Can Weight Loss Supplements Help Increase Your Metabolism?

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It is quite evident that most people, at a certain point in life, want to get rid of the excess fat that has accumulated within their body over the years. For some, losing weight helps them feel healthier and for others it makes them feel more beautiful, both internally and externally. People have enrolled in gyms and tried out several diets just to get these results. As much as these two options have worked for a majority, it comes with no surprise that others can’t seem to shed the weight even when the levels of workouts and dieting are taken a notch higher.

All hope is not lost if you are one of these individuals. There is no need to go around looking for a secret potion out there. The major cause of such a setback in your weight loss journey is usually a slow metabolic rate. You might ask why it is important to boost metabolism, and this is why.

The simplest explanation is that the higher your metabolic rate is, the more calories your body burns. And in turn the easier it is to lose weight and keep it off. So if you have a slow metabolic rate even with the consumption of less food, you will still gain weight.

The metabolic rate of an individual can be slowed by several factors which might include genetics, age, and lifestyle. It’s clear as day that we can’t control our genes and age. As you start aging you start to lose two to three kilograms of muscle with every passing decade. That usually happens after your late twenties. When it comes to lifestyle, we have the capability of tweaking it and making it better suited for our health goals. You might be going to the gym or you might be dieting but are you following the right steps to get the best results? 

Several experts have come up with a few guidelines to help you boost your metabolism. Here are some that you can incorporate into your routine.

Add strength and resistance training to your workout regiment. You can do it two to three times weekly. This helps in boosting your metabolic rate and burns fatter when compared to only performing cardio exercises.

Avoid extreme diets. Starving yourself might work in the short term but it might cause a slow metabolic rate in the long run. You are advised to reduce your calorie intake at a healthy and realistic pace. This helps build up your metabolism gradually and can be sustained in the long term

Use of supplements. Supplements introduce a variety of benefits to your body. They help reduce appetite, slow down absorption and boost your metabolism.

Here is a list and breakdown of supplements that can help weight loss while boosting metabolism.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

This supplement has been present in the market for a while now. It is naturally found in foods such as butter and cheese but in small doses. It plays a key role in reducing appetite while catalyzing the breaking down of body fat and boosting the metabolic rate.


It is naturally found in coffee and dark chocolate and it’s quite popular worldwide. Caffeine is quite known for its metabolism-boosting properties. Studies have shown that caffeine increases the metabolic rate up to 10% and this facilitates an increase of up to 30% in the burning of fats. You are advised to take caffeine sparingly due to its addictive nature.

Green Coffee Extract

This type of supplement also contains some significant amounts of caffeine that helps in the burning of fats and boosts metabolism. The other component within the extract is Chlorogenic Acid. The acid slows the breakdown of carbs. Other benefits that can be gotten from the extract might include a decrease in blood pressure and reduced sugar levels in the blood.

A note to remember is that not all supplements are created equally. The quality differs from one producer to the other. You are advised not only to seek the right supplements but also to look for the best quality in the market. For a better chance of landing a great quality supplement, you can go ahead and look for terms such as third-party tested and pharmaceutical grade. This means the supplements are regulated and good for you.

When it comes to healthy living you can’t expect a pill to help get you the results that you want. It’s always a combination of several things that help you along the way. Weight loss supplements might work in boosting your metabolism but it needs support from a healthy lifestyle that incorporates a proper diet and workout routine.




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