8 Tips On How To Shower the Right Way

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It feels easy to just shower right? Well believe it or not there are many ways to do it right. As important as it is to scrub and maintain your daily hygiene, showering correctly isn’t only an act of cleaning up properly. If you catch onto some interesting and simple tips, you’ll end up with better skin and hair in no time. Showers are more than just getting the excessive dirt and oil off your skin and hair.

That’s why to help you discover a proper cleansing and bathing routine, we’ve compiled the best tips you need to learn how to shower properly. So let’s dig in.

Setting The Optimum Temperature

It may seem like the water temperature you use depends on the weather but there is an optimum one. Neither too hot nor too cold! That’s right. The best option for both your hair and skin would be warm water. Many dermatologists recommend washing your skin with warm water since excessively hot water relieves your skin of its moisture. That’s why hot water will cause more dryness and get rid of your skin’s natural oils.

Use A Shower Water Filter

Shower water filters are important because they eliminate hard minerals like chlorine, magnesium, and calcium that are irritating to your skin. When hard water comes into contact with soap, it creates a thin film that leaves the skin dry and causes irritation. 

Hard water mineral leaves behind mineral deposits on hair that act as a barrier to conditioned and moisturized. As a result, the hair will be dry and brittle over time. As shower filter will remove the irritants present in hard water, it improves the condition of your skin and hair. 

Cleansing Sanitarily 

It’s just as crucial to use the right tools and items to cleanse your skin. Although using a single bar of soap can be shared, it is highly unhygienic to share a loofah. Loofahs can accumulate bacteria, dirt, and dead skin cells that can cause allergies and irritations. It is equally important still, to replace your loofahs monthly! However, if you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of a loofah but need alternative options, they work just as well. 

Correct Way to Wash Your Face

The soap bar you use may not necessarily adapt to your face. That’s why it’s better if you wash your face with a product that’s better suited for it. However, as with the skin on your body, the right temperature also matters when it comes to washing your face! When using the right product for your face, warm water is the best for washing. This is because using warm or lukewarm water opens up your pores thus allowing the product to infiltrate your skin. The right maneuver to follow up would be rinsing your face with cold water immediately to close those pores back up. If you’re looking into the do’s and don’ts of the correct way of washing your face recommended by professionals, we’ve got you.

Shampooing Properly

When it comes to washing your hair, it’s important to use an even amount of product. It’s crucial to work the product into areas that may be most oily like the nape of your neck. To make sure the product reaches the root of your hair and scalp, scrubbing for up to 60 seconds is recommended. Just like the main factor for washing your face right is warm water, it’s equally great for your hair too. Warm water aids your hair cuticles in opening up so the shampoo can enter your scalp. Similarly rinsing with cold water will close those cuticles so they don’t gather dust or dirt. However, before rinsing it all out, it’s necessary to massage the shampoo evenly in your hair to achieve clean and fresh strands of hair. 

Avoid Over Scrubbing Entirely

Exfoliating is a great way to remove dead skin cells and generate new ones. Like anything, excessive use of exfoliation and scrubbing is going to irritate your skin and cause rashes. Professionals recommend you to exfoliate up to twice a week only to not irritate the skin.Overdoing it when it comes to scrubbing and exfoliating is going to strip your skin of its natural moisture and oil and make it drier and duller.

Conditioning Your Hair the Right Way

Conditioning hair helps your locks look softer and shinier. Contrary to popular belief, keeping conditioner in your hair for a long time does not increase its effects. Conditioners are used to cover the surface of your hair and for protecting your cuticles. So it’s important that like shampoo, you use and spread this evenly over your hair. While spreading the conditioner, you’ll reach optimum results focusing on enveloping all strands and especially the ends of your hair.

Moisturise As Much As You Can

The most efficient way to retain your skin’s healthy and glowy look is to maintain the moisture in it. Dermatologists recommend using lotion as soon as you exit the shower. Lotion helps in locking the moisture in your damp skin thus effectively retaining it. If you have excessively dry skin, you can moisturize right before you shower as well to keep your skin hydrated. Although any good cream or lotion suited for your skin is good to go, those with excessively dry skin can use coconut oil. Another alternative is also the regular use of essential oils suited for your hair and skin.

Should You Take Shower More Than Twice a Day?

If you are someone that indulges in a lot of workouts or hectic professions, showering twice a day is therapeutic. However, as shocking as it may sound, you don’t need to shower twice daily. If done right, the first time does the trick. Showering more than two times causes your skin to dry up further as well. 

How Long Should You Take A Shower For?

On average showering shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. If you incorporate the tips listed above into your daily cleansing and showering routine, it would still take you an average of 15 minutes to shower. 

Wrap Up 

Showering done the right way isn’t a strenuous activity. The enlisted tricks and tips help your skin and hair to glow and shine thus perfecting your showering routine. The additional benefit you have here if you adhere to these beneficial tips is saving plenty of water and your time. The most important aspect is that you relax and take care of your skin.




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