6 Ways to Increase Your Athletic Performance

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If you are a professional athlete or looking to become one, increasing your athletic excellence is a topic that might continuously inhabit your thoughts. Mere body stamina or a lot of exercises is not just all that you need to become a successful athlete. It isn’t just about having the longest jump or the best shot in a game but more about your collective individual performance and how it unfolds during a match. Some athlete finds a mentor to assist and guide them in developing their full potential. That is what Sport Science Insider, offers not just for athletes, it can also help even students that want to be an athlete. 

Thanks to technology and all the latest research in the field of external factors that help up an athlete’s athletic performance, excellence in your chosen sport is not that far away as you previously thought. While proper diet and fueling still remains one of the most effective yet primitive ways to increase your performance, science brings you the latest supplements, athletic practices, and strategies that will change your results for the better.

So, keep reading to find the six best ways to increase your athletic performance:-

Assorted set of workouts

Athleticism isn’t just about being the strongest or the fastest in a room but how your muscles respond to your game or how quickly your body reacts on the field. Having a group of functional exercises, hence, not only builds your stamina for a tough game but stimulates your specific set of muscles that you usually use in your sport.

Hence, your muscles learn how to react in motions that are common to your game and eventually help you stay safe from injuries, spasms, and any other factor that might adversely affect your sports performance.

You can also focus on drills and an assortment of exercises that do not directly stimulate the muscles you will be using the most but condition them. A varied workout helps bring your body out of workout monotony and muscle memory. Thus, you build up your performance as your body is stimulated from varying angles every once in a while.

Turkesterone supplements

If you regularly keep tabs on all the modern health supplements, you surely must have heard about turkesterone and its astonishing results in muscle mass building and especially in athleticism. The ecdysteroid is much similar to testosterone in matters of mass growth but comes with an added benefit of not inducing side effects commonly seen after taking testosterone.

Turkesterone does work in ways similar to any other anabolic hormone but does not bind with androgen receptors. So, when you use Turkesterone supplements, you get increased muscle growth, improved muscle repair, and muscle protein synthesis. The results are much more pronounced during athletic workouts and game time itself.

Turkesterone supplements from Bestpricenutrition come paired with other improving hormones like Halodrol, Superdrol, and Dianabol, which simply aids in getting actively enhanced athletic performance.

Exercise your brain

Various sports are a combination of quick thinking and apt bodily response. Whether it be soccer, basketball, or hockey, your athletic performance can increase manifold if your brain is conditioned to make quick decisions. Hence, apart from nurturing your body to be strong and exercised enough, your brain needs to be in shape, too.

Mental exercises as simple as puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, and chess can help you get better control of your thinking. You can also use mental and visual stimulants and cognitive exercises to help impact your quick thinking abilities, brain-muscle coordination, and visual enhancement. So, a seemingly small game can help you take swift, game-coarse changing decisions while in the arena.

If you tend to have a sensory overload before a game or get highly anxious despite your high preparations, meditation and thoughtfulness can help alter your game performance, too.

Hydration and proper fluid intake

Hydration and proper fluid intake help stabilize your physiological reactions, whether in the gym or field. Not being hydrated simply robs you of energy, making you feel tired, even leading to injury. Being overhydrated decreases salt concentration in the body and is an easy way to go into a coma, especially when you are physically exerting yourself.

Hence, the adequate amount of water intake during your exercises should be 20 to 40 ounces per hour. So, this simply means that you should not be drinking a gallon of water prior to your workout and not even drinking less than this.

Dehydration while performing and if under the sun can lead to a serious heatstroke. In contrast, overhydration can lead to bloating and nausea which does not translate to excellent performance.

Body fueling

What you put into your body reflects through your game. If you are not already on a strictly maintained diet, look into going healthy and cutting down unhealthy sugar or calorie intake. Now, healthy doesn’t necessarily mean tasteless. A well-curated diet with a healthy supply of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats can do wonders for your performance and appetite. Using an appetite enhancer won’t just help you improve your appetite but can also help you with muscle building, driving better eating habits and supporting healthy weight gain.

Do not eat simple sugars, especially before workouts or playtime, as it will lead to an energy peak but only for so long. A complex carbohydrate diet will steadily release energy into your body, providing you strength throughout the game. Hence, keep your cal intake somewhere between 200-300 cal/hr.

Do add soy protein, electrolyte replenishers, and liquid fuels into your diet.

Make recovery time a priority

Jumping from game to game is definitely not one of the ways to increase performance. Even if

you do refuel your body plenty and think you can go for another crazy-heavy workout, it’s important to remember that your body is not a machine.

It will take only so long for your muscles before they start getting riddled with spasms, painful contractions, lactic acid buildup, rapid heartbeat, and eventual muscle degradation. Your muscles experience small, little tears during each strenuous workout, and no recovery time can make them larger, leading to disasters.

So, recover your muscle energy during recovery periods by simply resting between heavy workout days. Hence, your body gets adapted to all the exercises you did and emerges a little bit stronger each time.

Increasing athletic performance can be tricky at first, especially if you are trying things for yourself. However, as you gradually employ these ways in your workout, the results will be far better than where you previously started.




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