10 Things You Need To Know About Invisible  Braces

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Are you thinking about getting invisible braces to straighten your teeth or correct a crowded or gappy smile? Then you’re on your way to getting the smile of your dreams. Invisible Braces is a fantastic and convenient way to achieve a straight smile, with virtually invisible aligners that are comfortable and easy to remove.

However, as with any treatment, it’s important to be fully informed before embarking on your teeth-straightening journey. Invisible Braces are orthodontic devices, which are braces used to straighten your teeth. This treatment employs custom-made, clear aligners to help adjust/correct the position of your teeth, giving you a lovely confident smile. If you’re considering Invisible Braces, take service from SDalign invisible braces dentists. There are ten things you should know about Invisible Braces.

1. They Must Be Worn For A Total Of 22 Hours Per Day

The patient is in charge of wearing Invisible Braces because they can be taken out for eating, drinking, and cleaning. You may need to exercise self-discipline and motivation to complete your treatment on time.

You are strongly advised to wear your clear aligners for at least 22 hours per day to meet your treatment goals on time. Your treatment plan is built around a timeline specific to you and your smile goals, so missing them for as little as one day to as much as one week can impact and lengthen your treatment.

2. Remove Them While Eating And Make No Changes To Your Diet

One of the best aspects of Invisible Braces is maintaining your regular diet. Most previous treatment methods had a long list of restricted foods and drinks, so patients appreciate this benefit.

Always bring your Invisible Braces out to eat, even if it’s just a snack. If you eat while wearing your aligners, you risk damaging or staining them. While eating, keep your Invisible Braces in a safe place, brush and floss your teeth, and replace them as soon as possible.

3. Invisible Braces Are More Comfortable Than Regular Braces

Braces are frequently associated with pain and discomfort. The good news about Invisible Braces is that it uses a completely different system that provides a much more comfortable process – in fact, most people say they only feel a little pressure the first day or so after receiving their new aligners. You’ll get used to it quickly, and some people don’t mind at all.

4. Nobody Will Notice You’re Wearing Aligners

Invisible Braces are clear and nearly invisible; that’s why most people will not notice you’re wearing them unless they look at your mouth very closely. Invisible dental braces are custom-made to fit your teeth and can even improve the appearance of your teeth in photos.

5. You Might Have A Lisp At First

Some patients report a lisp or impaired speech during the first week or two. This is normal and is part of the adjustment process as you get used to wearing aligners. Fortunately, many people will not notice; it will be gone before you know it. Wearing your aligners as much as possible will help you get rid of them faster.

6. You Must Keep Exceptional Oral Hygiene

Clear aligners can be removed for easy cleaning; build-up and staining can still occur if you aren’t careful. Because Invisible Braces is highly customized and fits very tightly against your teeth, bacteria can easily become trapped.

Without good oral hygiene, the small ridges or attachments that keep your aligners in place are prone to staining. To be safe, brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush after every meal, in the morning, and at night before going to bed. Whitening treatments can be used after but not during treatment.

7. Invisible Braces Has No Age Restrictions

Invisible Braces are suitable for people of all ages, so no matter how old you are, if you are a suitable person for this type of treatment, you can get Invisible Braces. Pregnant women can also use Invisible Braces, so talk to your dentist about getting started.

8. Treat Beverages Similarly To Food

Aside from plain, cool water, you’ll need to remember to take your aligners out whenever you drink something, not just when you eat. Even hot water can warp your aligners, and coffee and wine can stain them.

9. Invisible Braces Are Quick And Easy To Use

Many people believe that the main difference between Invisible Braces and traditional braces is purely cosmetic. While many patients appreciate the discretion associated with the nearly invisible option for teeth straightening, keep in mind that it is also faster. Most patients see visible results of Invisible dental braces within 2-3 months.

10. You Must Wear A Retainer Following Treatment

SDalign wants to help you keep your new smile for life after you’ve invested all that time and money. They’ll take more scans and impressions of your new smile after you finish your treatment to send to a lab. They will make a customized retainer for you to wear as directed by your orthodontist. They may advise you to wear it full-time when your treatment is first completed and then only at night after some time has passed. This ensures that your teeth do not shift out of place and that your investment is well protected.

Why Choose Invisible Braces?

Invisible Braces are custom-made to allow you to straighten your teeth comfortably. They are more aesthetically pleasing than other braces because they are almost invisible due to their use of clear material. The fact that the Invisible dental braces are removable is a huge benefit.

Most patients prefer Invisible Braces because it allows them to brush and floss their teeth normally and eat and drink normally without fear of a wire snapping or food becoming stuck between the wires. Because Invisible Braces put less pressure on your teeth, you will feel less pain.

Final Thoughts

Invisible Braces is a fantastic orthodontic treatment option to consider. Do you want to learn more about the virtually invisible teeth-straightening method? Make an appointment with SDalign today to discuss Invisible Braces with your dentist. They have invisible braces dentists on staff. They collaborate with Invisible Braces to create each aligner specifically for your mouth.




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