13 Practices you should Add in your Life to stay Younger

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Aging is a natural progression of life, yet we look down upon the same. Getting wrinkles or eye lines is natural, and instead of hiding them or putting people down, we need to accept the same.

After all, these lines show you lived a long life and have accumulated wisdom over the years. Yet, there is nothing wrong with wishing to look and feel young. It is not only about appearance. It’s more about how you feel about yourself because that impacts your physical and mental well-being.

If you are looking for tips on how to look and maintain youthfulness, the below article is just for you.

  • Stay happy and positive: The first tip to look and feel younger is to stay happy, positive, and believe in yourself. Ask anyone who lived a long life or looks younger than their age, and this will be their mantra. Staying positive, happy, and having self-efficacy (confidence plus self-confidence) is the key because it releases happy hormones. Negative thoughts and putting yourself down can never make you live a youthful life.
  • Stressless by giving yourself a break: There are studies showing the ill effects of stress in our lives. It is catastrophic because stress impacts our mental and physical health and looks. Thus, your cortisol levels increase under constant stress, leading to mental health problems. It also affects your physical health by making you susceptible to illnesses and severe health issues like heart problems. Stress is also the culprit behind dark circles, pigmentation, early aging lines, and a dull appearance. Thus, take control of your stress by meditating for at least 5 minutes daily. Increase it day by day, and you will see a significant change in your life.
  • Take your daily supplements: Every nutrient our body needs can be made or obtained from organic food sources. Yet, more and more people are diagnosed with some nutrient deficiency. It directly affects your overall health. Therefore, daily supplements are essential to ensure your body has enough vitamins, minerals, and more. One essential supplement to take is a nad+ supplement because, among many things, it helps reset your gut. As we all know, if your gut is healthy, you will have a healthier life.
  • Keep smiling: Smiling wide every day is one of the best-kept secrets. When you smile even in adverse conditions, you release all the tension from your life. Also, when you keep smiling, you look younger, and your face looks youthful.
  • Stay hydrated: Your body needs water and hydration to stay fit and healthy. Skin, hair, and other organs need plenty of water to stay young and radiant. Dehydration causes your skin to dry and look dull and causes other health issues. So, don’t start the day with your morning coffee without gulping two glasses of water, and keep drinking water throughout the day.
  • Workout daily: Working out is the key to staying young and healthy. And by exercise, we don’t imply that you have to go to the gym and do cardio for two-plus hours. Instead, a minimum of exercise for 45 minutes three to four times a week is optimal for your health. Also, ensure that you include different workouts in your daily routine, comprising cardio, strength training, yoga, and meditation.
  • Have a regular skincare routine: To stay young and look young, having radiant skin is necessary. Have a regular skincare routine, which is simple but effective. It will take some trial and error to figure out what works for you best, but you will get it in time. Another tip for a youthful glow is always to use sunscreen.
  • Feel the passion or love: Falling in love isn’t only about a person. It’s about finding a thing or person that gets you up in the morning. So, find that passion, and you will feel youthful automatically.
  • Eat a balanced diet: Eat a diet rich in all the micronutrients that your body requires. Don’t focus only on protein or a low-fat diet. Eat greens and vitamin C for healthy skin.
  • Don’t ignore your mental health: Mental health is important. Period! You cannot ignore your mental health for the sake of others or your job. Being sad is okay as it passes. However, when you are sad for a long time, it turns into depression, worsening your health even further. It can make you seem a thousand years old even when you are young. So, focus on your mental health. Meditate, journal, talk to a therapist, and do any number of things to help you get better mentally.
  • Enjoy herbal tea daily: We won’t ask you to give up your daily tea or coffee. We know it makes you happy. But limit the consumption to one cup a day and switch it to herbal teas. Drinking herbal tea daily provides your body with multiple benefits by releasing enzymes in your body necessary for looking and feeling healthy.
  • Breathe properly, preferably in clean air: Most of us breathe wrong! Yes, it’s shocking but true. If you start breathing properly, you will stay young, even if you are 50 years old. Practicing yoga helps you breathe properly. So, start doing yoga. Moreover, you can go to a garden and breathe correctly for 10-15 minutes in clean air. Breathing correctly is powerful. It calms your brain and body from the inside. Here is how you can do this: – Breathe in to fill your lungs with clean air, and keep it inside for 10 seconds. Now, exhale and take 10 seconds to do the same. – Repeat this 15 times, and you will feel so much better. You will feel toxins leaving your body, rejuvenating your body.
  • Be around people: Be around people who love you genuinely. Hanging with friends and family who love you with a full heart is the key to staying happy and young. Taking care of your skin, hair, body, and overall well-being is necessary to stay younger. Doing all this also ensures that you are healthy, which is imperative for looking and staying young for a long period.




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