nutrition and going back to studying for a second degree. She now merges fitness and nutrition as a form of therapy, working with clients from all walks of life.  She doesn’t put stock on under-eating or calories counting, given its implications on mental health, but instead works on lifestyle changes and hormonal balance to help gain overall health. Checkout more About Roshni Sanghvi here.

2. Pooja Makhija

‘On a journey to ‘fooducate’ the world and help rebuild people’s faith in the power of nutrition’.

Pooja has her masters in food science and is quite the name when it comes to celebrity nutrition. She is also the author of the bestseller book Eat. Delete. Her association with Radio City 91.1 FM as a fitness guru is much appreciated. Pooja’s approach towards health is holistic and she sticks away from fad diets. Pooja is 37 and a mother of two, knowing exactly what to put on a fussy teen’s plate to get him/ her excited about nutrition. 

3. Ryan Fernando

“I love the energy from food, I love the nourishment it gives every cell in my body.” Ryan calls himself a nutritional educator and has worked with thousands of people from the world of sports and health. He loves teaching nutrition as much as studying about it himself and is the owner of Qua Nutrition. Jarring away from ‘diet’ because all diet s are bound to fail, Ryan’s approach is understanding food triggers and elimination what one dent need from the plate. His team of over 60 dietitian and he works across the globe with people, connecting via zoom and skype. 

4. Rutuja Diwekar

Initially from Mumbai, Rujuta Diwekar was normally acquainted with a wellbeing cognizant family and made aware of nutrition at a youthful age itself. She was athletic in school and started moulding a solid way of life for herself. Diwekar has a postgraduate degree in sport science and nutrition from SNDT University, Mumbai. She likewise sought after training in yoga and Vedanta at Rishikesh.

5. Madhuri Ruia

Madhuri Ruia is an acclaimed nutritionist in India and a Pilates ace. She relies upon breakfast and trusts it to be the best feast of the day and she incorporates it inside an hour of awakening. Her morning supper is at 6:30 AM and includes whole oats, sprinkled with cinnamon powder, a bowl of papaya, close by six almonds and a protein shake. Cinnamon improves insulin affectability and the almonds are extraordinary mindset enhancers!

6. Shubi Husain

Shubi Hasan is a fundamental nutritionist and business visionary. Her products and diet plans are available under the brand name Indiadiets Health Perfect. She has a post-graduate education with a specialization in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition from Lady Irwin College (Delhi University) and has been in this field since 1993.

7. Anjali Mukerjee

Anjali Mukherjee started her own association, Health Total in 1997. She is the “official nutritionist” to the Miss India competitors. She started her clinical practice in 1984 and is an alum of the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Mumbai. She similarly has a degree in clinical nutrition from the American Academy of Nutrition. She was not at first propelled by sustenance yet, observing positive outcomes were empowering and now she is a committed professional in Mumbai.

8. Shikha Sharma

This Delhi based nutritionist has an MBBS degree and was from the start an allopathic expert yet her extended energy for prosperity and a sound lifestyle drew her towards nourishment and preventive medicine. She has analyzed Ayurveda generally and set up her own focuses where she investigations the clinical issues by the body constitution. Her recommended diet diagram is co-made by her and her gathering of nutritionists.

9. Lavleen Kaur

‘Value traditional food. Don’t ‘diet’, switch to a healthier lifestyle instead!’. Lavleen Kaur gained attention due to her very successful youTube channel where she gives tips and tricks to stay fit. Besides being an award winning dietitian and a health coach, Lavleen was also awarded the Most promising Youngest Dietitian in the north. Besides obesity, she works with clients who are struggling with other disorders such as thyroid and hypertension. Her encouragement for using food as medicine in noteworthy and her USP when working with clients.

10. Promod Tripathi

Focusing on a diabetes free nation for the past 7 years, Dr. Promod Tripathi is the man behind Freedom from Diabetes (FFD). He is among the top influential people when it comes to nutrition and health in India. FFD has a team of doctors and nutritionists working to help the society uplift towards a higher branch of fitness overall. He has worked with some of the top people in the country including Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. 

Among their most helpful credits are successful relational abilities, genuine worry for customer wellbeing, equipped hierarchical aptitudes and created critical thinking capacities.

A nutritionist/ dietitian’s essential job is to assist customers with creating ideal meal plan intends to meet their individual needs. To prevail in this job, the dietitian needs to have empathy for each customer’s prosperity. This empathy adds to viable tuning in and critical thinking. Brilliant listening abilities assist dietitians with comprehension and react to the particular needs of every customer. Superb verbal abilities empower the dietitian to verbalise the nutrition program to the customer in a straightforward manner.




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