Health benefits of Chamomile Tea

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Health benefits of Chamomile TeaChamomile or even camomile is a very common term for numerous daisy-like plants. These types of plants are most widely known because of their capability to be made right into a tea that is widely used to assist along with sleep and is also frequently offered along with possibly honey or even lemon. Chrysin, a particular flavonoid present in chamomile, is shown to be anxiolytic within rodents and is also thought to be a minimum of partly liable for chamomile’s popularity like a sleep aid.

Chamomile tea is a well-known herbal tea which has therapeutic beliefs. It is known because of its fruity taste that usually reminds one of apples. Chamomile tea has the ability to calm an individual down as well as behave as a muscle relaxant in addition to a moderate sedative.

Health benefits of Chamomile Tea

Camomile Tea advantages are among the invisible tricks that numerous individuals have a tendency to neglect. Everyone loves to speak about the advantages of Green Tea, as well as Mate, yet everybody appears to ignore the health advantages of Camomile Tea. In case you have a cold, you have to create a pot of camomile tea, since the advantages to your immune system are wonderful! Camomile will enhance your immune system and help you protect against that unpleasant cold. In reality, it is just a secret proven fact that the Egyptians as well as Romans utilized to make use of camomile flowers on injuries, particularly prepared, to assist accelerate the recovery process. If you’re a female as well as struggling with menstrual cramps, you’ll be surprised about how good camomile tea functions at calming the cramps.

Essentially, camomile tea is amazing tea that needs to be maintained on hand, and be an integral part of any kind of medication cabinet or even tea stash. The good thing regarding the tea is the results of consuming camomile tea will stay for approximately a couple weeks following your last cup, because of the way camomile tea improves your hippurate as well as glycine levels. In case you have a inflamed joints, have got pain running on the treadmill, or even wake up together with swollen knees like me, begin consuming camomile tea right now! You’ll be surprised. Let’s check out the top advantages of consuming camomile tea.

1. Treats Cuts and Wounds  

Chamomile tea was utilized by the Greeks, Romans, as well as Egyptians like a salve for injuries to speed up restorative healing. In the current research, rats provided chamomile flavored water recovered quicker compared to those who weren’t provided the elixir. It worked particularly effectively for burn wounds. It is because Matricaria chamomile possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial as well as anti-oxidant outcomes.

2. Antibacterial  

The anti-bacterial effects of consuming chamomile tea may help to stop as well as deal with colds whilst avoiding bacterial-related illness as well as infection.

3. Calms Muscle Spasms

A single study on England discovered that consuming chamomile tea elevated urine levels of glycine, a substance which calms muscle spasms. Scientists believe that is why chamomile tea can be  a highly effective home cure for menstrual cramps too.

4. Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment  

Chamomile cream will help reduce hemorrhoids.

5. Fights Cancer

Numerous researches have been carried out regarding how camomile may help hinder the development of cancer tumors. Camomile tea is shown to prevent the development of cancer cells within breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer as well as other human cancer cell lines.

6. Helps to Sleep Better

In case you are not having enough sleep or even struggling with sleeplessness then chamomile tea is an excellent home cure for you. Numerous research has been carried out within this subject as well as chamomile tea associated with better sleeping aid. Going for a pure camellia tea before you go to bed can easily promote your sleep faster as well as healthier. Helping individuals to get asleep is certainly one most excellent health advantages of chamomile tea.

7. Good for the Stomach

Chamomile has revealed that it’s excellent in digestive problem relief. Many people are consuming chamomile tea to cure pain from an upset stomach. It really works just as one anti-gas as well as anti-spasmodic agent. Its muscle relaxing qualities might help reduce stomach cramps as well as moderate cases of bowel problems. Individuals who are often struggling with stomach cramps could get significant advantage from consuming chamomile tea. Turn it into a routine to consume chamomile tea rather than all those carbonated drinks that just exasperates the chemical imbalance within your brain. Yet, with chamomile tea you can easily drink your way towards a healthy body with no worries of struggling with negative effects. Therefore, from now on start making rid of all those sodas.

8. Reduce Skin Swelling

A single research carried out by the German governmental organization revealed that chamomile tea can help to eliminate inflammation as well as combat along with bacteria successfully. It’s also very therapeutic for skin ailment just like eczema, chicken pox. Making use of chamomile tea infusion bath or even extract could be great for most of these skin difficulties along with other typical swelling or even infection.

