Ayurvedic Treatment for Prostate Enlargement

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The prostate is a vital organ that is a part of the male reproductive system. It resembles the size of a walnut and lies around the urinal discharge tube or the urethra. Semen is the liquid that forms a medium for the flow of sperm and also protects and nourishes it during the time of ejaculation. Now, the prostate executes the pivotal job of supplying more seminal fluid to the semen. Therefore, if at any point in time, you start facing abnormal symptoms associated with urination, you should seek ayurvedic treatment for prostate enlargement from Nirogam Ayurveda.

The Prostate gland in a male reproductive system starts developing when the person enters his teenage and stops once that phase ends. It resumes back when he is 24-25 years and that continues lifelong. 

If at any point in time you notice that there is a problem that you are facing during the time of urination, you must seek medical attention. It might be the case of  Benign Prostate Hyperplasia or BPH. If the problem persists, it may lead to the clamping down of the urethra. As a result, there will be a restriction in the proper flow of urine that flows through the bladder. Such dysfunction may lead to major problems further. for example, you may suffer from-

  • Urgency to urinate
  • Hesitancy, i.e. the trouble in starting a urine stream
  • Frequent urination & incomplete evacuation

However, there is a proper ayurvedic treatment for prostate enlargement that can help you heal in a natural & safer way compared to taking allopathic treatment.

Symptoms Of Prostate Enlargement or BPH

Known as prostate enlargement, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a general syndrome that is mainly experienced by ageing men. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia can give rise to several urinary issues. The major issue that people with BPH face is a typical blockage from the bladder to the final track while passing urine. Other major issues include bladder problems, UTIs and kidney failures.

Though there are several ways in which you can avail treatment for this disorder including therapies and surgeries. But ayurvedic treatment for prostate enlargement is still the best, since it does not affect your body in a negative way and you can expect permanent solutions in the best possible way. For the best advice, please visit a good Ayurveda Practitioner. He/she will analyze all your symptoms along with any other health issues and finally come up with the best way of treatment. 

The risk and symptoms of BPH both vary from one person to another. However, the symptoms worsen over time in any case. The following are the most common symptoms and signs of  Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.

  • Increase in the urge and frequency of urination
  • Inability to empty the bladder 
  • Nocturia or urinating more frequently at night.
  • Dribbling continuously at the end every time you release urine.
  • The inability to urinate at a stretch. It means that the flow is disrupted every time you try to release urine.
  • Finding it difficult to start urination.

The rarer symptoms include:

  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Blood during urination
  • Inability to urinate completely 

The most dangerous fact about  BPH is that you will not be able to determine the seriousness of the problem at once just by noticing the symptoms. A scan is required to understand prostate enlargement to progress with treatment. There are incidents in which men who have a significant increase in the size of the prostate have been diagnosed with minor symptoms. While on the other hand, men with a negligible increase in the size of the prostate suffer from major issues. Therefore, it is best that you do not make any guesses and rush to a doctor at the soonest.

What Are The Causes?

The prostate is a part of the section right below your bladder. There is a tube that helps urine to pass from the bladder to the penis called the Urethra. The same tube passes through the centre of the prostate gland. Therefore, when there is an abnormal prostate enlargement, there are problems during urination.

In the case of the majority of males, the prostate develops throughout their life. However, in some cases, the increase becomes abnormal leading to major urinary issues or blockage during urine flow. The most probable reason for such abnormal issues may include the change in sexual hormones with increasing age.

There are other causes that may lead to symptoms of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. We are going to list a few of them here. Go through the most common causes like – 

  • Prostate cancers or major bladder problems.
  • Prostatitis or Inflammatory sensation in the prostate gland.
  • Neurological problems around the bladder and the prostate gland.
  • Urethral Stricture or the condition in which the urethra contracts and there is a problem in urinating.
  • Stones in the kidney or bladder
  • Scarring problems due to any previous surgeries

The Most Common Risk Factors For Prostate Enlargement Are-

  • Ageing

Ageing is a vital issue and a sign of BPH is hardly found in men below the age of 40. Out of the total, about 1/3rd of the men experience issues between the age of 40-60. For the rest, they face it after 60 years of age.

  • Family medical history

If you know of someone in your bloodline who has a prostate history including your father or forefathers, you are more liable to it. It is unfortunate, but BPH is genetic in some cases.

  • Heart problems and diabetes

Suffering from heart problems, diabetes and the use of beta-blockers can be major reasons for prostate enlargement.

  • Lifestyle

A sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle may lead to problems such as Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.

What are the complications?

There are several side-effects of prostate enlargement and we are listing a few of them below. Check out and thus shift to a better lifestyle so that you do not have to face similar issues.

