Stay fit and Sass with the best butt enhancing jeans and workout 

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The right choice of clothes can help to accentuate your body assets in the best possible way. If you wear loose-fitting clothes, your outfit may not help you flaunt your curves properly. Women come in varying shapes and sizes. The clothes brands make it a point to design clothes that go well with all kinds of body shapes and forms. Picking the wrong pair of clothes can make you come across a fashion disaster. 

Although jeans may be basic wear, they can be a great fashion statement if you be wise with your choice. The right pair of jeans can accentuate the shape of your butt. 

How Do Jeans Impact Your Butt Shape?

Not just butt workout, but the right choice of jeans is equally important to impart a good shape to your butt. A number of factors play an instrumental role in determining the worth of jeans as one which can help an individual acquire the right butt shape. Some of them are as follows:

  1. The position of the pocket: If your jeans’ back pocket is placed low, it will make your butt look flatter. Oversized back pockets tend to cover your entire butt cheek and make it appear smaller. It is always advisable to opt for jeans that have smaller pockets placed higher up to give the illusion of a lifted bum.
  2. The material of the denim: The material that the denim is made of also plays an important role in enhancing a good butt shape. Jeans made of a stiff, heavy fabric give a saggy look due to excess material bunched up down the butt. On the other hand, jeans made of stretchable denim fabric offer a better butt shape by giving an illusion of a fuller butt.  
  3. The color of the denim: If you want to draw people’s attention towards your butt, you should opt for a darker shade of denim like dark blue or black. On the contrary, lighter shades are more prone to grabbing attention. Also, since light color draws attention, light contouring on the butt cheek is another feature to enhance the shape of your butt. 
  4. Design on the butt pocket: Any colorful stitchings, design, or embellishments draw attention. So, if you want your butt to grab all the attention, any big design on the butt pocket of your jeans is sure to create the illusion of a bigger butt. Therefore, go for jeans that have big and flashy embroidery.  
  5. The shape of the yoke: The pockets, the fitting, the fading, and the material surely make a difference. But, the one more crucial thing is the yoke of your denim. It is the V-shaped part of your denim, located just below the waistband and just above the rear pockets. The shape of your yoke can majorly help to carve your curves. 

Give Your Butt A Plump Appearance With These Regular Butt Workouts

Everyone dreams of glutes that will be firmer. While many people rely on lunges and squats to develop their buttocks, experts opine that these exercises are more beneficial for lower back and hamstring, and have little effect on the buttocks. Nonetheless, many exercises are beneficial for the glutes. Read on to find out.

Best Exercises for A Better Butt Shape

Here is a list of some of the most effective butt workouts that will help you get in shape. If you are looking forward to tone your glutes, here is something that can help you out: 

  1. Step up: You can do this butt workout freehand or use a pair of dumbbells. Keep your body core strong and step one foot up on a stair. The other foot should stay fixed on the ground. In the next step, lower this foot down on the ground and lift the other foot and place it on the stair. Repeat this ten times for each side. 
  2. Kick back squat: In this butt workout, you have to align your body in a position similar to squats. The legs should be shoulder-width apart. Sit back in a squat position while resting your body weight on your heels. Slowly, lift one leg behind you. Make sure that the hips maintain a level as you extend the arm. Hold for some time and then return to the starting position and repeat the same process by switching sides. 
  3. Single leg deadlift: For this butt workout, you will have to hold a kettlebell in your hand. Lift the leg opposite the hand in which you are holding the kettlebell and lean your upper body forward. Keep your leg and torso in alignment. Hold your position for some time, and come back to normal. Repeat the same process by shifting sides. 
  4. Deep squats: If you wish to grow a bigger butt, the depth of the squats plays a massive role – the deeper you squat, the better it works. Stand with your feet flat on the ground, keeping them should-apart. Toughen your abdomen and start pushing your hip down, bringing the weight on your heels. While keeping your back straight, lower your hips up to two inches above the ground. Reverse the movement by pressing into your heels and slowly straightening your knees. Repeat.

There are lots of ways to develop the size and shape of your bum. If you take the advice of a gym instructor, he or she will provide you with suggestions according to your body type. Some other exercises which also help to get an enhanced butt shape are laying hamstring curl, Glute Bridge using weight, hip thrust, and many more. However, before you start with your butt workout, it is important to consider if you have any prior ache in your back, hamstring, or any other body part. Getting a toned lower body is now easier than ever before.




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