9. Migraine Headache

Chamomile tea effectively assists those people who are struggling with migraine pain attack intensity. It can make muscle more stimulating and be sure much better sleep that is a quite typical reason behind migraine headache. Most significantly it will help to help ease pain through reducing some fundamental symptoms.  It is additionally very therapeutic for the occasional headache brought on by flu, anxiety and stress.

10.  Lighten Skin and Reduce Dark Circle

Apart from health advantages of chamomile tea; this particular herb is just one of preferred components for beauty aware individuals like a good home cure. It’s particularly efficient for lightening skin as well as overall general skincare. Chamomile tea likewise works best for eliminating dark circle under-eye. For booth remedies, soak chamomile tea bag for five minutes and cool it enough to really make it bearable for exterior skin use. Now use the tea bag and put it under-eye as well as skin surface. You may also take hot steam of chamomile tea. Using bath along with chamomile tea is additionally very therapeutic for all round skin problem.

11. Hemorrhoids

For hemorrhoid victims, utilizing ointment is a well-liked method of getting rid of pain immediately. Chamomile tea is an excellent cream for Hemorrhoids. A single research demonstrated the advantage of chamomile ointments in lessening the bowling motion of hemorrhoids.

12. Diabetes

Individuals with diabetes can savor the fantastic health advantages of chamomile tea by taking couple of cups of tea every day. It will help to control diabetes as well as reducing blood sugar levels. In the research carried out by Diabetes Research Centre, documented individuals who were taking chamomile tea every day had the ability to decrease their blood sugar levels in the quarter. It is now big achievements who are seeking for appropriate natural home remedies for diabetics. It really works with blood sugar level without having affected insulin system.

13.  Strengthen the immune system

Traditionally, individuals have utilized chamomile tea to deal with a number of health conditions which range from the common cold to stomach viruses. It might turn out that hundred years old wisdom concerning the advantages of chamomile tea was right on the mark. In 2005, research appeared within the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry which implies that chamomile tea helps you to raise the defense mechanisms. Even though this research just involved fourteen individuals, the outcomes were motivating. Whenever you mix these types of outcomes with all the proven fact that chamomile tea is all-natural and appears to get no toxic effects, it may be a possibly affordable insurance policy towards colds as well as viruses. Chamomile tea seems to exert its antiviral as well as anti-bacterial results through growing amounts of hippurate within the bloodstream that are considered to have got anti-microbial action.

14. Menstrual Cramps

Historical Egyptians utilized chamomile tisanes to soothe menstrual cramping. For the similar research in 2005 I earlier mentioned, researchers also found an additional chemical substance apart from hippurate, glycine, a chemical compound which reduces muscle spasms. Just for this smaller research, 14 volunteers accepted to consume five cups of tea created from the German chamomile plant on a regular basis for just two weeks. Every day urine samples were gathered from each individual at the beginning of the research, throughout the tea-drinking, and then for fourteen days once the tea-drinking part finished.

Consuming chamomile tea led to considerably greater amounts of two compounds within the urine, hippurate, a chemical compound accountable for improving the immunity of one’s body and glycine, chemical which reduces muscle spasms and in addition behaves as a nerve relaxant. This particular glycine compound is recognized as accountable for the relaxations of the uterus muscles, therefore reducing menstrual cramps.

15. Skin Care

Chamomile assists speed the healing duration of minor injuries, decreases skin damage brought on by free-radicals, (wrinkles, fine lines), lightens complexion, calms burns, calms skin irritations, (hives, bee stings, acne, scrapes), decreases dark circle under eyes, decreases under eye swelling as well as puffiness and is also helpful for sensitive skin. It’s got, really, efficient skin healing, purifying as well as antioxidant properties shown to assist in acne as well as acne scar decrease. It will help to eliminate blackheads and offer acne relief. Chamomile relieves skin illnesses, like the mouth as well as gums. It’s utilized in mouthwashes or even for gargling. Chamomile tea combined with powdered milk is definitely an exfoliating paste for sensitive skin. Area cooled chamomile tea bags, below eyes, to lessen puffiness. Roman chamomile and Blue chamomile essential oils both have skin curing qualities. Blue chamomile essential oil features a high-content of Azulene that bears a blue color. This particular chamomile comes from the German chamomile plant. Several Blue chamomiles were carefully bred for therapeutic products only. Chamomile is utilized in commercial as well as homemade cosmetics, soaps, skin creams, lotions, face masks and much more!

