A Rapid-Fire List of Habits That You Need to Break to Start Feeling Your Best

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Drink your water. Exercise. Eat a healthy diet.

We’re constantly hearing health advice from every angle. Everyone has their own opinions, but one thing we know is true: your health depends on your habits. Few things will harm you if you do them once or twice, but it’s your bad habits that will come back to bite you.

Chances are that you have unhealthy habits that are worse for you than you realize. If you do anything on this list of habits to break, now is the time to quit.

Biting Your Nails

It’s cringe-worthy in a social setting, but that’s far from the only reason to stop biting your nails.

When you bite your nails, it’s as if you’re licking everything your fingertips have touched. That includes doorknobs, handrails, and anything else you touch in a public space.

Fingernail shards can damage your stomach when you ingest them, and the biting can damage your front teeth too.

On top of all this, you’re exposing the delicate skin around your nails to infections. Try another habit that uses your mouth, like chewing gum.

Trusting Your Drinking Water

As important as it is to drink plenty of water every day, the type of water you drink matters.

Even city water can have contaminants that don’t come out in the city’s treatment process. A simple $20 filtering pitcher for your fridge could make all the difference in your health.

If you’ve been drinking unfiltered water, it could be a good idea to do a parasite cleanse too. Microbe Formulas shares the benefits of this process.

Drinking Soda

We all know regular soda is packed with more sugar than our bodies should ever take in. That’s why so many people have switched to diet sodas, but chances are that it’s made little difference in your health.

Even diet sodas can have negative side effects and increase your appetite, leading to overeating. Sodas will also damage your teeth, and they can lead you to drink more caffeine that you should each day.

Chances are that you don’t realize how many minor annoyances are coming from your soda habit. When you stop, you can expect to have less bloating and gas, not to mention a more consistent energy supply rather than surges and crashes.

Sitting Too Much

Sitting is a way of life in 2019. Many of us sit at work for eight hours or more. Then we come home and sit while we watch TV, work on paperwork, play video games, and more.

Get in the habit of getting up every hour for one minute or more. Something as simple as a stroll to the kitchen for a glass of water will get your circulation moving better.

If you have trouble remembering to stand up, use technology to your advantage. Set an alarm on your phone to go off every hour during your waking hours.

Your Own List of Habits

One of the problems with unhealthy habits is that we don’t always notice our habits. We do them every day without thinking about them and what they’re doing to our health.

Getting rid of the unhealthy habits above is a start. The next step is to make your own list of habits to improve and take steps every day to get on the right track.

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