All you need to know about using massage gun during pregnancy

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For decades, pregnant women have employed massage guns to help them get through their pregnancy. Women can use one of these gadgets to massage away the discomfort and worry of pregnancy. While pregnant, the best method to have a massage is with an express instrument, such as a massage tool. In this post, you’ll discover how it works, why you need one, and what precautions you should take before putting it on your infant during a critical developmental stage.

What is a massage gun?

Massage Guns are portable handheld devices that vibrate or percuss at high rates to simulate conventional massage effects. They act well on the muscles, similar to massage treatment, to boost circulation, relieve pain, and promote general well-being.

While healthy people can use Massage Gun while pregnant without concern, women should exercise caution. Whether pregnant or not, you should purchase a high-quality massage gun to achieve the best outcomes. We’ve compiled our top selections for the best massage guns on the market so you can focus on the massage gun that’s right for you.

Are Massage Guns Safe to Use While Pregnant?

It is where the finer points come into play. use Massage Gun while pregnant safely, but you must know when and where to use them. Percussive massage is unadvisable during the first trimester of pregnancy to begin. Your baby is developing rapidly, making them more sensitive to miscarriage during this period. And the extra stress of conventional massage or utilizing your massage gun might raise the chance of delivery difficulties. That implies you should use your massage pistol safely throughout your second and third trimesters when worries concerning fetal growth are substantially fewer. First and foremost, safety!

Another prime component is the intensity of which use of the massage pistol. Most things are safe in moderation, but understanding how much is “overwhelming” might make the difference between safe and harmful therapy. As a result, you must conduct your research and understand best practices to improve your efficacy and security.

The Advantages of Pregnancy Massage:

During pregnancy, the body goes through several rather fundamental changes, including changes in posture, a significant influence of hormones, weight growth, breast expansion, increased blood and plasma volume, and organ alterations. As a result, the voyage can be unpleasant, and all pregnant women should expect some discomfort. Let’s look at some of the most prevalent pregnancy problems and how massage therapy may assist.

Circulation is improved:

Because the human body generates 50-60% more blood during pregnancy, circulation is critical. Fortunately, massage treatment can assist. Massage treatment makes it simpler for the body to process the increased blood volume. It guarantees enough venous return to the heart by encouraging blood return to the heart and improving blood flow to the uterus and placenta.

Improved Fetal Positioning:

The massage assists pregnant women in maintaining appropriate posture and dealing with the shifting alignment produced by the growing baby. As a result, massage can help mother and baby better cooperate and prepare holistically for a healthy and straightforward birth.

More comfort:

One of the most frequent pregnancy concerns is nerve pain, particularly sciatic nerve pain. Because the larger uterus puts pressure on the muscles in your lower back and pelvic floor, it can compress the sciatic nerve in your thigh, producing considerable pain and suffering. Massage therapy is, in fact, one of the only safe, natural, drug-free solutions for pain treatment, which is critical because using medication during pregnancy can be risky, and options for pregnant moms are few.

Where not to use a pregnant massage gun:

Legs and hips:

While a deep tissue massage on the lower extremities may appear safe, it is not because of the danger of blood clotting. Because of changes in hormone production and body proportions, many women are at an increased risk of forming blood clots during pregnancy. A deep tissue massage can help a blood clot break up and move to the heart or lungs.

The lower back:

Although it may be tempting to seek treatment for lower back discomfort because it is a frequent condition for many women during pregnancy, you should avoid the lower back because the strain on this area generates harmful vibrations around your growing baby.


It should go without saying that you should avoid this location since the direct contact force on your stomach can potentially hurt your developing kid.

When to Use a Massage Gun While Pregnant:

Shoulders and neck:

Physical changes and pregnancy-related stress can cause stiffness in the neck and shoulders, which frequently react nicely to a thorough massage. You might be interested in our detailed article on how to use a neck massage gun.

Upper Back:

Carrying additional weight on the stomach frequently causes postural alterations, putting more strain on the upper back. Because stress and discomfort often begin in the muscles, this region responds quite effectively to massage.


Regular activities like lifting and hauling or looking through that long list of emails may cause your arms to tense up during the day. A massage here may assist everything from your hands to your shoulders but avoid sensitive or bony regions.

Use extreme caution while using the massage gun directly on the spine. Because your upper and lower backs are inextricably linked, we recommend going no lower than the bottom of your shoulder blades to avoid vibrating your abdomen. Consult your doctor if you’re unsure how far you should go.

Massage Gun Directions:

While there are no particular professional recommendations for utilizing massage guns during pregnancy, there are a few things to keep in mind. Never, for example, use Massage Gun while pregnant directly on bones, nerves, or joints. You should also avoid using the device is damaged, inflamed, or painful areas. It’s also a good idea to avoid using a massage gun on your tummy when pregnant. Here are some further massage gun recommendations:

  • To begin, gently touch any uncomfortable or tight region for 10-15 seconds.
  • Perform three to five sweeps in one location before moving on to the next.
  • Avoid leaving the gun in one spot for too long since this can overload the muscle, causing bruising and inflammation.
  • Stop using the massage gun if you feel any unexpected pain or discomfort.


Massage can help ease symptoms such as worry, tension, pain, discomfort, stiffness, and poor circulation during pregnancy. Regular massage will help you sleep better and may even benefit your baby. Some circumstances in which use Massage Gun while pregnant is not advisable such as in the event of past diseases. Before attempting to use a massage gun, consult with your doctor.




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