  • Urinary retention

Urinary retention means the inability to urinate completely every time you get the urge. To fix this situation many people opt for getting a catheter fixed inside the bladder, which will help to drain out the full amount of urine. Also, there are surgeries available to relieve you of the problem. But these procedures are painful & often come with a lot of risks & can affect the body in the wrong way. This is why, it is suggested that you should go for ayurvedic treatment for prostate enlargement, since it is the most natural way of healing & comes with zero risks & side effects. 

  • UTIs or Urinary Tract Infection

As a result of urinary retention, you may get affected by several infections, including UTIs. To get rid of the same you may take the help of professionals. The best way of treating this is by switching to Ayurveda and consuming Ayurvedic medicines, tonics and supplements. 

  • Stones in the bladder

Another result of urinary retention, bladder stones may give way to other major issues too. For example, it may lead to bladder infections, irritation, obstruction during urination or blood release at the time of urinating.

  • Bladder damage

Damage is the worst scenario in a BPH condition. When you are unable to empty your bladder at any time, it is evident that infections will occur. As a result, the walls of the bladder will weaken and they will not contract properly. Therefore, you will have major urinary issues.

  • Kidney damage

Further, bladder infections may spread and affect the kidneys. In another scenario, the pressure of urine release may have a direct impact on the kidneys and therefore damage them.

Natural remedies to get rid of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Prostate enlargement is sure a complicated issue but can be cured by natural remedies. You must know the ingredients that can help you get rid of such a major issue. 

Below are the natural remedies that may improve some BPH symptoms –

1.     African Pygeum or Plum Extract

Pygeum is an amazing ingredient and possesses several benefits.  It contains rich sources of fatty acids, sterols, and alcohols such as β-Sitosterol (beta-sitosterol). Such contents are anti-inflammatory and great anti-oxidants. They cause wonderful effects on all the urogenital organs including the bladders and the prostate gland. For example, burning and itching are major problems when you are suffering from Prostate Enlargement issues, and Pygeum solves that to a large extent. 

2.    Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is an extremely popular herbal supplement that you can use to get relief for BPH. There are studies that have come up with results that indicate that Saw Palmetto works wonders for BPH patients. The fact that this herb regulates the flow of testosterone, which results in a decrease in the size of the inner wall of the gland.

3.     ZSP or the Zi-Shen pills

The ZSP pills are made up of a mixture of three medicinal ingredients out of which the most important is, Chinese Cinnamon. This Medicine is made using ancient Chinese formula that dates back to the 13th century. Several types of research conducted on rats have shown positive results and decreased levels of BPH due to the application of the ZSP pills.

4.    Rye-Grass

Rye-Grass pollen is a terrific herbal ingredient that works very well in the case of BPH. It can reduce the major symptoms of BPH such as burning and inflammation. Also, there are popular brands under whose name Rye-Grass is sold. Usually, it is mixed in medicines that are sold by major pharmaceutical companies.

5.     Babassu

Also known as Orbignya Species, it is a type of native Brazilian Palm tree. The oil from these Babassu nuts is said to work very well to cure BPH symptoms. The other parts of the same nuts contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties too.

Foods That Help You To Cure Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Apart from the medicines mentioned above, there are common foods that are easily available You can even use such foods to find relief from BPH symptoms. Take a look at the following ingredients and make sure you incorporate them into your daily diet.

1.     Bell Peppers

Peppers are of various types and so the nutritional specifications differ too. Bell Peppers are arguably the best out of all. They are rich sources of Vitamin C in comparison to any other source, even oranges. Now, Vitamin C helps to reduce inflammation and swelling of the prostate. It is also proved that Vitamin C helps achieve proper urination.

2.    Tomatoes

Tomatoes get their red colour from a substance called Lycopene which is also a great antioxidant called Carotenoid. It helps to bring down and regulates Antigen levels in the blood. As a result, the inflammation in the prostate reduces. 

3.     Garlic

Garlic, leeks, and onions are all ingredients that are rich sources of an extremely useful substance known as Alliums. As we all know, Garlic is a super ingredient that helps in the treatment of immunity disorders or abnormal blood pressure levels. In this context, Garlic is said to cure major urinary infections and problems of prostate enlargement.

4.    Pumpkin Seeds

You will be happy to learn that pumpkin seeds are arguably the best source of zinc for men. The main fact is that 75% of all men who are suffering from prostate enlargement issues also suffer from zinc deficiency. Also, men lose natural zinc from their bodies every time there is seminal discharge. Therefore, the zinc requirement is more in men in comparison to women. Pumpkin seeds contain Carotenoids and Phytosterols. The latter reduces the signs of prostate enlargement while the former lowers the risk of BPH altogether. 

