5 Best Types of Protein Shakes and Powder

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Want to enhance your health quickly? If yes, then protein shakes and powder are definitely one of the best catalysts to quicken up the process. There is a common misconception among people these days that protein shakes and powders are usually expensive. Hence, this is probably the reason why many people avoid buying them and choose natural sources of protein which take a long time to show results. However, if you are a smart millennial, then you would know that there are plenty of stores in today’s time, that makes buying protein shakes and powder very affordable and convenient. Have a look at this list of leading stores selling 5 best types of protein shakes and powder!

1. Vegan Protein Blend, MyProtein

 Do you like taking the easy way out? If yes, then Vegan Protein Blend protein powder from MyProtein should be your top choice. Packed with 23g of reformulated plant-powdered nutrition with pea protein and soy protein, the benefits of this protein powder are endless. Moreover, this protein powder is a super-convenient way to add extra protein into your diet, without much hassle. The most attractive feature that makes people choose vegan blend protein powder from Myprotein is that while it boasts of improved taste and texture, the nutritional value of the product is not compromised. You will also be pleased to know that it is low in sugar yet really delicious. Consuming this protein powder will enhance your plant powered diet greatly. It comes in a range of delicious flavours including chocolate and mango, at only 125 calories per serving. Fuel your body with plan-based goodness!

Price and Discount: The original price of 1kg packing of Vegan Protein Blend was Rs. 3584 but currently it is available for a price of just Rs. 2699 at MyProtein. You can use Myprotein Coupons which are easily available online. Free delivery is also available.

2. Beginner’s Protein Powder, MuscleBlaze

 Have you ever taken a protein powder or shake before? If your answer is negative, then you are in for one healthy and wonderful journey ahead. As a beginner, it is recommended that you don’t start right away with a heavy protein supplement. Hence, one of the 5 best types of protein powder and shake for you will be the Muscle Blaze Beginner’s Protein. This is an ideal protein drink to fulfill the protein requirements of beginners in general fitness, sports nutrition and bodybuilding. This protein powder proves to be really effective for building lean muscle mass and recovering stressed muscles, post workout. Best part? It comes in a delicious chocolate flavor, hence you will have absolutely no problem drinking it. Talking about the nutritional requirements, this drink provides 12 g of protein in the 30g serving with zero added sugar.

Price and Discount: Users can enjoy savings worth 26% while purchasing Muscleblaze Beginners Protein Powder at the cost of Rs. 1249 only at the moment.

3. HealthXP Premium Series Nitro Gold, HealthKart

The use of protein powders and shakes is not limited by age or gender. If you are a woman looking out for a high-quality protein supplement to include in your diet, the HealthXP Premium Series Nitro Gold proves to be one of the 5 best types of protein shakes and powders for you. Talking about protein powder, Nitro Gold is widely considered as one of the most powerful muscle builder whey blends. With the Whey Protein isolate serving as its primary source, this protein powder is enriched with less than 3 grams of creatine per serving. You will be pleased to know that this protein powder delivers a whopping 32 grams of protein per serving, thereby making it one of the best in its class. It is available in the delicious flavour of cafe mocha, which it makes both delicious as well as healthy to consume.

Price and Discount: Users can currently purchase HealthXP premium series nitro gold protein powder from Healthkart at the price of Rs. 3649 only, thereby enjoying an unbelievable 54% rebate.

4. Clear Whey Isolate, MyProtein

Treat your body like it’s your temple and pamper it with only the best of products and nutrients to reap most benefits. Winner of the Best Sports Nutrition Product in the European Sports Nutrition Awards 2019, this is not just your regular protein shake. While it is made up of high quality hydrolysed whey protein isolate, it still proves to be a light and refreshing alternative and tastes more like a juice than a milky protein shake. Each delicious serving is packed with a complete 20g of protein which assists consumers in growing and maintaining their muscles. High in protein, low in sugar, this protein shake is available in exciting fruity flavors such as Peached iced tea, lychee and orange mango. It is the perfect way to stay hydrated throughout the day without undoing all of your hard work!

Price and Discount: The initial cost of Clear Whey Protein Shake at MyProtein was Rs. 3499 but currently users can grab it at a cost of Rs. 2699 only enjoying huge savings. MyProtein is also running a buy more, save more discount at the moment.

5. Isopure Zero Carb Protein, Bodybuilding

Is your main aim of taking a protein supplement is to boost your weight loss process? If yes, then out of the 5 best protein powders and shakes, Isopure Zero Carb Protein from BodyBuilding is the most suitable one for you. As light and clear as a protein can get, this protein powder has a devoted following among athletes looking to lose weight and burn fat while holding onto their precious muscle mass. It comes in a wide range of flavors and sizes. Apart from that, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that since it has had the carbs, sugars, and lactose removed, it is keto-friendly. Hence, if you are struggling with macro math, this protein supplement will definitely make your life a bit easier. Isopure Zero carb protein supplement also takes care of your micronutrient needs by providing immune support from nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc. 

Price and Discount: Users can currently score a complete 20% discount on the purchase of Isopure Zero Carb from Body Building and enjoy it at the cost of Rs. 2941 only. BodyFit members can expect extra savings.

Don’t postpone your fitness goals and plans any longer. Take inspiration from these 5 best types of protein shakes and powders that offer high-quality protein supplements to assist the growth as well as maintenance of our muscles. They prove to be a wonderful companion, irrespective of your fitness goal. Begin your fitness journey today!




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