Make use of chamomile in homemade skincare items as well as homemade soap recipes. Roman chamomile extract could be combined with various other 100 % natural ingredients, just like aloe vera, rosemary as well as cucumber, for the all-natural homemade face cream. It may offer soft as well as soothed skin rejuvenated along with natural, moisturizing, healthful, nutrients. Chamomile may be used for creating homemade soap. Combined with soap making oils, chamomile might help supply a homemade acne cure as well as calm dry itchy skin.

16. Infant Illness

Chamomile tea has been for hundreds of years a conventional home treatment solution for babies as well as young children who are suffering from diarrhea, fever or even colic. The glycine compound which will help calm the menstrual cramps is additionally truly useful with regards to calming as well as soothing baby stomach cramps too. The dosage suitable for children begins from 1/2 of the cup of tea each day as much as 2 cups. A lot more than 2 cups each day in the case of young children are thought harmful due to the allergy symptoms you can get.

17. Eczema

Whenever put on the skin, chamomile might help to calm pain and lower inflammation related to common skin disorders, like eczema, wounds as well as burns. In the research released within the January 2003 issue of “Holistic Nursing Practice,” scientists utilized chamomile extract on the hands, arms and lower legs of people struggling with dermatitis and discovered that it was competitive with hydrocortisone cream at reducing skin inflammation.

18. Weight loss

Chamomile tea to lose weight is utilized by a lot of women, since it includes a large amount of nutrition which give rise to accelerating metabolic process and digestion of food.

19. Eases Anxiety

In accordance with research released within the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, chamomile is shown to be very effective treatments of generalized anxiety disorder. Particular individuals were given a placebo while some were given the chamomile. Those given the chamomile appreciated a significant enhancement within their GAD signs.

20. Relieves PMS

PMS victims can take advantage of the health advantages of chamomile tea. Along with promoting relaxation as well as deeper sleep, it may also help relax cramping muscles. It will help reduce two of the most significant issues of PMS sufferers; cramps as well as irritability. For the best outcomes, consume a cupful of chamomile tea before going to sleep or even on the day once you don’t have to drive or even go to work.

21. Anti-Inflammatory

In accordance with research carried out at Case Western Reserve University, chamomile is extremely efficient just as one anti-inflammatory. In case you have trouble with arthritis pain, rheumatism, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or any other comparable inflammatory autoimmune condition, chamomile tea might help. Chamomile tea operates by suppressing nitric oxide creation; which could relieve joint pain as well as long-term pain.

22. Effective Wound Treatment

Research indicates that the anti-inflammatory health advantages of chamomile tea also include minimal wounds. Soon after cleaning as well as disinfecting the wound, make a few chamomile tea as well as allow it to cool. Next, put the cooled tea on to a clear cloth or even bandage as well as cover the wound. Maintain it on for Fifteen minutes just before removing.

23. Relieves Muscle Twitches

Muscle twitches could be the result of a number of different facets which includes candida infection, aspartame poisoning, nutritional insufficiency as well as gluten intolerance, for example. A cupful of chamomile tea before going to sleep might help relax muscle as well as relaxed the neurological reasons for muscle twitches.

24. Brightening Hair Rinse

You don’t need to use costly hair treatment options or even chemical-laden boxed hair lighteners. Chamomile tea will work equally well naturally without any messy clean-up! Steam a pot of chamomile tea as well as allow it to cool after that wash your hair along with it as well as relax under the sun. Instantaneous highlights!

25. Burns and scrapes

One home cure which has been discussed is burns, wounds as well as scrapes. Apply it around the burn or even wound once daily or even as guided. It may take the type of a wet compress on the human body, using the fire out from the burn or even wound. Chamomile possesses anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-irritant qualities which do well in various conditions.

26. Help You Fight Off Infection

For hundreds of years, chamomile has been utilized to combat off an infection and also the onset of a cold. Proof implies that this particular usage is genuine. Consuming chamomile tea is shown to boost your body’s levels of hippurate – an ingredient that may kill bacteria.

27. Hair Care

Chamomile is often utilized just as one component for blond hair treatments. It lightens as well as brightens hair, progressively, whenever utilized like a wash. It provides golden highlights to brown hair along with continuous use. Chamomile can be obtained from commercial or even homemade shampoo. It fortifies hair and enables restore split ends. It will help to keep balance in between dry as well as oily scalp problems.