5.     Nuts

You already know that there is no better snack than a handful of healthy nuts.,  Brazilian nuts are the best sources of Selenium & Vitamin E and this makes it an anti-cancer ingredient. The Selenium content boosts testosterone and Vitamin C is good for the cell membranes. Altogether, nuts work great for prostate issues too.

You must also avoid foods such as excessive dairy products, red meat, and other saturated fats.

A Few Lifestyle Tips For Prostate Issues

The following are a few lifestyle tips for you to get rid of the symptoms of prostate enlargement.

  • Make sure that you try to urinate before you are leaving home. It will help you to avoid embarrassing situations of leakage elsewhere.
  • Go again and try to urinate even if you do not get that urge. It will help to drain out urine residue if any.
  • You must avoid any kind of liquid from at least two hours before you are going to bed. As a result, you can make sure that you are not going to bed with urine in the bladder.
  • Staying hydrated is highly important and you must drink at least 2 litres of water on a daily basis.
  • Maintain proper and balanced body weight.
  • Too much stress may be the reason for frequent urination and so keep that away.
  • Avoid any causes that would lead to dehydration.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Prostate Enlargement

Ayurveda is like the superhero of natural medicinal sciences. It uses nature’s gifts in a way that can heal us from several ailments. Therefore, ayurvedic treatment for prostate enlargement is something that you should know more about. Further, in this article, you will read about a few of the various ingredients that work wonders for prostate issues. The following is a list of a few herbs that you can use for prostate enlargement.

1.     Asphaltum or Shilajeet

Extracted from minerals and fossils, Shilajeet is an extremely useful substance that contains rich sources of organic and mineral constituents. A major function of this substance is to speed up healthy digestion and proper breaking down of food that you consume. On the other hand, Shilajeet is often used as a combination with other similar substances for other functions. Such functions include genitourinary infections, recovery indications, diabetes, stress-anxiety, prostate enlargement, stomach issues, and bronchial asthma. Overconsumption of Shilajit is harmful so, for the best results it must be taken is measured quantities only. The proper dosage is of a ½ teaspoon of Shilajit with warm milk during bedtime. There are other preparations of Shilajit that are useful too., Chandraprabha Vati is the most popular.  Shilajit especially works for prostate issues that are a result of the ‘Kapha vitiation’. 

2.    Ushira

Also known as Khus or Khas, it is a form of tufted, dense grass found mainly in the lower hills and plains of India and especially on the banks of the rivers. Khus grass is used for several purposes such as oral ulcers, prostate enlargement, fever, headaches, boils, burns, epilepsy and more. Ushira helps to cool down the body and thus regulate any pitta dosha. The ushira herb is also meant to treat issues of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia that is a result of Vata Vitiation. 

3.     Swet Chandan

The scientific term for Swet Chandan is the Santalum album and is found indigenously in South India. It belongs to the parasitic tree family and so the roots suck in nutrition from the neighbour plants and trees around. Apart from enlarged prostate issues, this herb works well for anxiety, depression, tension, anger, headaches and more. It is capable of freshening up your mind and body by eradicating physical issues that result mainly due to excessive alcohol.

4.    Gokshura

Also known as Small Caltrop or scientifically as Tribulus Terrestris, the herb mainly works to improve urination and also reduce inflammatory symptoms. It means the consumption of Gokshura supplements make urination burn free and itching free, thus helping in the symptoms of prostate enlargement.

5.     Lata Karanja

The scientific name for this herb is Caesalpinia bonducella and works similarly to Gokshura. It also helps to reduce inflammation and itching sensations. Therefore, it is associated with remedies to cure an enlarged prostate. 

Yoga For Relief From Prostate Enlargement

Strengthening your pelvic muscles with regular exercising is a good way to eradicate symptoms of prostate enlargement. To get rid of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, exercise helps in several ways such as-

  • Improved bowel control and bladder functions
  • Better quality of life and social confidence
  • Speedy recovery post prostate surgery
  • Increase in orgasm potential and sexual satisfaction

The following are a few yoga asanas that work best for prostate enlargement problems.

  1.  Virasana or the Hero Pose
  2. Baddha Konasana or the Cobbler Pose
  3. Janu Sirsasana or the Head—Knee Pose
  4. Supta Padangusthasana or Reclining toe Pose
  5. Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

Prostate enlargement is a common issue and finally, you know quite a lot about it. Also, always remember healing ailments in a natural way is always the best. Therefore, try the best Ayurvedic treatment for prostate enlargement for the most satisfactory results. 

Author Name: Dr. Greeshma Nair 
Author Bio:
Dr. Greeshma Nair, (B.A.M.S) is a Staunch believer that Ayurveda is not merely a science but lifestyle too. Her holistic approach towards diagnosis and treatment is based on the root cause of disease and gives you a three-dimensional solution to a condition that includes Ahaar (diet), Vihaar (lifestyle) and Aushadhi (medicines).




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