6 Benefits Of Using An Enema Bag Kit

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Constipation is a common stomach disorder for people of all ages. Studies indicate that about 27% of the world population suffer from this condition. A good number of this group manage by changing their diet or general lifestyle. Some prefer to deal with their bowel problem by adding exercises to their daily routine, taking a lot of fiber, and staying hydrated.

Sometimes a change of lifestyle may not be effective in managing constipation, though. You may need to visit a doctor for medication and other treatments that can help control constipation. These treatments can be in the form of stool softeners, suppositories, laxatives, and enemas.  Enemas are the most commonly used treatment for constipation.

This article explains all that you need to know about enemas, including an enema bag kit, how to use it safely, the benefits of having one, and much more. You can also click this link https://coffeeandwaterenemabagkit.com/ to get more information.

What is An Enema?

An enema is a rectal injection of fluid to help clean your bowel. It’s a liquid treatment used to manage severe constipation. Administration of an enema enables you to push the stool out of the rectum, especially when you can’t do it independently. Apart from treating constipation, enemas have been used for many decades to prepare patients for surgeries.

What’s an Enema Bag Kit?

A qualified doctor can conduct the administration of enemas, or you can do it by yourself at home. An enema bag kit is a container or a bag that holds the enema solution, cleansing solution, and a tube to help insert the solution into the anus.

What are The Benefits of Using an Enema Bag Kit?

One good thing about enema is that it’s a safe process, and anyone can perform it from the comfort of their homes. Apart from helping you deal with constipation, here are other benefits you’ll experience when using an enema bag kit.

1. Reduces the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

The liver processes waste matter out of the body. If these matters aren’t removed from the body, they accumulate, leading to abnormal cell growth in the colon or colorectal cancer. Enema in the colon is a powerful remedy for these harmful matters before they can damage your body.

2. Boosts Energy, Improves Blood Circulation, and Help Manage Insomnia

When your body releases waste materials, less energy is required to force the stool out of the stomach, which improves blood circulation in the body, allowing you to have good sleeping patterns.

3. Improves Focus

When there are many harmful products in your colon, your body may not get the nutrients required to function well. Cleaning the colon will allow your body to effectively absorb the nutrients from the meals you eat, resulting in better concentration and focus.

4. Improves Fertility

Waste products may exert pressure on the uterus and other surrounding reproductive organs. Large amounts of fats in the body can lower the chances of a woman from conceiving.  Using an enema can help remove excess fats in the body, allowing a woman to get pregnant.

5. Clears the Skin

One of the primary functions of the skin is to remove waste products from the body. Skin works closely together with the liver and the kidneys to eliminate wastes. If there’s a lot of waste in your body, you’ll find surface eruptions on your skin, which is a sign of harmful body matters.

Doing a colon enema reduces the pressure placed on the skin, liver, and kidneys in eliminating toxins from the body. With waste products being eliminated through the right process, it’s most likely that your skin will clear up.

6. Allow for Fast Weight Loss

A human colon can hold up to eight meals before the digestion process can start. When you clean your colon using an enema, the waste products in your body are pushed out, allowing the metabolism process to begin. That helps the body to reduce toxins, thus allowing for a quick and easy weight loss.

 What to Consider When Buying an Enema Kit?

There are several types of enema kits in the market.  So, it’s vital to choose one from a reliable brand and consider the materials used. Some products are single-use and disposable, while others are reusable.

Find out which materials you’re allergic to, and go for a kit that’s compatible with your body. Also, it’s important to choose an enema kit that has a release valve to help you regulate the flow of enema solution into your body.

Vinyl can be a good example of a disposable enema kit because you can easily squeeze it.  Even when you’re unable to squeeze, it can work well with the help of gravity.  On the other hand, most reusable kits are made of harder materials, which can cause discomfort. So, go for a kit that’s made of soft, durable material.

How to Do an Enema?

Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the enema kit. And if you’ve any doubt, consult your medical physician for clarification.

Though every enema kit is different, they all suggest the following general guidelines for the administration of enema.

  • First, fill your enema bag kit with the mix of the solutions provided. Then hang it somewhere above you.
  • Lubricate the nozzles and the tubes to ensure the tube’s insertion into your body is easy and comfortable.
  • Place a blanket on the floor and lie on it. Make sure your knees are under your chest and abdomen.
  • Slowly, insert about 4 inches of the tube into your rectum.
  • Allow the enema solution to flow into your body slowly, or squeeze the enema bag.
  • After the solution has fully entered into your body, remove the tube and dispose of it.

Final Thought

Please consult a professional doctor about safe enema treatment before you try it by yourself. Using substandard, dirty, and unsafe kits can cause bacterial infections in your body.  Moreover, improper administration of the enema solution can be harmful to your anus and rectum.

Be cautious when performing an enema by yourself. Ensure the enema kit is safe and its components are well sterilized. Although you may feel uncomfortable at first, enemas are generally safe.




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