28. Relaxation

Possibly the best-known advantage of chamomile tea is its relaxation qualities. Chamomile is stuffed with tryptophan, additionally present in turkey; it’s an effective sleep aid. Its calming qualities encourage sound sleep along with a calm mind. Many individuals who’re long-term worriers utilize chamomile to help ease their stressed thoughts. Since it is an all-natural stress reducer, individuals with nervous problems often report feeling much less frazzled once they consume chamomile tea frequently.

29. Anti-Spasmodic

Chamomile helps reduce muscle contractions through the entire body (with the exception of the uterus, exactly where it may encourage them). This will make it a highly effective treatment for stomach as well as intestinal cramping, hiccups, as well as menstrual cramps. In reality, the usage of chamomile to settle an upset stomach is second only to its utilized like a relaxant.

30. For dandruff and irritated scalp

Chamomile may be used to avoid dandruff as well as calm an inflamed scalp. Include two tablespoons of a powerful herbal decoction to moderate baby shampoo. To create a chamomile decoction, cook one ounce of dried chamomile in 2 as well as half cups of sterilized water for around Half an hour. Strain, cool and add to a bottle of shampoo or even use like a hair wash.

31. Eases Muscle Tensions

Twitching could be the result of a number of causes. A cupful of tea might help muscles relax because of neurological causes. Consuming chamomile tea before going to sleep might help decrease the twitching. Keep in mind that chamomile tea boosts the amount of glycine within the body that is liable in providing the muscles a break to really make it calmer. Consuming chamomile tea is excellent in reducing muscle tensions particularly when it really is brought on by too much exposure to anxiety and stress.

32. Cold and Flu

For several years camomile has been utilized to deal with as well as relieve the pain sensation of colds and also the flu. A survey carried out in the Imperial College London demonstrated that this might occur simply because camomile tea has a anti-bacterial impact on the entire body. Its capability to reduce muscle spasms cause it to be useful in reducing the overall symptoms of colds and the flu just like muscle tension as well as bronchial coughing.

History of Chamomile Tea

The name Chamomile originates from the Greek term which means “ground apple.” Its history goes back a minimum of two ancient Egypt, exactly where Chamomile tea was recommended like a cold treatment. The Romans enjoyed it as a drink, along with incense. Ironically, the title “Roman Chamomile” through which it is usually known, doesn’t stem from this time around. It rather originates from a random naming of the herb within the 19th Century by the botanist who became of find some growing within the Roman Coliseum.

Varieties of Chamomile Tea

The two important types of chamomile are definitely the Roman as well as German types. Both include important oils as well as anti-oxidants which help the body relax as well as cure bodily exhaustion.


