Advantages and challenges of E-health technology

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Let me start by enlightening you with a mind-boggling fact. The global digital health market is estimated to reach nearly USD 639.4 by 2026. This thumping growth is truly applaudable and appreciable! You must be thinking the reason behind this huge boom? Well, the key phenomena responsible for this is none other than the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, you read it right! While the coronavirus wave has crippled the entire world, it has helped the e-health technology flourish immensely. So, in this article, you will be knowing a few advantages of e-health. Moreover, I will also be listing down some challenges that are commonly faced by the digital health industry.

Benefits of E-health Technology

If you want to know how you can benefit with e-health technology, read the below points.

  1. Online Medicine Ordering: The first and the foremost advantage of e-health can be the idea of online medicine ordering. You don’t have to walk down to your nearby chemist, wait in long queues and then make your purchase. With the help of e-pharmacies, you can choose the medicine you need, make online payment and get your order delivered right to your doorstep. With many e-pharmacies operating in the country, you have a plethora of options to choose from. You can get your medicines and other healthcare products delivered in no time using the marvelous and quick services of 1 MG. Not just this, you can also save big on your order with the help of  1 MG discount coupons and deals
  2. Time Saving: Imagine you are stepping out to buy medicine or see a doctor. You either walk down to the clinic or pharmacy or drive to reach your destination. Whatever it takes to reach the end place, you will be wasting a lot of time in commuting to and fro. What if we tell you, you can save this time and instead use it to do so of your productive work? Yes, E-health can help you out with this. All you need to do is, open your mobile phone, download the e-pharmacy app of your choice and get started with the purchases.
  3. Cost-effective: Have you ever seen somebody negotiating with a doctor or with a pharmacist? No right? You just have to pay the amount they quote and not expect any discount or offer. But, the best part of using a digital health platform is you can get countless deals and coupons online. Many e-pharmacy like mednow pharmacy stores have huge offers listed on their platform. They also have various offers if you make payment using a specific bank’s debit/credit card. On the other hand, you can get unbelievable deals and coupons from various couponing companies.
  4. Easy to access: E-health platforms are easy to access and very user-friendly. With the help of the search tab available on almost all platforms, you can just type in the product you want and find it in less than a few seconds. Not just this, with a simple navigation feature, you can also scroll throughout the page and get everything done with just a single click. The check-out and payment process of these platforms is also simplief and made hassle-free.
  5. Privacy: Many women till date feel hesitant to buy sanitary napkins from a pharmacy or general store. In order to get away with this very feeling, you can make use of e-pharmacies, select the brand and product you want and get it delivered to your house. Similarly, there are many such products which people don’t like asking for in front of other customers at the store. In such cases, e-health platforms can be their best companions.

Challenges of E-health Technology

  1. Shortage of clinical resources: The major challenge of e-health is shortage of clinical resources. Most of the clinical staff, health experts and doctors prefer working in an offline clinic due to lack of awareness about the online health segment. This will cause shortage of enough resources in the e-health vertical.
  2. Lack of internet: Another significant challenge that the industry faces is the issue of connectivity. With most of the remote places still not having a stable internet connection, it is not possible for everyone to make the perfect use of e-health. In case there is an internet issue in a developed city also, the entire e-health segment will be down.
  3. Data Security issues: With many security breaches coming our way, there is no guarantee that your data and personal details will be secured. From your name, number, email id to the kind of products and services you are availing, everything is at stake. Although the websites ensure end-to-end encryption and data safety, just one hack and all your information will be out there!
  4.  Humongous cost: Last but not the least is the cost! Cost is indeed of the major challenges faced by the e-health market. From building an online presence to hiring resources, the entire project needs heavy investment and maintenance cost.

Services offered by E-health Technology

E-health technology in simple words is extending various health facilities and services through online means. Now, to know what all services can come under this digital health segment, check out the below list.

  • Online laboratories
  • Online tests
  • Online pharmacies
  • Private insurers
  • Online doctor consulting


This brings us to the end of this article. Just like every other thing in this world, E-health also comes with both- advantages and disadvantages. With the growing digital era, we just can’t help but accept everything that’s going online, including the health sector. So, try to make the best use of benefits offered by e-health and just wait for the challenges to disappear. Till then, keep shopping online!




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