6 Home Exercise Equipment For Beginners

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If you are willing to start your exercise journey at home, you must first invest in a few important pieces of equipment. Now that so many options are available in the market, identifying the ones that are worth it can be extremely overwhelming.

Further, if you invest in an unproductive tool, you can lose money and time. So, to help you make a decision, we have selected 6 top exercise equipment choices for your home.

1. Mat

Mats are an essential item for workouts. The cushioning helps your body to maintain balance while doing exercises. You can use this for stretching, yoga, and floor-based workouts. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while shopping for a mat. I am mentioning them in the below pointers.

The mat’s thickness: Various types of mats are available in the market. You need to choose a suitable one as per your need. Normally the thickness of a yoga mat measures around 0.125inch. It is used for doing multiple yoga postures. A fitness mat will be the best option if you are considering doing sit-ups. The thickness of this kind of mat is 0.5 inches to give you comfort while performing these exercises.

Size of the mat: A large mat with extra space coverage is a great option for home usage. It will provide you with enough space to move freely.

Material of the mat: Ideally, you will find two types of mats: Vinyl and rubber. Vinyl mats are comfortable for exercises and also durable, while rubber mats are eco-friendly, but the comfort level is not the same as Vinyl.

The mat’s texture: It is important because it determines the traction level of the mat. A mat with a good grip will prevent you from slipping and allow you to hold positions.

You will find all kinds of mats on Lifespan Fitness with a warranty at a reasonable price. So, if you’ve just started your shopping, explore them.

2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a fantastic workout tool to upgrade your exercise journey. You can use it for pull-ups, chin-ups, deadlifts, or intensified movements like air squats. In addition, resistance bands help focus on small muscle groups and improve their strength and metabolism.

3. Jump Rope

Jumping Rope increases your cardiovascular endurance. It means your heart rate will reach a level where it will benefit your heart muscles.

Not only that, but jump rope will also maximize the usage of oxygen levels during intense workouts. This will make you more energetic and allow you to perform for a long time. Further, practicing jumping rope regularly also improves your coordination and bone density.

4. Workout bench

Workout benches contribute a lot of positive attributes to your fitness. They are often foldable so you can use them as a chair or a bench. The bench will help you do full-body workouts like inclines, declines, abs, muscles with weight plates, and dumbbells.

While doing intense exercises, you don’t need to worry about the bench as they are strong enough to hold a good amount of weight. However, to seek effective results, do some stretching and warm-ups before using it.

5. Kettlebell weights set

The main aspects of fitness are strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance training. Kettlebell helps you to achieve all of them. According to a study, exercising through a kettlebell can burn 20 calories per minute.  

If you include it in your daily exercises, it can help build your hip muscles. This is extremely helpful for athletes.

6. Treadmill

Without a treadmill, your daily exercise will never be complete. A 30-minute brisk walk on the treadmill can help you avail of benefits you have never thought of. But make sure you do your research before buying one.

If you can’t spare a lot of space, you can also explore compact treadmills. They’re foldable and occupy minimum storage space.

7.  Adjustable dumbbells

Gone are the days when you needed different pairs of dumbbells for different weights. Today, just like everything else, even dumbbells are getting compact. Adjustable dumbbells are a single pair of dumbbells with adjustable weights; all you need to do is select the weight accordingly before lifting the dumbbell from its rack.

Confused? Let me be more precise. So these dumbbells come with different weighted plates fixed on a rack; you can select the desired weight with the help of a liver, dial, or a pin. The weight you set will be lifted, and the rest will remain intact in the rack.

These dumbbells won’t occupy much space in your home and are very convenient. In addition, dumbbells come in handy in various exercises like arm curls, dumbbell presses, tricep extensions, and many more. So having these at your home gym is a must.

8. Pull up bar

Pull ups and chin ups are a very important and popular exercise known by all; whether a professional bodybuilder, an athlete, or even a newbie, pull ups and chin ups are recommended to all. So if you are about to start your fitness, you shouldn’t miss this particular exercise.

You don’t need much equipment to perform this exercise, just someplace where you can hang using your hands. But it is not always favorable and sometimes can be dangerous and lead to an injury. So it is recommended to have a dedicated pull-up bar fixed at an appropriate location where you can perform the exercise safely.

You can find various pull up bars online, like a single rod, which can be fixed between a doorway or a wall-mounted pull with different grips.

Good quality and multiple grip pull-up bars are always recommended as it allows you to hit different areas of the back, biceps, and other body parts.

Over to you…

There’s a common misconception among gym enthusiasts that only big homes can afford to store equipment at home. In today’s world, nothing can be more wrong. With so much variety in the market, there’s something for everyone.




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