Ayurvedic benefits of Chamomile Tea

  • As a wound healer whenever utilized like a poultice along with cooled tea dipped onto afflicted areas. It’s been considered to be useful for conjunctivitis as an example.
  • Protection from cancer. There isn’t any defined proof just for this although, that the American Cancer Society also declares.
  • As an ointment it can benefit along with hemorrhoids. Just one research has ever proven this though.
  • Like lavender, chamomile can calm migraines in many. Take chamomile throughout a trigger to see if it matches your needs.
  • It can reduce dark, tired eyes. Try this on your own utilizing cooled down Chamomile tea and choose if it works or not.
  • The health benefits of chamomile tea include rejuvenating your eyes, decreasing puffiness as well as providing you with that well-rested look. To utilize, just dip two bags of chamomile tea in a glass of warm water. Wait around 5 minutes, ring the teabags out and put them over the eyes. Leave on till dried and take away.
  • Lightening the skin along with chamomile tea can be achieved one of two ways. Just for the face, provide two quarts water to the boil and put two chamomile teabags within. Put your face over the steaming pot, being careful never to burn yourself. To lighten the skin in your overall body, combine 4 or 5 chamomile tea bags along with your bath.
  • Chamomile tea works equally well naturally without any messy clean-up! Steam a pot of chamomile tea as well as allow it to cool then wash the hair by using it as well as relax under the sun. Immediate highlights.
  • Drinking 5 cups each day of chamomile tea is recognized to decrease blood pressure level as well as levels of stress.
  • Cold tea is utilized in a compress to assist calm tired, inflamed eyes also it might even assist deal with conjunctivitis.
  • Chamomile mouthwash is utilized to deal with ulcers as well as swelling within the mouth brought on by radiation therapy or even cancer drugs.
  • Eye drops created from chamomile work perfect for exhausted eyes as well as moderate ocular infections.
  • An oral rinse created using 10-15 drops of German chamomile liquid extract in 100 ml warm water is effective for oral mucositis. You can utilize it 3 times every day.
  • Chamomile tea is utilized just as one anti-inflammatory herbal tea.
  • It is effective for fevers, colds, as well as stomach problems. It may relieve the signs of colds and flu by reducing headache and reducing fever.
  • It is utilized to deal with nerves as well as menstrual cramps.
  • Babies and young children may also be benefited using the tea once they have problems with colds or even stomach problems.
  • This tea assists reduce restlessness, tension, feelings of anxiety, migraine, tension headache as well as insomnia.
  • It helps the body to eliminate mucus which is developed in colds, sinus infections as well as hay fever.
  • If you include ground ginger on the tea, it will also help reduce distastes of food as well as appetite loss.
  • It will help relieve stomach as well as intestinal disorder.
  • Add numerous cups chamomile tea, to your cool bath and also have a calming soak.
  • Use chamomile tea to cure anxiety or even place a number of chamomile flowers in the bowl of warm water as well as breathe in the scent.
  • Use a poultice of cool chamomile tea for burns.
  • To reduce insomnia, consume a cupful of chamomile tea at night
  • Drink a cupful of hot chamomile tea to soothe an upset stomach.
  • Add chamomile oil or even tea to your hot bath to assist calm dry skin.
  • Use chamomile tea as well as powdered milk just as one exfoliation paste for sensitive skin.
  • Cooled chamomile tea can be made in a compress to soothe irritated as well as strained eyes and is also respected to assist in treating conjunctivitis.
  • Chamomile is definitely an anti-fungal; as a result a tea might help deal with fungal infections simply by dipping in a cotton ball as well as applying to the area.
  • Chamomile tea is additionally believed to assist reduce menstrual cramps in females because of its ability of calming the uterus.
  • Chamomile tea has become a typical beverage for eons and its particular safety can be considered well-proven. The calming results of this particular tea are somewhat mild, so that they might not be gone through by everyone.
  • Works for all those with motion illness. Drink mild chamomile tea just before or even when traveling.
  • It will make an excellent gargle towards mouth sores.
  • You may also make use of chamomile tea like a foot soak.
  • To deal with numerous respiratory problems which includes asthma as well as sinus infections the steam of chamomile tea may be used. Chamomile tea happens to be an excellent digestive drink using a touch of peppermint, which will help to soothe numerous digestion troubles.
  • Chamomile tea without sugar in form may be used to calm skin irritations as well as bee stings. Also placed on the skin to deal with acne.
  • Applying chamomile tea onto the skin helps you to lighten the skin tone that appears fair and attractive.
  • The relaxing drink using a touch of lemon also has a tendency to relax the nerves that makes it an ideal drink to ease unneeded stress.
  • A cotton ball could be soaked into cool chamomile tea and utilized on to rashes which usually show up on the back throughout summers. Chamomile tea whenever ingested internally can easily calm the system completely and enables you receive rid of allergic signs and symptoms.
  • Chamomile tea may be used to deal with hemorrhoids by use of cooled chamomile tea for the calming experience.
  • A chamomile tea wash brightens up the blonde hair immediately. If coupled with henna, it will make natural highlights for dark hair too.
  • When combined with powdered milk, chamomile tea gives you an excellent body as well as facial scrub. It sloughs off the dead, dry skin cells exposing the actual cells that are new.
  • It safeguards your skin from free radical harm, a main cause of early aging, therefore assist retaining your youthful charm for very long.

Where to Buy Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is widely accessible; most tea companies carry a minimum of one pure chamomile tea, and lots of sell numerous herbal blends which includes chamomile as one component among many. Even though the majority of supermarkets have packaged chamomile teas in tea bags, it really is much more cost-effective to purchase the herb loose or perhaps in bulk. Loose teas as well as herbs generally provide better prices and higher quality as compared to prepackaged ones. Along with discovering it through tea companies, you can definitely get chamomile through bulk spice stores.


Camomile tea can be bought at most of the food markets. The tea features a cumulative effect, therefore whilst it functions instantly to cure emotional and physical upsets, additionally; it accumulates within the body creating its effects even more powerful. 3 cups are suggested every day even though it is okay to have more. It’s not suitable for ladies who are expecting, as camomile might be regarded as a uterine stimulant.

