Benefits of carrying out the facelift procedure

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As people get older, the skin and tissues get to lose their elasticity naturally which generates to sagging and wrinkles. A facelift also known as a rhytidectomy is a process that lifts and makes the facial tissues tight. A facelift procedure can comprise of getting rid of extra skin, smoothen out any folds or wrinkles, and tighten facial tissue.

More often the facelift procedure does not include the brow or an eye lift as lots of attention is paid to the face and most often the neck. People get a facelift for many different reasons and they do have several benefits as well. Besides not everyone is supposed to do a facelift; thus who qualifies for it?

Good candidates for facelifts include:

  • It is ideal for healthy individuals who do not have any medical conditions that can disturb the healing process.
  • It is also good for people who not smoke or abuse other drug substances
  • People who have genuine expectations of what the surgery is all about

It is important to always read lots of information concerning the facelift procedure from to find out more details about the expectations of the facelift process.

Besides doctors will always talk to patients about their skin type after examining the patient though more information about this can be gotten from; this helps in determining the best and fastest healing method for the patient.

Benefits of a facelift

Tighten and Redefine your neck

As one age, the skin on the face always starts to sag, droop, and wrinkle. At times, the changes that come with the sagging or wrinkling make men or women feel older than they are. Most people always feel very uncomfortable in this state and tend to wear things that can cover up the skin to hide them. A simple and right facelift procedure can correct this issue and make the area tighter while redefining the neck.

Tighten up any sagging skin

As age comes, loose skin tends to develop. At a particular point, all anti-aging creams to tighten loose skin will no longer have any effect. A facelift will tighten the deep neck and every facial muscle making the removal of excess skin easy without necessarily pulling the skin strongly which will cause tension on the incision line. When this is done, the patient becomes smooth with a youthful look and a tight skin. There are even emerging treatments such as the morpheus8 which combines two clinically proven treatments; micro needling and radio frequency energy (heat) to maximise the promotion effect, explained Dr Victoria G who provides morpheus8 treatment in Hampshire.

Looking amazing without looking operated on

Apart from the fear of looking unrecognizable after undergoing a cosmetic surgery process – the facelift procedure when done properly does not make a lot of changes. There is the High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) which uses ultrasound energy to get rid of saggy and wrinkled skin. This process does not make any excess changes to skin as no one will be able to notice any changes unless they are told. This is because there is no form of scarring and the process gives an improved look. People will always feel like the person has developed a new healthy lifestyle and has simply become a younger version of themselves. 




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