Benefits of Rhinoplasty and Questions to Ask Your Surgeon.

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There are various plastic surgeries, but most of them are categorized under cosmetic surgery. This means plastic surgery can be used for cosmetic purposes. For example, getting a brazilin butt lift and breast implant augmentation are plastic surgery options that enhance confidence in people and help them feel better about themselves. That said, rhinoplasty is classified as plastic surgery, which can be either revision or cosmetic surgery. Corrective rhinoplasty Florida is regularly carried out by reputable plastic surgeons worldwide.

Rhinoplasty is also referred to as a nose job. At times it is taken as an irreversible procedure. However, if you are not happy with the results, you can have them revised. Do not expect a quick fix as the process is invasive and requires anesthesia and cutting. Your nose being at the center of your face is easily noticeable. If you need to do rhinoplasty for cosmetic or corrective purposes, it’s vital to get a qualified surgeon you trust with such a delicate procedure.

As you consult with various surgeons, here are some of the questions to ask:

Are you experienced in performing a rhinoplasty?

It’s important to remember not every surgeon can do a nose job. Every surgeon has a specialty, and it’s no different from those who perform plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Rhinoplasties are one of the most challenging surgeries done compared to others done on the entire body. In this case, choose a facial plastic surgeon with vast experience in the functions and cosmetic purposes of the nose. Their specialty is on the face, which requires extensive further education and training. This is achieved by continuing with studies after four years of training in medical school. They further go for residence for one year and four years doing neck and head surgery, also known as otolaryngology.

If you are having doubts, the legal, medical bodies in charge of doctors can clarify whether the doctor has the experience and specialized education for a rhinoplasty.

Where do you do your surgical procedures?

This question is as important as knowing your preferred surgeon’s credentials. If your surgeon has a surgical facility, does it have a competent and certified anesthesiologist? Is the equipment modern and state of the art? There are some rhinoplasty surgical facilities that offer prospective clients a view of their hospitals and even explain what their stay there would be like.

What kind of rhinoplasty procedure will you use: “open” or “closed”?

You may have a specific procedure you prefer, but it is best to let your facial plastic surgeon choose, as their experience will enable you to meet your expectations. That said, it is beneficial to know the different options because their healing recovery can differ significantly.

If you only need the tip of your nose done or a more advanced and detailed procedure, an external or open approach, might be suitable. An external system is when a small incision is done along the columella, the tissue between the two nostrils. This incision is well healed and nearly invisible within one to three months.

An endonasal or closed rhinoplasty surgery is done in the internal part of the nose, with no visible scarring or incision. This method is appropriate for people who want the upper part of their nose worked on or a hump removed. The total result of closed rhinoplasty is visible after one to two years because it takes a while for all the swelling to subside. However, the downtime for both open and closed surgeries is two weeks.

Can I have a look at before and after photos?

Most competent and qualified surgeons will be enthusiastic to show off their previous work. They will post the photos on their websites, and you will have no problem accessing them. Looking at these photos before committing to surgery will give you a taste of the surgeon’s aesthetic capability.


Now that you have decided to go for a nose job, here are some of the benefits to expect:

Breathe easily

There is a high percentage of people with breathing problems, which is why there is a very high market demand for products that aid in breathing easily. Even if a case is severe or mild, living well can be scary and frustrating. Some procedures can help people breathe easier. One of them is septoplasty. Though most people know a deviated septum can affect breathing, they may not be aware that’s what they have. On the other hand, they may not know the extent to which a corrective surgery can enable them to breathe with ease. Consult a rhinoplasty surgeon to correct a deviated septum and enhance your airflow.

Sleep better

There are various sleep issues related to breathing problems. Some can be as extreme as sleep apnea. People who have sleep apnea can have their airway closed or blocked, leading to various health challenges. Though there are different methods that such people may use, corrective or revision rhinoplasty may be the best option. By choosing a reputable, experienced, and well-trained surgeon, you can have your nasal cavities corrected to enhance your breathing and enjoy your sleep.

Feel great

Whether you want a nose job for cosmetic or corrective purposes, you will feel better about your physical appearance. Corrective surgery causes a change to your nose as well. If your nose is reduced in size, shape, or positioned differently, ask for the expected final look, and then you will have room to ask for changes. A perfect combination for rhinoplasty is the result of cosmetic and corrective surgery.

When scouting for a rhinoplasty surgeon, please know whether they are well trained and have experience and their training is mainly in that field. Additionally, get to know whether their surgical facility has a qualified anesthesiologist and state-of-the-art equipment. Ask for before and after photos of their past surgeries before committing to work with them. You can easily access them on their website.

Enjoy the benefits of rhinoplasty, which include breathing easily, better sleep, and general confidence in your appearance.




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