6 Tips For A Spa Night: From Using An Essential Oil Shower Spray To Using A Face Mask

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Everyone deserves to have a relaxing night, especially when you’ve been too busy or stressed the whole day. While going for a trip to the spa sounds fabulous, you don’t need to go out of your home and spend a ton when you can have the relaxation that you need right inside.

There are plenty of ways to have a spa night at home where you can fully allow yourself to relax and have a fantastic night, allowing you to sleep peacefully. While the use of a natural shower spray can genuinely provide the calmness that you need, there’s more to it that you can do at home.

To allow yourself to have the best spa experience that you’ll surely do regularly, listed below are the tips on how to have a magical spa night like never before:

1. Provide A Spa Ambiance

To enable yourself to have the complete spa experience, you should provide yourself a spa ambiance to fully relax, even when you’re at home.

You could start by dimming your lights if you usually set them to bright white. You can also play Zen or other relaxing sounds, allowing you to embrace tranquility and peace. It’ll help if you could use your air diffuser to diffuse some essential oil that your local spa uses. In most cases, spas use lavender, chamomile, or bamboo scent as these can help provide proper relaxation for everyone.

If you’d like to have a complete spa experience, it’ll be a great idea if you could spread some candles around the room or bathroom to make you feel luxurious for an excellent treatment. The warm light a candle emits helps to provide a relaxing ambiance to the room that’ll surely make you calm and at peace.

2. Try Shower Sprays

If you don’t have enough space to have a bathtub installed in your bathroom, you can still have a relaxing spa night with the use of a shower spray.

Before you begin having a relaxing shower, you can use an essential oil shower spray and sprinkle it to your bathroom walls or showerhead. It should give you a soothing aroma as if you’re at a great spa place. Buy spa chemicals online for Hotels, Resorts and Home.

To allow yourself to thoroughly enjoy the shower spray, you might want to stay in the shower longer and play a relaxing tune inside. You could close your eyes for a while and allow yourself to enjoy the aroma and sound floating around your bathroom.

3. Use Epsom Bath Salts

One way you can fully relax during your spa night is by using Epsom bath salt as you take a relaxing bath or shower before you hit the hay.

Bath salts are popular in helping you to relieve your muscle pain and aching joints. It’s the perfect spa treatment if you’re experiencing any joint pains, especially when you just had an extensive workday which made you feel exhausted.

There are plenty of ways you can use bath salts for relaxation. You can add one to two cups of bath salts in your bath and let it dissolve before dipping in. You can soak in the tub for 12 to 20 minutes, depending on how relaxing it is for you.

Moreover, if you don’t have a bathtub at home, you can sprinkle some on the shower floor and continue to shower as usual. The aroma of the Epsom bath salts will float around the room, making you feel at ease and relaxed.

4. Use A Hair Mas

While you’re in the bathroom, you may want to maximize everything you can do by using a hair mask to allow your hair to be silky soft and luxurious.

With the busy day you usually have, you may not find the time to care for your body, especially your hair. During your spa night, use the time to your advantage and apply a good amount of hair mask and enable yourself to have a great hair day!

5. Exfoliate with Body and Lip Scrub

Apart from caring for your hair, you shouldn’t forget that your skin needs some TLC too! There are plenty of body scrubs that you can purchase in different stores, or you can create your own at home.

When using body scrubs, you should be careful not to intensely use coarse scrub as it can harm your skin. First, you should begin with the fine ground and gradually move until your skin is most comfortable.

As you scrub your body, not only that you’d be able to feel relaxed, but you can also cleanse your dead cells and dry and flaky skin away, allowing you to have great skin as you leave the shower. You’d enjoy your skin every time you touch it.

Apart from your body, you shouldn’t forget your lips as they could get dry too! Nothing feels better than having soft lips that have no evidence of dry skin. You can create your lip scrub at home by using ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen.

6. Indulge in Face Mask

A spa experience wouldn’t be complete without the face mask. After you take your relaxing shower, you may want to use a face mask to complete your skincare routine.

There are plenty of face masks you could choose from. You can have a sheet mask, mud mask, bubble mask, or peel of mask. With the various options that you could choose from, you can try and test each one on a different day and find out which one you’re most comfortable using for your skin.

After you remove your face mask, you’d feel rejuvenated and relaxed as you see great skin reflected through the mirror.


A spa night isn’t an ordinary event in your life. That’s why you need to ensure that you get the most out of it. Before you begin your spa night, always try your best to keep yourself away from your stress.

Enjoy the night and treat yourself to a relaxing bath that cares for your skin and your hair. You’d be sleeping like a baby once you’ve had the best night of your life.




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