The health benefits of eating Broccoli

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Brocoli is a healthy green vegetable that belongs to the species, Brassica oleracia. It usually is a large edible flower that is cabbage-like in shape filled with florets. Its leaves and stalks are eatable when both raw and cooked.

You can grow broccoli in your home thanks to homes such as that have made kitchen gardening at home easy. Broccoli thrives under the average temperatures of between 18 to 23 degrees Celcius. The “head” of the broccoli appears in a green cluster, usually nipped out about an inch from the tip, using a pair of sheers or hands. Harvesting broccoli should be before the flower starts to turn into a yellow colour.

Like other cruciferous vegetables such as cabbages, turnips, kale, collard green, brussels sprouts, etc., broccoli has a wide range of health benefits.

It is a good source of nutrients and other minerals.

You are what you eat, and proper nutrition is essential to your body growth.

Brocolli has a pack of nutrients and minerals, which is a source of various health benefits. One packed cup of raw broccoli contains vitamin c, vitamin k, vitamin a, vitamin b9 also called folate, carbs, protein, fibre, fat, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, and selenium.

Eating broccoli when cooked and raw provides different nutrient composition to our bodies. Various methods of cooking broccoli-like sauteing, frying, steaming, and boiling matter a lot to get the most out of it because cooking it or any other vegetable for that matter alters the nutrient composition, but both ways are beneficial.

Moreover, overlooking broccoli makes it soft and mushy and leads to the loss of its texture. Loss in texture means a decline in nutrients too.

Steaming at 2 degrees celsius appears to be the best way to ensure the nutrients are not lost while cooking. Start by cutting the broccoli florets into small pieces then let it sit for some minute to enhance its health benefit before you steam.

Eating broccoli is advantageous as its various nutrients work together in our bodies to bring out the best of our health.

Brocolli is an excellent immunity booster.

The vitamin c found in broccoli is anti-oxidant that boosts the body’s immunity incredibly. Brocolli intake reduces the risk of contracting anaemia.

Strong immunity is vital to prevent diseases such as colds and different infections to keep the doctor away.

With the recent case of the contagious spread of the nouveau virus COVID 19, health experts advise taking vitamin c supplements to boost the immunity.

It improves bone health.

The body contains calcium and collagen, which aids in secure bone building.

Vitamin c in broccoli helps the body produce the collagen that is essential for healthy bones.

Moreover, it can prevent and treat bone problems. Brocolli is a source of vitamin k that helps in blood coagulation, and experts have suggested that it helps prevent or treat osteoporosis and bone formation problems.

Therefore, sourcing vitamin c and vitamin k from broccoli is the right way of keeping your bones healthy.

Is a rich source of dietary fibre

According to health experts, people who eat more fibre are less likely to develop colorectal cancer than people who do not. Brocolli reduces colon inflammation and causes desirable changes in gut bacteria.

Brocolli has fibre, which aids in digestion, prevents constipation, maintains the digestive tract system’s proper condition, and lowers the risks of developing digestive tract problems.

Additionally, people who eat broccoli can defecate more quickly than those who don’t.

It supports heart health.

One study on people who were in treatment with broccoli sprouts supplements showed that it reduces cholesterol and triglycerides levels that constitute a significant risk to cardiovascular patients.

Another study of mice fed on broccoli sprouts showed significantly reduced cell death and the heart tissues’ oxidative stress following a heart attack.

Therefore, broccoli’s anti-oxidant and fibre effect is an excellent way of reducing the overall risks of getting a heart attack and heart disease.

It lowers the risk of getting cancer.

The cruciferous family of plants like broccoli contains anti-oxidants that prevent the cell type that causes cancer. One of the anti-oxidant is sulphorafane that gives it a bitter taste.

Health researchers have suggested that using broccoli or parts of it extracts can be used in green chemoprevention to prevent cancer.

However, more research should is underway to determine the relationship between cruciferous vegetables and cancer prevention.

It supports healthy brain function.

Broccoli contains nutrients and bioactive compounds that reduce the risks of mental function decline, and it boosts neurological function hence a functional brain.

A study in mice treated with kaempferol, a compound found in broccoli, revealed a lowered brain damage and reduced inflammation of neural tissues following a stroke-like event.

Sulphorafane found in broccoli is also essential to support brain function in the case of reduced oxygenation to brain tissues.

Brocolli’s nutrient content supports a healthy pregnancy.

Brocolli contains vitamin B9 or folate that aids in the spinal cord and brain formation in the baby.

It is also rich in iron that aids in blood formation as expectant mothers need a large volume of blood.

It has an anti-ageing property.

Broccoli is highly rich in vitamin c, which is an excellent anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants are essential in fighting free radicals that can damage the skin. They are also crucial in reducing skin wrinkles, acne and skin pigmentation.

Eating broccoli will help in keeping your skin smooth and glowing.

Broccoli is good for eye care.

Broccoli has Vitamin A and beta-carotene that is important in improving eyesight. Its rich combination with Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and phosphorus provides rich properties for maintaining good vision.

As we are exposed regularly to screens and light, these nutrients protect the eyes from degenerating and cataract. It also repairs damages caused by harmful radiations.

It is excellent for detoxification.

Detoxification is a normal process in which the body rids itself of contaminants through the digestive system. Broccoli has a high content of fibre that helps in eliminating the toxins.

It also contains unique phytonutrients and isothiocyanates that aid in the detox process.

Bottom line

Brocolli is one of the world’s healthiest vegetable. It is highly nutritious, and eating it will enrich your health in various ways, so you should include it in your diet.




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