6 Essentials for boosting your immune system

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During some periods of life, it seems like we can’t get on our feet because we keep getting sick. One illness over another drains our strength and makes us feel devastated. We miss work, and we lack the energy to see friends and have fun.

Most people will accept the reality and wait for the tough period to go away. Smart ones will look into why this is happening to them and try to locate the problem. If you don’t solve the issue, you may keep getting sick for months.

In this article, we explain the main reasons you might have your immune system down and why you may be getting sick so often. Read on if you want to know the most common causes and how to end the illness cycle.

1. Mind your diet and eat healthy foods

They say you are what you eat, which is entirely true for your immune system. Unhealthy processed foods are destroying your gut, and your immune system will feel the effects of your negligence.

Choose a better and healthier diet. Help your body process the food easily, and you’ll see how your entire system works like a Swiss clock. Drink a lot of water too. This will help you flush toxins and build a healthy cycle of actions that prevent viruses and bacteria from staying in your body.

2. Work out at least a couple of times per week

Exercise is key to having a healthy body, and if you manage to build a healthy body, your immune system will play along. You don’t have to become a pro bodybuilder; it is enough to jog or have some other physical activity a couple of times per week.

Having physical activity helps your body in the process of building muscles, which burns fats and toxins in your body, and with it, builds your immunity. The more you exercise, the higher the capacity of your lungs, and breathing more oxygen means having all organs work with their maximum capacity.

3. Take your daily immunity booster

Letting science do its job is also a wise move. If you feel like you’re getting the cold, jump into action immediately and take some of the many immunity boosters on the market. If you don’t know where to look, just check Mr. Vitamin’s immune booster options, and find what you need.

These boosters make up for the loss in your body of particular vitamins. Your immune system needs many substances to work perfectly, and some of the essentials are vitamins, like Vitamine C, D, K, and so on. These immune boosters have everything your immune system might be lacking, and there are no side effects from including them in your diet.

4. Avoid stress as more as possible

Around 77% of people claim that stress affects their physical health. Another 73% reported it messes with their mental health, but as you know, these things are connected. You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind, and vice versa.

Stress is destroying your immune system, too. This is when viruses, bacteria, and other illnesses will become unstoppable. Extreme stress can be the reason for your immune system to work slowly or fail you completely. Recovering will not be easy, so it’s wiser to find a way and avoid stress as much as possible.

5. Sleep more

Sleep regenerates your entire body and mind. It’s like a defragmenting process or a restart of your entire system; it quickly helps your immune system battle off intruders. Lack of sleep raises cortisol levels, which is the main reason for stress, and we already talked about that.

You want a perfect eight-hour sleep per day. People who reported sleeping less than six hours had a four times higher chance of catching a cold. It clearly shows that going to bed earlier and waking up without an alarm decreases the chance of getting sick.

6. Regularly wash your hands and shower

Last but definitely not least, wash regularly. A virus poses no threat to you when it’s on your skin but will attack once inside. You’ll want to take out all possible viruses stuck to your skin, waiting for a chance to get inside through the mouth, nose, or eyes.

If you wash your hands and shower regularly, you help your immune system by not letting attackers get to it. You’ll wash down infectious particles off yourself and prevent getting a disease.


As you can see, there’s no need to do anything special, just practice a healthy life. A healthy diet, exercise, vitamin intake, avoiding stress, and maintaining hygiene will significantly increase immunity, and you’ll easily handle all incoming threats. These are the essentials when it comes to protecting yourself and raising the strength of your immune system.




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