10 Simple Ways to Calm Your Mind and Body

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Negative thoughts impact the tranquillity of our minds. Whether it’s our finances, relationships or health, it brings complete mayhem in our lives. Furthermore, we keep pushing away our mind’s peace to wear the “perfection” coat, which later turns into rage or anxiety. At that jiff, we realise the importance of calmness of your mind and body.

While grasping at straws, we feel anxious or jealous sometimes. That drains out our productivity, leading to exhaustion and stress. Managing stress is an ongoing phenomenon. And calmness begins with the fact that so many of us are struggling.

We all are aware of how to get stressed out. More than self-love, we know about self-torture. Therefore, today, we’ll take you through ten simple ways to calm your mind and body. Within a few days of its implementation, you’ll learn about self-love.

1. Practise Breathing

This is a no-brainer, as we do all the time. But this time, be more enlightened about your breathing and peace. Take a deep breath, stare around and observe three to four things that you’ve never deeply noticed. Maybe, it’s the beam of the sunlight. Perhaps, you see the steam coming out from your coffee. Watch them and attempt catching your breath. Find peace in these small moments, and in a few moments, you’ll realise the power of breathing.

2. Look At Fishes Swimming

This is called aquarium therapy! An aquarium brings a calming effect to nature. If you already have one, then watch the fish inside it swimming. People say they feel relatively calmer and more relaxed while gazing at the fishes. Also, science backs it up by saying it reduces heart rate by 3%, benefiting individuals struggling with anxiety and panic disorders. Well, if you don’t have a fish tank, then buy one.

3. Implement Self Compassion

Typically, our mind is the only culprit as it provides the worst critics for ourselves. Many of us believe that self-critical drives us toward hard work; however, that’s a myth. Several researchers proved that it dismantles our inner strengths as it disables us to learn from our mistakes. This all destroys our calmness, and we get anxious, thinking about our inabilities. Therefore, instead of criticising ourselves, practise self-compassion – be aware of your emotions. And remember, everyone has struggles, everybody tastes failure, and that’s totally “normal”!

4. Incorporate Physical Activity

It could be anything that you love doing. A brisk walk, playing with your dog, painting in the open air. Any activity that you love doing the most infuses calmness in your body and mind. A five-minute aerobic exercise releases endorphins – they alleviate your mood, sharpen your focus and render a good sleep. Stepping one level up and doing intense level exercises, like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), can release more endorphins, benefitting your more.

5. Do One Good Deed

The gift of empathy never fails! When you feel your mind is taking a roller coaster ride, stop the storm by gifting help. It sparkles your brain, allowing you to feel joy and connection. There are various ways of exercising gifting help. You can give a lift to someone on your way, apologise to someone with whom you got rude, greet the pizza delivery boy or give charity. All of this will bring a smile to the face of those people. And in return, you’ll feel happy.

6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

What if I say you can use your body to calm your mind and body itself? Yes, you can employ your body parts, one after one, and release tensions and stress and gain tranquillity. First, start with your one leg, tense it for a few seconds and release and relax for the next 10 seconds. Switch to another body part and continue doing the same steps with your body. Did you notice the change? This is a great way of getting sound sleep, lowering headaches and stomachaches. Try doing it before going to bed at night.

7. Dig The Soil

Don’t get surprised! Gardening is a sure-shot way of soothing your mind. It’s not just great for the environment but also refreshing for your mental health. The soil contains microorganisms that aid you in focusing on your goals, enhancing your mood. That’s the reason most of the gardeners tend to be less anxious. The reason behind that is they feel connected to nature.

8. Reset Your Body

Is your mind full of thoughts? Are you feeling like taking a break? Just do it! Sometimes, just being alone or with a set of your close ones help a lot. You can go outdoors, walk around a park or trek or camp with friends. Utilise a weekend, go out, recharge your body and mind and come back with a bang. You’ll feel fresh, focused and happy!

9. Music Is A Good Therapy

Almost all believe this! Whenever you crave peace of mind, just take out your earphones and switch on your favourite playlist. Tuning up uplifts your mood, making you look at the positive aspects of your life. Music tempo that’s less usually calms your mind, relaxing your muscles. On the other hand, a faster tempo makes you more cautious and focus better. Furthermore, it induces a good night sleep too. All in all, if you want a solution to your pain, music is an effective method to attempt.

10. Talk To A Good Friend

Last but not least, have a hearty conversation with your good friend. It’s truly said that if you’ve lost everything in life except a good friend, then you’re the richest person on earth. At the time of turbulence, if you have emotional support from your trusted friends, the dealing process becomes easy. Their handy ideas, in fact, their presence itself, is enough to make your mind and body calm down. So, talk to a good friend of yours and relieve stress.

Learn And Rewind!

Most of the time, people try to put on some sort of false positivity and act as if everything is alright. Remember, your mind is smart and have the power to create internal conflicts inside. That’ll make you feel worse. Therefore, read the stories of people who have overcome their struggles. Also, rewind and think about how you’ve overcome your life struggles. I’m sure these things will aid you keep moving forward with a smile on your face and relax your body and mind.

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