Health Benefits of Catnip Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Catnip Essential OilCatnip, also referred to as Cat Mint, is actually a whitish-grey plant together with the scientific name Nepata Cataria. Since the name implies, this plant, with its mint-like fragrance, provides extensive to do with cats. It may sound funny, yet it’s true. It gives cats a totally hair-raising experience as well as stimulates them. However, this particular funny purpose isn’t the sole cause of the recognition of Catnip.

Catnip is really a well-known therapeutic herb which is used to treat numerous ailments. These types of therapeutic qualities come from the numerous components of Catnip oil, like Nepetalactone, Valeric Acid, Geraniol, Monoterpene, Nepetalic Anhydride, Citral, Limonene, Dispentine, Thymol, Citronella, Caryophyllene, Nerol, Bio Flavonoids, Nepetalic Acid, and carotenoids.

Health Benefits of Catnip Essential Oil

The health benefits of Catnip Essential Oil could be related to its properties just as one anti-spasmodic, carminative, diaphoretic, emenagogue, nervine, stomachic, stimulant, astringent, and sedative substance.

The various components of Catnip essential oil provide it with numerous essential advantages that may enhance our way of life. A number of them are described in depth below.

1. Anti-spasmodic

This particular essential oil cure just about all kinds of cramps, whether they are muscular, intestinal, respiratory, or other part. It effectively calms muscle pulls helping to avoid spasmodic cholera. Because it is an anti-spasmodic, it cures all the other difficulties related to cramps or spasms.

2. Emmenagogue

Catnip oil is an efficient emmenagogue, meaning that it causes hormonal secretions and in addition assists regularize menstruation. If you suffer from from abnormal periods or even obstructed menses, catnip oil will help you overcome the problem. Catnip oil additionally helps reduce menstrual cramps as well as decreases menstrual pain.

3. Delays Ageing

Catnip essential oil has outstanding anti-oxidant potential which will help in delaying premature ageing. Catnip leaves are a rich source of anti-oxidants which will help in eliminating free-radicals roaming within the body that are liable for the development of fine lines and wrinkles. An herbal infusion of the essential oil can prove very useful to avoid premature ageing.

4. Carminative

A carminative, as we all know, is really a property that can help within the elimination of gases through the intestines. Gas which is kept in the intestines and forced upwards can be extremely dangerous and occasionally deadly. It leads to a choking feeling, leads to chest pains, indigestion, as well as uneasiness, boosts blood pressure levels, and provides severe stomach aches. Within this sense, catnip oil will help you a lot. It successfully eliminates gases through downward movement (that is safe) and doesn’t let additional gases form. Catnip oil is excellent for people who are struggling with long-term gas trouble.

5. Heals Wounds

Catnip essential oil has got germ killing qualities that render it great for wound healing. Open wounds attract bacterial infection immensely fast, making this hard to heal. An infusion of the essential oil cleanses the wounds helping in the repair of tissue and faster healing.

6. Diaphoretic

As a stimulant, it’s got diaphoretic qualities as a well. Catnip oil encourages excessive sweating. Lots of people hate perspiration, since it produces body odor along with a wet, uneasy feeling. However, let me tell you which odor from sweat results only if the person has some problem in their body, like indigestion, obesity, or even kidney problems. As a result, odor in sweat is a sign of toxic substances which have gathered within your body. An individual who is healthy should really sweat reasonably as well as regular sweating actually drives away body odor (if you take a bath afterwards) since it is an ideal way to eliminate toxins. Catnip oil can help you sweat helping you decrease your weight, decrease blood pressure, and take away toxins as well as excessive salt through the body, keeps your heart healthy and perhaps, can drive away fevers.

7. Conditions Hair

Catnip essential oil has got outstanding conditioning as well as moisturizing effect that delivers it a fantastic hair conditioner. This oil whenever used on hair causes it to be supple and soft. It may be utilized just before shampooing for great moisturizing as well as conditioning the hair.

8. Mood Enhancer

Catnip essential oil has got wonderful relaxant as well as sedative qualities. This particular renders it great for combating stress and anxiety related problems. It manages mood swings as well as exhibits calming effects, which makes it a fantastic stress buster.

9. Combats Headaches

An essential chemical component of Catnip essential oil is thymol, that have an outstanding analgesic potential. Owing to this property, this particular essential oil could be successfully utilized in the pain management of headaches, etc.

10. Nervine

Catnip oil behaves as a tonic for the nerves and also the nervous system. It will help to prevent numerous nervous problems, which includes shaking hands or even limbs, nervousness, vertigo, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, convulsions, sluggishness, along with a insufficient reflexes. Basically, it fortifies nerves as well as activates them.

11. Relieves Respiratory Conditions

Owing to the superb anti-spasmodic as well as relaxant properties of Catnip essential oil, you can use it for treating asthma, COPD along with other respiratory problems. Adding a few drops of the oil and taking an inhalation of it can offer immediate relief in lots of respiratory ailments.

12. Stomachic

Catnip oil is stomachic, which means that it keeps the stomach in order as well as functioning well. It cures stomach problems as well as ulcers, whilst making certain the correct flow of bile as well as gastric juices and acids within the stomach. Sometimes, the interior lining of the stomach is corroded because of prolonged acidity, which can lead to an ulcer. This takes place because of a insufficient bile, that neutralizes the acids. Catnip oil will help you avoid this situation, because it helps you to sustain proper secretions in stomach.

