10 perfect wellness vacations for summer 2021

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Looking to embark on a wellness vacation during summer? When the hustle of daily life starts taking its toll on your mental health, going on a wellness trip becomes the need of the hour. A wellness vacation can help relax your body and also take your mind off any worldly worries.

Choosing the right destination is easy with Vacayou, since it offers a diverse range of wellness vacation packages to ensure hassle-free travel planning. Here’s a list of 10 ideal wellness vacation destinations to pick from this summer.

1. YO1 Health Resort, New York

Popular for its picturesque landscape and culinary cuisine, YO1 Health Resort is a great place to start your wellness journey. This scenic resort is surrounded by picture-perfect Catskill Mountains, the sight of which can enthrall anyone. It hosts personalized fitness programs and healing therapies aimed at enhancing your quality of life. You can also practice yoga to boost your mental clarity and overall fitness levels. Moreover, fitness professionals at YO1 Health Resort provide you with nutritional guidance for facilitating effective weight management. A wellness vacation to this beautiful resort will ensure that you come back feeling energized and refreshed.

2. Hilton Head Health, South Carolina

Hilton Head Health is an award-winning wellness resort that is frequented by a large number of people who come here to attain their fitness goals faster. The resort boasts plenty of fun-packed activities and specialized weight loss programs to cater to the varied wellness needs of fitness enthusiasts. This place has a lively yet laid back ambience and is perfect for vacationers looking to disconnect from mundane matters. Here, you can feast on healthy meals and give your taste buds the best treat ever. So, if you want to take useful guidance from fitness experts and indulge in personalized workout sessions, Hilton Head Health is the destination you need to explore.

3. Eupepsia Wellness Center, Virginia

Located close to the Jefferson National Forest, Eupepsia Wellness Center is one of the most scenic wellness spots that you can discover with your beloved friends. The detox program conducted here will cultivate inner harmony and allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your body. This wellness resort will give you the golden opportunity to revel in the sight of ravishing Blue Ridge Mountains. Hence, a trip to the Eupepsia Wellness Center will reconnect you with nature and help you move closer to personal discovery.

4. Haley Farm, Maryland

 Set amidst peaceful meadows, Haley Farm specializes in offering customized wellness retreats that can help you make healthy changes to your lifestyle. Travelers usually visit this destination to admire the region’s unmatched natural beauty that can captivate beholders in the blink of an eye. The breakfast served at this farm is delicious and healthy at the same time. In addition to boasting a calm ambience, Haley Farm promises a one-of-a-kind wellness experience. However, you should consider buying a quality travel backpack before leaving for the vacation to ensure utmost convenience during your trip.

5. Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louise

Fairmont Chateau is popular amongst nature lovers who love to appreciate beautiful mountain views and sumptuous delicacies. Known for its serene environment, this top-notch resort is surrounded by wonderful scenery owing to which it draws multitudes of tourists each year. The calming atmosphere of this place makes it ideal for meditation and yoga sessions. Moreover, the pristine grandeur of the surrounding Lake Louise can help you break away from your tiring schedule so that you can easily bond with your inner self. The best part is that the Fairmont Chateau resort is incredibly spacious and it offers varied types of wellness activities to match your unique interests.

6. Fivelements Retreat, Bali

 Fivelements Retreat is a great wellness spot for travelers interested in leading a healthier lifestyle. Here, you can enjoy plant based gourmet meals that will give your body optimal nutrition, thus helping you stay in good shape. Moreover, you can nourish your soul by taking part in healing therapies inspired by ancient wisdom. The personalized wellness treatments offered by this famous boutique resort will surely take you nearer to spiritual enlightenment. Therefore, it is guaranteed that a trip to Fivelements Retreat will pave the way for a holistic wellness experience.

7. Skyterra, North Carolina

 Situated inside the Pisgah Forest, Skyterra is a big favorite among vacationers of all age groups as it promises a serene environment. This resort offers a wide variety of health-enhancing activities to help you remain fit. Travelers seeking to get away from the distractions of city life will fall in love with this wellness attraction. You will get to enjoy meditative experiences as well as culinary dishes that will bring out the foodie within you in a flash. The nicest thing is that a wellness getaway to Skyterra will significantly improve your overall wellbeing and help you achieve a balanced state of mind.

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8. Equinox Hotel, New York

Opened to the public in July 2019, the Equinox Hotel is a world famous wellness destination that attracts fitness buffs from across the globe. This hotel features many private relaxation areas where you can indulge in wellness treatments to improve your productivity levels. You can also explore the hotel’s excellent dining options and take delight in the wonderful views of Hudson River to add to the fun. So, if meeting your wellness goals is a top-of-mind priority, you cannot afford to miss out on the Equinox Hotel.

9. Atzaro, Ibiza

Renowned for its fantastic scenery and relaxed atmosphere, Atzaro is situated in the heart of Ibiza. In fact, it is the island’s most loved luxury hotel that specializes in health and wellness. The hotel also offers some of the best views of the Mediterranean Sea. Since this hotel is not located in a densely populated area, its surroundings are more tranquil than you might think. Needless to say, Atzaro should be on the top of your travel bucket list, especially if you want to return with remarkable memories that will stay with you forever.

10. The Ranch Malibu, California

The Ranch Malibu is a secluded resort that you should visit to give yourself the much needed wellness break. Here, you can take part in wellness discussions and socialize with like-minded fitness freaks to double the enjoyment. One thing that separates The Ranch Malibu from other wellness resorts is its focus on luxury fitness. The resort boasts a wonderful landscape and serves nutritiously rich snacks to revitalize your body. If your aim is to indulge in expert-crafted wellness programs that deliver long-lasting results, you must explore The Ranch Malibu at least once.

Wellness vacations are a great way to escape a fast paced life and rejuvenate your senses. In fact, a trip to the aforementioned destinations can work wonders to make the inner you feel relaxed. Just remember to plan your vacation well in advance though to keep last-minute hassles at bay.




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