How to make Chamomile tea

Probably the most well-known of all of the probable Chamomile Tea advantages is it simply just will make a nice tasting cup of tea. So here is how you can make a excellent cup. Chamomile tea is generally produced from possibly the German, Roman or even wild variety, along with German Chamomile being the most powerful. The simplest way certainly is to find Chamomile tea bags and make just like regular tea, or even to purchase dried flowers as well as steep in the cup just before straining. However, if you wish to make sure they are from flowers selected from the garden or even through the wild, here’s how to go about it:

  1. If choosing Chamomile flowers, it is best to choose them each morning. You are able to select the flower heads together with the petals or even without petals if they’re the wild variety. Don’t use the leaves or even stems. Clean them carefully and then leave to absorb cold water for a few minutes. Take out from your water as well as strain very carefully to eliminate any kind of moisture. In case you are creating the tea through fresh flowers, that are fine, omit to step 4. If you wish to understand how to store them for later, continue reading.
  2. Heat an oven to 200 degrees, switch off the oven, as well as leaving it somewhat ajar, place the flowers on to baking paper on the tray at the end the of the oven for a few hours to dry them off totally.
  3. When the Chamomile is completely dry, place them in a jar to keep for 4-6 months. It’s far better to store them in a cool and also dark location. They ought to last about one full year prior to the quality will begin to decrease.
  4. When you need to make the tea, place the several flowers or even leaves – around 5 flower heads is sufficient in a cup as well as pour over warm water.
  5. Leave to steep for five minutes and after that strain.
  6. Add honey or even lemon if you want, and luxuriate in your cup of Chamomile tea.

Side effects of Chamomile Tea

There are two places to think about using the possible negative effects of Chamomile tea along with other types of taking Chamomile: Negative effects in some groups of people, as well as side effects that may affect the general population. We’ll talk about each one of these in turn:

1. Pregnant women

Pregnant women are occasionally recommended never to utilize Chamomile in oil or even tincture form and also to consume tea moderately. This really is still fiercely discussed even though: numerous herbalists and even ladies who have experienced kids will state that it really is completely safe in modest amounts, and even large numbers of females consume it to assist along with morning sickness. In addition, A survey in 2009 in Canada discovered that there were no documented negative effects to consuming Chamomile tea during pregnancy.

However, a serious bit of research resulted in several scientists suggesting that ladies don’t use Chamomile while pregnant was published in the 2010 report in ‘Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety’. The researchers documented that 28% of expecting mothers in the sample of 392 utilized herbal supplements throughout their pregnancy, along with Chamomile being the most often utilized and they claim that these women were more prone to experience miscarriage as well as preterm deliveries.

With the insufficient clear proof directed one way or another, the most secure choice could possibly be to talk about utilizing Chamomile together with your doctor in case you are pregnant.

2. People with Ragweed allergies

Chamomile is really a relative of Ragweed, along with both being part of the asteraceae family (just like the daisy and sunflower) and thus individuals who are afflicted by Ragweed allergies, or even hay fever, are frequently recommended to steer clear of Chamomile in all of the its forms unless they know that it doesn’t trigger a reaction in them. Again though, regardless of this warning in lots of sources, there are currently no scientific tests showing that this allergic reaction danger is important.

3. People who are taking blood thinners

Chamomile consists of coumarin which could result in blood thinning as well as hemorrhaging in powerful isolated dosages. It really is fine for many people within the small dosage present in Chamomile tea. The problem is that there is the opportunity of interaction if a person is taking powerful blood thinners for instance Warfarin, or perhaps aspirin.

Other potential side effects of Chamomile tea

The main side-effect are the ones mentioned previously, even so there are some additional less well known negative effects just like:

1. Nausea and vomiting

Generally observed in individuals who take very big dosages of Chamomile in other forms, or even who consume a lot of tea. How frequently this actually takes place though is totally unfamiliar. It might be that if you consume extreme quantities of any kind of liquid you can feel nauseous and become sick.

2. Botulism

This can be an extremely tenuous chance in little infants (below 3 months) simply because dried Chamomile can include little bit of Botulism, yet much less than honey. Still because of this, some advice not giving chamomile to newborns due to this danger.

The chance of sedation in case you are especially responsive to the calming effects of Chamomile tea, or you are mixing it along with other sedative herbs or even medication, alcohol or even illegal drugs. It is usually recommended not to drive or even operate heavy machinery in case you are responsive to the effects of chamomile or even are mixing it along with other relaxants. Again although, I haven’t heard about any kind of documented car accidents because of someone consuming an excessive amount of Chamomile tea, and also the sedative effects are usually very moderate. Most people consume Chamomile tea just as one evening relaxant anyway, and this should not be any issue.





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