4 Common Dog Health Issues That Owners Should Watch Out For

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Raising dogs is a real pleasure, and many times, all will go well. However, once in a while, dog health issues may become a thorny issue that needs to be addressed to help your best friend get back to his or her best.

For most of us, if you have kept a dog for long, it is easy to note when the dog has a problem almost immediately. However, this can change if you have been spending less time with the dog recently. This guide looks at some common dog health concerns that need to be addressed immediately one notes them.

1. Diarrhea And Vomiting

It is not uncommon for a dog to have diarrhea or vomit once in a while. It is almost like a natural body reaction to anything that may be upsetting the dog’s stomach.

The problem is when diarrhea in dogs persists for more than two days. The same goes for vomiting as well. Immediately this is noted, the dog needs to be taken to the vet for a check up to establish what the problem might be.

2. Arthritis

Arthritis, just like dog diarrhea, is a very common problem in dogs. Usually, this is a result of old age, but that is not necessarily the case. Degenerative Joint Disease in dogs can also be triggered by past injuries that were sustained by the dog either during play or by accident.

There are many ways of how to treat arthritis in dogs, but a good method will have to be in consultation with your vet.

3. Pests Are Prominent Dog Health Issues

We have pests all around us, and our dogs are very susceptible to them. A dog with diarrhea can be the first indicator of a dog having pest issues, but that is not the only sign. Skin irritation and even the physical presence of pests on the dog’s skin is an alarm as well. A vet can help you come up with ways to curb this menace for the long haul.

5. Ear Infections

Ear infections are also very common among dogs. This can easily be noted if the dog keeps shaking its head repeatedly or their itchiness on the dog’s ear. Additionally, the presence of debris is an indicator of an ear infection. It would be best if you took your dog to a vet immediately.

The Role of Nutrition in Dog’s Health

When dogs get sick or hurt, they need to be given the best dog nutrition. They need to receive nutrition and attention that’ll help ease the pain of a wound. They also need to be healthy and strong so that they can perform well in their sporting events and competitions, to learn this, you can see more options at Pet Parents. Proper nutrition for dogs is something they need as it’ll help your dog become healthy and strong.  

Here are the important things to know about dog nutrition:

  • Correct Amount of Nutrients: When choosing the right foods for your dog, you need to make sure that you’re adding the right nutrients to your dog’s diet. This is particularly important when it comes to vitamins.Vitamins are crucial as they help maintain proper bone health and immunity levels in your dog. This is especially important if your dog is a senior as they’re less likely to absorb nutrients from regular food.
  • Exercise Is Essential: Every dog needs to eat and exercise at least one time each day. The goal of exercising is for them to move their muscles as often as possible. This is important for your dog’s health so you should make sure that you give them plenty of exercises.If you’re not going to be at home, get them an old piece of furniture or a treadmill that they can use. Also, make sure that it’s cleaned every day.
  • Quality Protein: In order to stay healthy and strong, your dog needs to have good quality protein in their diet. There are several different types of dog foods available that can provide the required amounts of protein, such as products that contain fish or chicken.You should check the labels of the products that you buy, and choose one that contains the highest amount of quality protein.
  • Choose the Best Dog Food: If you cannot afford to feed your dog the best, then consider looking for a dog food that contains quality protein but is more friendly on your pocket, such as Royal Canin Dog Food.

Learning About Dog Health Issues

It is important as a dog owner, to keep yourself informed about dog health issues. A routine visit to our blog daily will help fill you in on how to take better care of your dog. Failure to address dog health concerns on time can result in protracted vet fees as well as defects in dogs. Ear infections and arthritis are the most notorious for this. Even though good pet insurance can cover most of the vet fees, you do not want to risk your dog’s health and happiness.

Here is the picture of the placement for reference:

Taking time to observe your dog’s stool as well as its skin when bathing it allows you to take note of any health problems that need to be addressed. Feel free to visit our website for information focused on natural food and alternative health.




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