Facts about weight loss and supplements used for it

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Over 70 million people in the US are considered obese, and over 100 million are overweight. It’s no wonder supplements for weight loss are so popular in the US – everyone wants to be fit and feel beautiful, and obesity is not the general idea for being one.

Many will opt for weight loss supplements thinking that these are some magical pills or powders. We’re here to break the myths about weight loss supplements and highlight their pros and cons through facts. If you want to know some of the most notable facts about weight loss in general and the most popular weight loss supplements on the market, follow up and learn more about this.

Weight loss supplements mean nothing without building muscle

Taking weight loss supplements without working out means nothing. Most of these supplements were developed to enhance body work and metabolism, but if you’re not physically active, they will simply not do the job they were created for.

Although there are many different weight loss supplements out there, most of them focus on two things: induce your body’s metabolism and speed up the muscle-building process. Both are essential in body loss, so you’ll also need to hit the gym if you want to lose weight using supplements.

Weight loss supplements do have side effects

No matter what anyone says or writes on the internet, supplements you’re using for losing weight do have side effects. If this sounds outrageous to you, stop and think about what the most common foods you’re eating also do to your body.

For example, cheese is so tasty, and we consume it every day, but it’s one of those foods that will increase your blood pressure, create fat, and risk a heart attack. Of course, one slice of it won’t do much, but constant intake increases the chance. It’s the same with weight loss supplements; they have side effects, just like anything else. They won’t harm you in one dose, but constant intake increases the chance for harm.

There are many products on the market that are false

Trust only those who have proven to provide products that work. For example, products that claim to help you lose weight by simply drinking a cup of tea with their ingredients and doing nothing else are false. It’s so obvious – these substances can’t do magic.

On the other hand, supplements advertised as weight loss supplements, but you’ll also need to do some additional work, are obviously not fake. If they wanted to lie to you just to sell some stuff, they wouldn’t tell you that you need to sweat in the gym for the results. Be safe from false products and do your research before buying something.

Many substances help with weight loss

There are so many natural ingredients that will help you lose weight and speed up your metabolism. Some of the most notable are vitamin D, caffeine, green tea, protein, probiotics, calcium, creatine, fiber, and others. All these ingredients are helpful for your body.

They help by inducing the work of your entire system. Some of them are great for flushing toxins built up over time, while others are great for helping your muscles grow and be strong. A simple sunbathing for a few minutes builds the levels of vitamin D. Scientists prove that higher levels of this vitamin help your metabolism, which is essential for weight loss.

Men tend to lose weight faster

An essential part of losing weight is building muscle. Naturally, men have more muscles and are physically stronger, which leads to faster burning of calories and faster losing weight. This may be why your husband loses weight faster than you while you’re taking the same diet and using the same exercises.

Genetics often prevent your weight loss attempts

In some cases, it seems impossible to lose weight. No matter what you do, you only manage to cut a few pounds, and that’s it. The reason behind this may be genetic. Some people inherit poor metabolism or an inability of their bodies to process some of the substances that help with weight loss.

Additionally, you may be struggling with conditions and diseases that prevent your efforts. For example, a Hashimoto’s condition will quickly make you obese if you’re not paying attention to what you eat. If you want to become fit, you’ll first need to handle the condition and only then focus on exercise and supplements.


These six facts show you what the secrets behind weight loss are. We explained why you might find it tough to lose weight, what lies behind your attempts, and whether weight loss supplements may help or not. Scientists and researchers work around the clock to find the best ways and practices and these facts are essential for us in our efforts to stay healthy.




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