The Importance of Drinking Enough Water

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You must have heard that water intake is essential every day for ages, but did you ever dig deep into this? Around 60% of your body is made of water, which obviously means there is no argument about the fact that drinking more water is mandatory for a healthy body and mind. Even the environment indicates how vital water is for our existence, so water bodies cover 71% of the Earth’s surface. Here we have listed a few benefits of water, which is truly called the elixir of life.

1. It Regulates Your Body Temperature:

Humans regulate their body temperature by sweating, which happens only when you intake enough water. This only means water helps in the regulation of body temperature in humans. You sweat when you feel hot so that your body cools down, but then if there is too much loss of water, which you do not replenish, your body temperature will rise in turn. If you find yourself sweating more than usual, drink more water to avoid dehydration.

2. It Aids in Digestion:

You must have heard several times not to drink water right before and after a meal, but we believe something contrary to that. Drinking water post-meal actually helps with effective digestion, and you get the most out of your meals. Drinking water before meals can make you feel fuller faster, hence you will avoid over eating and remain fit.

3. It Helps in Weight Loss:

If you go to a dietician the next time, you will hear them say the very first thing that you should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day for weight loss. Well, less water intake actually causes water retention in the body, which is also known as water weight. Also, drinking more water improves your metabolism, which helps in weight loss.

4. It Helps Create Saliva:

Water is the main component of saliva, along with mucus and enzymes. We are aware that saliva is important to break down food and helps with digestion. Your body usually produces enough saliva with regular fluid intake. Saliva production can reduce due to age or any medication side effect when we experience dry mouth. 

5. It Helps Prevent Constipation:

We all know that eating fiber is a very effective way to prevent constipation. But did you know if you do not consume adequate water, you will only experience more constipation? If you are already constipated, increase the intake of fiber and consume carbonated water to ease symptoms.

6. It Helps with Nutrient Absorption:

Water not just helps in breaking down food but also dissolves vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from food to deliver to the rest of the body for use. This means adequate water consumption reduces the chances of nutrition deficiency.

7. It Helps Improve Mood:

Dehydration can affect your mood, resulting in fatigue and confusion. Dehydration also causes bloatedness, which can be a mood killer.

8. It Helps Keep Skin Bright:

Adequate water intake helps to keep skin hydrated and aids collagen production. However, only water intake is not enough to reduce the aging effect, and there are several other factors involved you need to take care of. Take the help of where you will find all the information on how to keep your skin glowing.

9. It Lubricates the Joints:

The cartilage, which contains around 80% of water, is found in the joints and discs of the spins. If you are dehydrated for a long time, it reduces the shock-absorbing ability of joints and can lead to joint pain.

10. It Delivers Oxygen Throughout the Body:

Blood consists of more than 90% of water. As you must be aware, blood carries oxygen in different parts of the body. Hence, water is very essential for overall body fitness.

11. It Helps Maintain Blood Pressure:

If you drink less water, your blood becomes thicker, as it is mainly water. This indicated that less water in the body means an increase in blood pressure.

12. It Aids in Cognitive Function:

Water intake is not just essential for your physical body functions but your mental well-being too. You must not have known about this before, but proper water intake helps keep your cognitive function in good shape. This means when you do not drink sufficient water, you will experience short-term memory, lose focus quickly, and reduce your productivity.

13. Helps in Reducing or Preventing Headaches:

Dehydration is one of the primary reasons why many adults suffer from headaches. Even if you have conditions like migraine, low water intake can actually be a trigger of it. This is why dehydration should be avoided by enough intake of water. Even if you have a headache, drink enough water first, and you will get some relief sooner.

14. May Help to Treat Kidney Stones:

Urinary stones can be a painful clump of crystal that is formed in the kidney. This condition is evitable if you drink enough water. In fact, the main reason why people suffer from this condition is insufficient water consumption. Higher fluid intake means the volume of urine you pass through the kidney also increases. This dilutes the concentration of minerals; hence, there is less chance of crystallization and formation of lumps. Even if you suffer from this condition already, drinking water will help pass the stones through your urine over time.

The Bottom Line:

Water is essential for every part of the body to function correctly. You should keep track of your water intake with the help of water counter apps where you can set reminder alarms so that you do not miss drinking enough water in the entire day. You should also carry a bottle of water everywhere you go so that you never feel dehydrated. Try to consume more water in the first half of the day and reduce the intake by night so that you can have uninterrupted sleep. Hitting your daily water recommendation will help in improving your overall health.




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