7 Things To Cut Out Of Your Daily Routine To Make Your Skin Glimmer

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Who doesn’t want that glowing skin full of life? A shine on the face and happiness in the eyes. It’s nearly every person’s dream, particularly a woman’s. But nearly everyone suffers a loss in their skin glow due to a poor lifestyle that has become so widespread these days. However, if you suffer from this problem, you don’t need to feel downhearted. There are ways that can right the wrongs and make your skin glow afresh once more. But you have to cast aside these poor habits immediately.

1. Don’t be Unconcerned with Diet

You can’t be careless about what you put inside your body. While eating comfort food feels natural when you’re down, it can immensely speed up the aging process, taking away that glow with it. 

If you have a sweet tooth, you need to start indulging in moderation. Sugary diets and carbs will wash away your glow faster than you can imagine, so you need to avoid them at all costs. This will have a healthier impact on your body’s health as well, which will be evident through your glimmering skin. Instead, you need to focus more on fibers. Take green vegetables and fruits along with whole grains so there is no absence of antioxidants inside your body that can improve your skin by repairing damaged skin tissues. 

2. Avoid Excessive Caffeine Intake

If you’re starting with the stomach, you need to avoid coffee. It’s just another form of addiction that can only result in wrinkles and darkening of your skin. It isn’t wise to drink tons of cups of coffee while avoiding your water intake completely.

We know you love your coffee. It’s the only thing that gets you through your day, but here we have to make some hard decisions if you intend to have a shiny face. And the most significant thing you can do about it is shake off coffee. Supplement it instead with lots of water. If you have a huge addiction, start by reducing your intake to one cup a day. Drink lemon water, detox water, or refreshing smoothies instead.

3. Smoking Is Really Bad News 

You may have heard that “smoking kills”. This statement is true for your skin as well. The amount of nicotine you put in your body, risking your health, takes a toll on your appearance. Not only does it take away the skin’s glow but makes the skin lose its elasticity, appearing dull and old. 

It further obstructs proper blood flow leading to insufficiency of oxygen and other nutrients that are essential for your skin. Consequently, what smoking does is take away years of beauty from your skin, making it appear wrinklier, sagging, and dead before time. So to avoid compromising the glow quit smoking. You will definitely thank yourself later when you see your skin shining brightly in the mirror.

4. Stay Away From Alcohol

Like caffeine and smoking, alcohol is also deadly for the skin. In addition to dead and dry skin cells, alcohol consumption gives you wrinkles and under-eye marks, and puffiness. It takes away skin moisture which leads to multiple skin issues. Alcohol consumption makes it impossible for your skin to glow. If you really want to have a pure glow, you need to start cutting alcohol out of your diet simply because there is no other way. An occasional drink is fine but if you have alcohol every day, and in excess, you can expect dead skin and nothing else.

5. Do Not Dare Ignore Your Sunscreen

Sunscreen keeps your skin alive and young. The sun is always looming over your head, wherever you go. You will only end up in skin trouble if you don’t make handsome use of a 60 SPF sunblock regularly. Harmful sun rays not only speed up aging but are also responsible for diseases like skin cancer. These conditions and diseases are not to be taken lightly. Using sunscreen is not just about looking youthful and glowy for a long time, it keeps your skin protected from long-term harm. 

6. Do Not Pop Pimples

Pimples are a natural skin condition that may occur due to dehydration, infection, or simple acne. It does have multiple repercussions on the skin, however, it is a temporary condition that goes away with time.

The problem arises when you’re harsh with your skin by popping pimples. Not only does it scar your skin but can lead to further infections as it gives space for bacteria to get inside your pores. If you try to treat it with medication, it will only make your skin dry and, apparently, un-glowy. If you really want your skin to be lit in the moonlight, you have to give pimples time. They will go away in a short while. But if you try to make them go faster by popping them and applying harsh medications, you will only end up with dull skin. 

7. Going to Bed Without Washing Your Face

If you love putting your makeup on a daily basis, that’s completely fine. The problem arises when you go to bed without removing your makeup. Getting into bed with a layer of chemicals all over your face can never reward you with good skin. Instead, it will ruin your skin for good.

Similarly, if you aren’t washing or cleansing your face daily, what can you expect other than a loss of glow? The dirt accumulates on your skin, taking harmful toxins with it inside your pores. You can end up with acne, dehydrated skin, and a loss of youthful skin elasticity. So you must ensure your face is spick and span before you jump into bed. You can also use a face wash and night creams, and of course moisturizers—the holy grail if you want your skin moisturized properly. That will surely end half your skin problems.

You don’t have to get old before your time. You can keep that skin looking youthful every day if you keep all of the mentioned bad habits away from your daily routine. However, you need to stay motivated to keep it up. Start today and pay attention to what can damage your skin later on. Keep shining!




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