5 Unique Things That Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

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Often when we hear the phrase “mental health” we immediately equate it with “crazy” or mentally deranged. The World Health Organization  defines mental health as an individual’s ability to survive the stresses that go with everyday living and being a high-functioning member of society. Every 10th of October, WHO celebrates the World Mental Health Day, aiming to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy mind and advocates against the social stigma associated with mental illness.


However, you cannot give what you don’t have. Before you can help others battle with their depression or suicidal tendencies, you must be mentally healthy yourself.  Below is a list of 5 unique things you can do to help improve your mental health.


  1.  Get a massage for those tensed muscles.

Nowadays, it is becoming more of a struggle to get those eight hours of well-deserved sleep. So treat your body to a great massage. Not only will it help you relax those tensed muscles, but studies have also shown that a good massage can reduce those anxiety and stressful thoughts.


  1.  Laughter your heart out.

The brain releases dopamine, a chemical that gives off that happy feeling and endorphins- the body’s natural painkillers. So even though it might be challenging to crack a smile or laugh when you feel the stress of an upcoming thesis defense looming over your head, you have to do it! Show those pearly whites, let that hearty laugh reverberate and give your emotional well- being a healthy boost!


  1.  Spice it up.

Although it might be comforting and efficient to follow a routine you have perfected for years, a little spontaneity can uplift your mood and emotional state. Watch that movie you have been wanting to see on a weekday or take an unplanned out-of-town trip with your friends and break the monotony!


  1.  Squeeze out the creative juices in you.

Being artistic can also pertain to performance arts like singing and dancing. When we belt out our favorite songs, the movement of musical vibrations produces a calming effect that gives off energy. Again, endorphins are released infecting us with their pleasurable and soothing powers. While swaying your hips to the beat also helps lessen depression and anxiety.


  1.  Finding out what is in store for you through tarot readings.

Uncertain of what your future holds? Struggling between two paths to take? Unanswered questions can lead to stress and anxiety, which are not beneficial for our mental health.  Tarot readings take us back to our past and ahead to our future. It can also give certainty and clarity to the thoughts that are keeping you up at night.


Taking care of our mental health does not have to be challenging and tedious. Try these abovementioned techniques of being mentally healthy.


At this day and age, we need to embrace the reality of mental illness and that mental health is as equally important as physical health. Together, let us break the stigma.




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