9 Awesome Home Workouts to Keep Your Heart in Check

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Looking for the best exercises for heart health? Do these fun cardio exercises at home and you will quickly look and feel better than ever [9 workouts!]

Have you been stuck indoors lately? If you prefer to stay at home these days, consider adding daily home workouts to your routine.

We know, working out at home doesn’t like very much fun. But if you’re going to be inside for a while, you might as well get your heart rate up!

Exercising can keep your mind and body healthy. And when you’re working hard to keep up your immunity, cardio activity is vital.

Wait until you hear about nine of the best at-home workouts to try. Working out in your apartment may become one of your favorite pastimes after giving these a shot!

1. Jumping Rope

You may not want to jump rope if you’re on the top floor. The loud rhythmic thumping sound could make your neighbors mad.

If you have a balcony, take the jump roping out there. Or, wait until your neighbors have left for work. Timing is everything!

If you get a chance to jump rope, it may become a favorite athletic activity. This quick and fun workout is an excellent way to get your heart rate up!

2. Push-ups

Strengthen those arms with good old fashioned push-ups. We know they’re not the most enjoyable exercise. But, they will tighten your arms and make you healthier, too.

Build your way to getting in more and more push-ups. Start with 10-20 per day and progress from there. By then, you’ll seriously have some toned arms to show off!

If you’re feeling bold, use a chair to elevate your push-ups. Then you’ll be working those arms and other parts of your body as well!

3. Crunches

No workout is complete without doing some crunches. If you haven’t added them to your home workout routine, do that ASAP!

Keep in mind that if you have back problems, you should proceed with caution. It turns out that doing too many sit-ups or crunches can hurt your spine.

If your doctor says you’re in the clear to do crunches, consistently work on them. After a while, you’ll have nice abs to flaunt!

4. Squats

Feel the burn with some squats! This quick workout strengthens all sorts of muscles. It’s a whole-body workout that’s especially excellent for your legs.

Your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps will get stronger when you do squats. Over time, this exercise will improve your muscle mass and make you stronger.

If you don’t have a squat rack, don’t sweat it, though. Dumbbells will work fine.

All that matters is you’re making an effort to workout at home, and that’s amazing!

5. Alo Moves Fitness Classes

If you’re interested in an at-home fitness subscription, give one a try!

Alo Moves provides new yoga, meditation, and other fitness classes each week.

Are you up for some mindful movement? Then participating in yoga and meditation classes will be right up your alley.

You may think that yoga doesn’t burn calories, but that’s not true. Work hard to conquer those poses, and you’ll burn some calories and elevate your heart rate along the way!

6. High Knees

The next time you’re working out at home, try high knees.

High knees will strengthen your muscles while engaging your core. This high-intensity workout is also a great way to keep your heart in check.

It’s a quick and easy way to wake yourself up and get in the mood to do some cardio.

So stop whatever you’re working on and practice high knees right now! Come on; we know you want to try them!

7. P.Volve At-Home Body Workouts

Another fitness subscription to consider is P.Volve.

P.Volve focuses on high-intensity workouts that’ll no doubt get your heart rate up!

If you’re worried about straining select muscle groups or joints, P.Volve should help.

It’s a low-intensity workout that still allows you to elevate your heart rate. And if you’re concerned about aggravating an injury, low impact exercises are best. (Although, if you’re ever in doubt, check with your doctor first.)

8. Just Dance

Dancing is one of the funnest ways to elevate your heart rate, and it’s free!

Start a dance party with your favorite music playlist. Dancing is a perfect way to have some fun and get a workout in too.

Have twice the fun by dancing with a friend. You can practice a specific dance like salsa, or do your own thing.

But remember, be respectful of your neighbors. Otherwise, you won’t have very many friends when your dance parties are through.

9. Core de Force 30-day Program

If you’ve tried all these workouts and are anxious to try something unique, then you’ll love Core de Force.

This 30-day cardio program offers fun classes such as kickboxing, karate, and Muay Thai. Talk about a thrilling way to get your heart rate up!

People love this class because it can help melt away fat. If you’re trying to lose some weight, this fat burner should help big time.

To tap into your inner Mr. Miyagi, give this program a shot! You’re bound to experience results if you work hard enough!

In Conclusion

Even if working out at home sounds boring at first, you can spice things up by trying different exercises.

There are plenty of online programs these days. Now it’s easy to be a part of a fitness class without being there in person.

Plus, quick workouts like squats and crunches can get your heart rate up and tone your muscles.

Design a personal  routine that works best for you, but don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You’ll never get bored with these nine awesome home workouts that keep your heart in check!

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