Composite Benefits and Nutrition-All you Should Know

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We all desire to have that attractive dental look, and there are various ways to achieve this. The common dental enhancement procedures include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, composite bonding, or teeth straightening. Composite bonding is pretty common and is a sought-after procedure by many. It is associated with many benefits, and there is much to know about it.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a medical practice that improves your smile by using tooth-colored composite resin. This procedure can cover gaps, repair chips, and alter teeth size, shape, and color. Dental bonding can be reversed, unlike other restorative dentistry, like porcelain veneers. 

Benefits of composite bonding

Composite bonding is a quick procedure that can improve your smile in less than an hour. The process is an excellent choice for special occasions, even though it is not as long-lasting as veneers. Below are the key advantages of the procedure.

1. Safe and secure

Composite bonding is safe and doesn’t employ dangerous chemicals or substances that can hurt your lips or teeth. During the procedure, your teeth only need minor preparation. Therefore, the dentist can discontinue the therapy without harming your teeth. Your enamel’s protective layer stays secure and unbroken, thanks to the minimal preparation required for composite bonding. 

2. Transforms your smile

Composite bonding therapy offers a natural way to improve your smile. It involves using composite resin that matches the natural color of your teeth. The procedure results in a healthier, brighter, and more attractive smile! That’s not all; it’s ideal for minor dental defects like:

  1. Stained/discolored teeth
  2. Gaps between the teeth

iii. Misshapen teeth

  1. Tooth decay
  2. Cracked teeth

3. Painless

Since composite bonding is a non-invasive procedure, no drilling or injection is required, and there is no pain or discomfort afterward. The majority of dental bonding operations can be completed without anesthesia. All procedures are performed painlessly, and dentists take time with each process to ensure you are relaxed. 

4. Long-lasting

Composite bonding can last between five and ten years if you take good care of your teeth and maintain regular checkups. However, composite bonding can deteriorate with time, and it’s essential to brush your teeth regularly and visit the dentist for checkups often.

Foods and habits to avoid after composite bonding

The cost of dental bonding varies from one clinic to another but can be costly. It’s advisable to take excellent care of your teeth and steer off certain behaviors and foods to keep. The good thing about this is that you can avoid some foods and minimize the risk of teeth discoloration. These include;

  • Dark sauces: Although soy and tomato sauces are delicious, their vibrant colors can discolor your teeth. Additionally, sauces made with tomatoes are acidic. Consuming acidic foods frequently weakens your gum line and tooth enamel, which causes tooth sensitivity. You can switch to creamy or light-colored sauces. Brush your teeth after eating to prevent the condiments from sticking to your dental bonding for an extended period. 
  • Colored candies: Your dental bonding can get stained by hard candies and colored gummies. The colors may remain on your enamel when you don’t brush your teeth straight away. However, you can enjoy them occasionally while maintaining excellent oral hygiene.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking will significantly affect your oral health and general health. It discolors composite-restored teeth and natural teeth, transforming them into brown or yellow. Maintaining the whiteness of your newly restored teeth is much simpler if you don’t smoke. 
  • Avoid habits that ruin your teeth: The composite material used to repair your teeth might get damaged by bad habits like biting your fingernails or gorging on ice. If you grind your teeth uncontrollably, use a nightguard or other supports to decrease its consequences. 
  • Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is sweet and favorite among many, but it can induce a slight discoloration. The delicacies contain tannins, plant substances that give them their unique color and slightly bitter taste. Tannins bring about staining while also preventing plaque development by attaching to the bacteria. The situation is different for milk chocolates, especially those made with animal fat. 

How to choose the best composite bonding clinic

When it comes to the aesthetics of your teeth, getting composite bonding is vital. However, you should select a trusted high-end clinic that is safe. Your region can have various clinics, but some might not meet your requirements. Here are some recommendations for the best dental bonding clinics in your area. 

  • Patients referrals: You can find patients’ reviews on many bonding clinics’ websites or social media pages. However, these may be controlled to only display positive feedback. Therefore, it is crucial to consult with family, friends, and coworkers about suggestions, their personal experiences, the packages available, and what to expect on your first visit. They can provide you with a straightforward evaluation of what each facility has to offer. 
  • Years of experience: It’s advisable to work with professionals with years of experience administering bonding procedures. Look for dental offices that have been in business for years and engage skilled dentists. Seeking services from an experienced service provider improves the likelihood of successful results and minimizes complications.
  • Do your research: Perform adequate research to learn much about the clinic and the dentists performing such procedures. Search three to five dental offices near you, then review their websites, social media pages, addresses, and contact details. View the facilities’ pictures and patient reviews and determine whether the clinic has many positive reviews from former clients. Moreover, check out their services before arriving to avoid wasting time. 

Final thoughts

Composite bonding is a great way to improve your smile. However, it’s imperative to always guard the bonded tooth against damage. Maintain good oral hygiene to ensure that your investment in dental bonding is worthwhile. To get excellent bonding services from a reputed clinic and be keen on your choice of dentist. Remember, the success of your procedure will depend on how your best care for your teeth, so focus on proper nutrition and avoid foods that will discolor your teeth.




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