13. Treats Influenza And Cold

Catnip essential oil is famous because of its anti-microbial property. This essential oil can therefore be utilized to deal with diseases just like influenza and common cold. An infusion of catnip oil has been discovered to demonstrate phenomenal results in the case of common cold.

14. Diuretic

Catnip oil is diuretic in nature, which means it encourages urination. It improves the regularity of urination. Therefore, it is extremely therapeutic for those people who are struggling with any extra accumulation of water within the body, which leads to swelling, because of long-term renal failure. It reduces those people by eliminating additional water through the body through urination. It may also help in slimming down, decreasing blood pressure level, as well as eliminating toxins just like uric acid from the body.

15. Digestive Problems

Catnip essential oil has got carminative qualities, that essentially implies that it can benefit reduce any kind of build-up of gas within the intestines. An excessive amount of gas can be quite painful and may result in very unpleasant symptoms like acute stomach pain and also chest pains. Catnip essential oil is considered to be an ideal way to help ease gas as well as deal with any complications naturally.Because of its stomachic qualities, catnip essential oil is additionally considered to be an all-natural method to keep the digestive system in full working order. It is stated to be able to deal with numerous stomach issues like ulcers and make sure the proper balance of acids as well as gastric juices within the stomach.

16. Stimulant

It is a well-known stimulant. It not just encourages humans, yet cats too. Catnip oil can encourage all of the functions or systems which operate in the body, like the nervous, brain, digestive, circulatory, and excretory systems.

17. Reduces Weight

Catnip oil helps with detoxification. Lower the toxins, better is definitely the metabolism. Enhanced metabolism boosts rate of fat burning as well as helps with weight loss.

18. Astringent

Catnip oil has got astringent qualities. It tightens loosened skin, muscles, as well as gums. It may avoid the loosening of teeth as well as teeth loss for a long period if utilized regularly.

19. Sedative

Catnip essential oil has got remarkable sedative qualities. It is extremely efficient at treating insomnia, tension, as well as anxiety. Generally, it calms both mind and body.

20. Insect repellant

Catnip oil isn’t just great at treating the body and also the mind; it may also be diffused in and around the home to eliminate mosquitos along with other bugs. There as actually been a fair bit of scientific research into catnip’s effectiveness in repelling insects and it’s also utilized as a component in many commercial pesticides and insect repellants. If you don’t have a diffuser, you may make your very own mosquito spray with the addition of a few drops of catnip oil into a spray bottle of water. In case you add sandalwood oil on the mix, you may get more desirable results.

History of Catnip Essential Oil

Catnip essential oil originates from the catnip plant, having a botanical name of Nepeta cataria, of the Lamiaceae (mint) family. This particular plant is native to the Middle East, central Asia, southern and eastern Europe, and China. It’s been introduced and have become naturalized in other parts of the world, like North America, New Zealand, as well as in northern Europe.

Catnip is really a short-lived herbaceous plant that may grow to roughly 20-39 inches tall as well as spread, along with brown-green foliage and triangular, coarse-toothed leaves. In late spring through autumn, small, fragrant flowers bloom, that are a fragile white as well as perfectly spotted along with pink or even light purple. Also known as catmint or even catswort, the plant got its name due to its connection to cats. Cats simply love the plant’s aroma because it stimulates them. Its essential oil also offers exactly the same effect, and that’s why you can use it on them just as one herbal remedy.

The plant and its particular essential oil have already been utilized in herbal medicine for centuries. The plant’s leaves are traditionally brewed and drank as a tea, or even included with dishes for the minty taste. They’re also made into an “herbal” cigarette as well as smoked since it offers a relaxing effect. Together with the introduction of pharmaceutical or even synthetic drugs, its utilize has decreased, yet are still being noticed. In herbal medicine along with other alternative healing methods, the herb and its particular essential oil is still quite definitely valued as well as widely-used. In aromatherapy, catnip essential oil is actually a preferred of many because of its calming effects once diffused. Additionally it is thoroughly utilized to increase skin and over-all health.

Extraction of Catnip Essential Oil

Catnip essential oil is obtained from the aerial parts of the Nepeta cataria by way of steam distillation. The oil produced is either a pale yellow or even orange in color. It features a moderate consistency, as well as releases a medium strength aroma which is herbaceous, fresh, as well as floral having a subdued mint.


  • Make certain that you dilute catnip essential oil before you apply it straight to the skin. If you wish to create a massage blend, then dilute it within the suitable quantity together with your choice of carrier oil.
  • Pregnant as well as breastfeeding women must always err on the side of caution just before using any essential oils as not enough is understood relating to its effect on the fetus or even young children. Additionally there is some concern which catnip can stimulate the uterus which might lead to miscarriage.
  • Catnip essential oil can encourage menstruation therefore women along with pelvic inflammatory disease should stay away from it. It may also make menstruation heavier and for that reason worsen currently heavy menstruation.
  • Because catnip has diuretic effects, all those already using diuretic medicines need to consult their doctor just before utilizing catnip essential oil.
  • Because of the sedative effects, it shouldn’t be utilised by those already on sedative medication since it can boost the sedative effects.
  • Catnip may have a detrimental interaction along with lithium by altering the manner in which the body eliminates lithium and therefore boosting the quantity of lithium left within the body.





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